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Darkside Ron Garvin

How to Regain a Loyal Fan

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Well, I have thought this through and decided to re-launch my blog. Everyone gets a mulligan, right? This time I am going to put it into an actual blog format, rather than write a chapter of a book. As my last blog showed, I am a fan of the wrestling industry and have been so since I was young. Much like many of you, I have been witness to multiple “Eras” of the industry. Even though several “eras” in the industry have been horrid, leading to better things once they ended, I am not quite sure if the damage done once this stage in the evolution of the industry will bring back the casual fans that once brought 8+ ratings. Hell, if I consider myself a loyal fan and I am this fed up with the business, I can’t imagine what the fans who came into the industry during the 1997-2002 would think about the past decade.

With that said, I would like to entail what I plan to discuss with these soon to come blogs. I have made a list of the things in which I believe should have great emphasis in order for me to actually watch each and every week as I used to. I also believe these things are essential to bringing in more fans that will stay longer than CM Punk disappeared with the belt. I feel that the following things are critical, not in the sense to make the wrestling business “survive”, but rather make it “thrive” the way it once did.

1. Build superstars of the future; don’t make them overnight
2. Give credit to my Championships
3. Give me something worth coming back to see next week
4. I want to see less “show” and more “action packed event!
5. Don’t insult my intelligence as a fan
6. Allow me to tell you who/what I like
7. Teach the art of story-telling, not the art of acting
8. Make me feel like I am worth more than just another buck
9. Bring back the juice; selective blood can be your friend
10. Don’t run from the label “wrestling”… Embrace it!
11. IWC shouldn’t be the place where great ideas die
12. Fans determine their own opinions, not the suits

These 12 things are what I will be discussing in the weeks to come. Having been a fan for 20+ years, I believe I can dedicate a minimum of 12 weeks to express my views. In my initial blog, I touched on a few of these, but I believe by reformatting this into an actual “Blog”, I will be covering them once again, the way they deserve. Do I think there are more things that should be on this list? Yes, but these 12 are a good starting point. I am going to cut off here as I feel this is already longer than needed. If you have any comments, thoughts, or feelings towards this, post away and I will reply as I can, but I will reaffirm this final point.
This might be only a user blog to some, but at the conclusion of this, I assure you it will feel more like a mission statement.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar

    Unfortunately, while it sounds great in theory, it's a new world out there.

    1. No one's patient enough anymore
    2. It's not about Championships, it's about Special Attractions and money.
    3. No competition, the fans will be back next week regardless
    4. It's all about show now WWE is nothing but a reality TV Show, like Survivor or Jersey Shore
    5. See number 3
    6. See number 3
    7. See number 4
    8. See number 2 & 3
    9. The World's too sensitive
    10. See number 4
    11. See number 3
    12. See number 3

    Wrestling is made for the facebook and twitter...basically internet junkies now. It's how they "connect" with fans. I don't like it anymore than you do, but if we're going to continue to be fans of it, we have to accept it. I don't have a twitter....yet. I'm sure I will eventually.

    You see on some of the blogs in here. People saying who in FCW should be brought up. Who in ROH should be brought to WWE. What this person did in Japan or Mexico. It's crazy the amount of time that's spent online following and keeping tabs on wrestling. I spend 2 hrs on Raw, 2 hrs on Smackdown, and 2 hours on Impact, and a daily visit to this site, and two blogs written in a week. To me, I dedicate enough time to wrestling in a week. I don't have more time to know what's happening in other leagues, or Superstars, or NXT, or WWE's YouTube channel. It's insane. And if the WWE network is a pay channel, it's another thing I won't be doing.

    Great Theory, and good write up. It's just the likelihood of it happening isn't there.
  2. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    This is the best blog I've read in ages.
    Unfortunatly I agree with DK Wrestling Savior's responces.
    The future looks grim
    If only WWE management would read this blog...
  3. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    Great blog and enjoyed everything you wrote hope to read more of your blogs. Like for example this past Monday Night the crowd was insane which was great, The Rocks promo was another great one from the actual Rock, Chris Jericho attacking Cm Punk was awesome, Cm Punk vs Mark Henry match was great as well and the return of Brock Lesnar was F'n EPIC!! that to me right there is the stuff we have been asking for. Well the boring stuff to me was Eve's boring promo and John Cena's just another Cena promo on kissing the fans asses, how he doesn't give up on the people who buy his ugly merchandise and how he looks sad so people can feel sorry for him now that's why he get's booed.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Excellent blog and I completely disagree with you DK Wrestling Savior. There's a reason WWE didn't retain an 8+ million per week rating or anywhere close to that. Who says you can't change anything? Just because something is the way it is it wasn't like that before and is not likely to be that way in the's not as bleak as you seem to think.

    Your first reason that people aren't patient enough is only the WWE's fault. I've mentioned it before that guys like The Rock, Christian, Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, John Cena, Randy Orton etc are the ones who are supposed to be carrying the WWE these days and the new stars would be slowly developing from the bottom. Look how many of those guys are gone from WWE or working part time only and you get a talent gap that has forced WWE to try to promote new stars instantly while the veterans take the spotlight. Call it bad luck for some or bad decision making or whatever but most of the guys who are carrying the business should be the guys carrying it in 5 years, not now.

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