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Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review

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Brock 3, Cena 0. Why three and not two you ask? It’s simple (and effective, much like Lesnar); The Pain (as he shall be known herein) made Cena bleed in a single UFC-inspired punch five minutes into tonight’s Raw, subsequently breaking the PG tag which Vince and his cronies have worked so hard to maintain over the past few years. Okay, so maybe it’s jumping the gun to say Lesnar has broken the PG tag, but he could be well on the way to doing so. Between that and the further intensity of the CM Punk/Chris Jericho feud tonight was a sure sign that WWE will be experiencing a shift over the next twelve months.

So, here comes the pain…

First off – damn, I miss Tazz! That guy made Lesnar look so good with that simple intro.

Now, onto business. As you can guess, I enjoyed the opening to tonight’s Raw. I’m glad we were spared the pointless robotic live Lesnar promo (the man speaks volumes higher with actions), and the Justin Bieber of WWE, John Cena, showed some balls and attempted to take on Lesnar man-to-man. It made for a great moment which will no doubt be featured on whichever anniversary DVD WWE decides to release for Raw next; a Stone Cold/Rock-esque brawl. Hell, it took the remaining staff of WCW to break the thing up and the look on Cena’s face once he realised he’d been busted open was priceless. It seems like the rumoured heat between these two backstage is very real, and if I’m wrong it was played out great – a win/win really. The only flaw with the whole thing is that anyone can tell that in a real physical confrontation between the two Lesnar has an overwhelming edge in that the guy can genuinely knock a man out. I’m sure Cena could too, but Brock would no doubt have an edge. It makes the premise behind this feud a little difficult to swallow in my opinion.

Jericho serves up another round...

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a huge Jericho mark, but even I’m a little torn on who to back in the feud between himself and Punk. This feud was epic going into WrestleMania, and since then it has been taken up to a level unseen in years – the last time WWE went into something this deep was the Triple H/Kane/Katy Vick debacle, and we all know how ‘effective’ that was. My point is that it looks plainly obvious that Punk and Jericho have gotten together and taken control of this feud, and it turns out they do a damn sight better than the writers. Jericho is going to levels that make it uncomfortable to watch at times and I’m loving it. WWE has been in dire need of a risky storyline to keep the older fans gripped, and it’s come at a time when they’ve effectively ended the Attitude era – good call WWE. For me, this is THE feud in WWE at the moment. Lesnar and Cena might be feuding over bringing legitimacy back to WWE, but they’ve clearly not been watching this feud very closely.

In other news…

Brodus Clay & Santino (Funky Cobra) versus Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger – After last week a better match would have been nice, and why have they decided to make Santino look weak behind Clay? He’s proven himself as a singles competitor over the past four months.

R-Truth versus Cody Rhodes – Big Show’s interference was in no way a surprise and this feud is played out. Give the title back to Cody and leave it at that.

Tensai destroys another jobber – I think Tensai and Tatsu would be an interesting tag team in this age of simply throwing singles competitors together. Other than that it was nothing unexpected and proof that last week it was the crowd which made Tensai look good, not Tensai.

Zack Ryder versus Alberto Del Rio – I almost didn’t list this as a match, because I simply have no interest in either superstar. They both bore me in every way, but it was nice to see some aggression from them both. On a side note, I would love to see a Ryder/Hawkins reunion with both adopting the Hawkins gimmick.

The Three Stooges – At what point was this going to be good television? Not only did they waste ten minutes or so (backstage included) which could have been used to put on a match (even a divas match would have been better) of TV time, but they mocked Hulk Hogan and helped to put Kane (and months of repackaging him as a monster heel) into redundancy and mediocrity. Waste of time in every way.

So was tonight’s Raw yes, yes, yes or no, no, no? I’d vote yes, yes, yes mainly because WWE is heading out of the PG era and doing it well. It was nowhere near the flawless Raw from last week, but that wasn’t entirely the booking. We’ll never hear a crowd like the Miami crowd until next week in London, when I’ll be there to start the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants with my cousin.

One final note WWE; stop booking guest hosts for Raw! SmackDown is there for the irrelevant stuff…

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