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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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What is up everybody? It is time for another edition of Uncooked, and instead of me going on some schpeel, I'm just going to get right into it!

The Bad

Lord Tensai
That is right, after only debuting last week, this guy to me has already become stale. Heck when they started showing vignettes for Lord Tensai, I wasn't expecting much. Last week, he seemed slightly different, but after this week, I just see A-Train, not Tensai. Imagine it like this. You have a piece of steak that is ok. It's not cooked great, but you could still eat it. But as time goes on, it spoils. That was A-Train before he left the WWE. Then you take that steak add seasoning, salts, and such, hoping people won't remember it is the same steak. Thing is though, at first glance it might seem different, but once you take a bite you'll know it's still bad. That is Tensai. Atleast with Brodus we knew he could go into comedy bits but with Tensai, where does he go from squash matches. There isn't many people he could match up for wrestling wise, and I can't think of any feud I'd want to see him in. I believe it was Uratool who said Tensai wouldn't connect with the fans, and eventually fizzle out. I think he is dead on in that analysis.

How to fix
I don't see way to fix Lord Tensai...sorry

3 Stooges
Talk about a group of duds for guest hosts. I grew up with the 3 stooges and was actually kind of looking forward to seeing them on Raw. But wow, they just stunk up the place. No humor, just nothing. Then when Curly came out as Hogan, for a brief second I thought we might get something that would cause a chuckle to bellow from my belly, but nothing. This was just simply a dud all around.

Punk vs Henry/Aftermath
Ok, so last week Punk vs Henry was decent. Getting it a second time this week, just kind of made me go..blah. Then to be told we are going to get it again next week, just makes me think super blah. Then the aftermath here, two weeks in a row of having Jericho douse Punk with alcohol. This is another example of if the next few weeks they just do something similar to this, it'll make the Punk/Jericho feud be like a bad taste in my mouth. I'd rather they just stick to promos and wrestling, or switching this up some how.

How to fix
Go in a different direction

Cena vs Otunga
Let me take a line from the Miz...really....really.....really?! This match was just dull. I was actually glad to see Cena counter into the 5 moves of doom. Otunga's whole little posing just irks me, and not in the, he is getting great heel heat way, but in a way that just makes me want to change the channel.

How to fix
Keep Otunga away from Cena. If you are going to have Otunga wrestle...WRESTLE! Not pose.


Cody Rhodes vs R Truth
As soon as I realized R Truth was facing Rhodes, I knew this was just another way for Show to get one up on Rhodes, and Truth would walk away the winner. I'm not going to rate this match, as there wasn't a lot to it. I stuck this in the indifferent because while it is good they are advancing the feud with Rhodes and Show, I feel like they could be going about a different way. Something more original than Show doing the same thing Rhodes did to Show going into Mania.

How to improve
Cut out these short matches. It doesn't do anything in my opinion. Take 5 to 10 minutes and let the stars put on a decent match. It'll help get word out of "oh man, did you see what Rhodes and Truth did last night" Also, go in a different direction with Show one upping Rhodes. If between now and Extreme Rules all they do is have Show come out and just show video segments to one up Rhodes, this will fall to the bad section quick.

The Crowd
While they were definitely not as hot as they were last week, and there was no YES..YES...YES chants, they weren't dead. I am pondering how the fans will be tomorrow night on the live SD. Will we get a yes chant? I would hope so. I thought this crowd was somewhat alive, which did help the show.

How to improve
Well this is simple, give the fans decent to good matches so they want to get behind them. Tonight we had 6 matches, 4 of which didn't really last long. How are fans suppose to get behind something like that.

The Good

Santino/Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger are telling me Brodus isn't in a squash match!?! The WWE Gods have shined down and decided to finally do something useful with Clay. Better yet, it wasn't a bad match. Granted I expected this to occur at Extreme Rules, there is nothing to say that it won't, or some variation. I could see a Ziggler/Swagger vs Clay handicap match at Extreme Rules. Or even a No DQ tag team match there. Here is one crowned jewel I took from this that Swagger didn't do anything to save his team mate. Last week they argue over who gets the pin on Santino, this week Swagger just lets Ziggler get pinned. Do i smell dissension between these two? I could see a Ziggler face turn and branching off on his own. Either way, it'll be interesting to see where they go from here.

CM Punk/Jericho Promo
The promo before Punk's match to me was great. I really enjoyed it. The emotion Punk showed, just seemed fresh to me. It makes me ponder what they are going to do next.

Opening Segment/Lesnar Run in At End
Needless to say, I thought this opening segment was a great way to kick Raw off. Plus having Cena get legitimately busted open in the mouth, seeing that bloody smile, just epic. Considering how the Rock/Cena feud had a lack of physical altercations, I think the Cena/Brock feud is smart to have altercations. While Lesnar didn't come off as bad on the mic, I think i'd want to hear a few more promos from him before I totally judge. My guess is he won't be great, but he won't be bad. He'll be in between. Then having Lesnar run in to lowblow and F5 Cena to close out the show, makes you wonder what Cena is going to do to try and even the score with Lesnar last week. I also wonder what stipulation they are going to have for Lesnar/Cena at Extreme Rules.

While this Raw wasn't spectacular, I did enjoy it. I am sure a lot of people will be unhappy with it, but to that I say, we are winding down after Wrestlemania, so of course Raw isn't going to be as exciting as it was the night after. The electricity isn't there as much. My hope is with what is going on with Punk/Jericho, and Brock/Cena things will kick a few gears up. I also hope in the next few Raws we see Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and Orton on Raw as I feel like that it helps make the show a little better.

Well guys, I look forward to all comments. Keep an eye out this week for 2 editions of the Wrestling Blog Challenge. I think you all will enjoy what you see. Until next time, stay Raw!

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  1. Kincaid's Avatar
    Good Blog. I disagree with Punk's promo and pretty much all of his promos as of late. They have successfully done what I thought was impossible: MADE CM PUNK BORING ON THE MIC. I'm sure that won't be a popular opinion. He has definitely lost his edge for me.
  2. illmat's Avatar
  3. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    Good blog.

    And speaking of Brock Lesnar's promo ability. That promo he cut in the back.... I really liked it. It wasnt bad at all.
  4. Stone Cold Rock Bottom's Avatar
    Give it a few months before we hear...............Let's go CM/CM Sucks. 6 months ago Punk was annointed by the IWC as the best thing to happen to Wrestling since Wrestlemania. Now all of a sudden he's stale and boaring. No wonder Cena doesn't give a sh*t what the crowd is chanting. Cena, Punk and Shameus could all host a "being a face in the WWE really sucks" party. RMEAY.
  5. Keith Stone's Avatar
    It's extremely hard to do a straight edge promo as a face when your typical audience is beer drinking crowd so the fans were alittle indifferent about it. his promo reminded me of several John Cena promos about over coming or whatever. plus you have Jericho doing better promos as a heel.
  6. Audioslave's Avatar
    Sometimes u bloggers crack me up. U guys do not comprehend the wrestling biz at all. Raw was never a wrestling show. It Always had the 'anything can happen on raw' slogan for a reason. The weekly tv show is used to build up to the ppv's which highlights the wrestling we have to buy to watch.I love when u bash the debuts of guys like clay now tensai. The job of the squashes is to get the fans familiar to the characters and them to perfect their move set. This is y clay is just now getting out of squash mode. Tensai will have a couple more months of it.One other thing i can't stand is how u guys contradict urselves, before u all said feuds do not get built up properly. They kinda fixed that lately. Then u said punk and Jericho is boring cuz they're all promos. So now they're interacting (via liquor dumping) and u complain it's stale.U wrestling fans have to just sit back and let it entertain u and appreciate it, just chill out and let everything unfold before u bash it. From what I see the Internet and u Internet fans are what's wrong with wrestling.I coulda just blogged this but they prolly wouldn't post my blogs anyway like before.
  7. bastler's Avatar
    I dunno the start was cool I just dont like that way they are using Lesnar...I think he should have just dominated some people for a few weeks before he picked who he was going to fight. Suppose this is hard on a limited schedule though.
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