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Do we really HATE John Cena???

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So lets just get strait into this! My question/theory is do people actually realy hate John Cena (i know some really do) or do the majority of people love to hate him?

First of lets see where it all went wrong for supper Cena. When John Cena started with that ruthless aggression stunt with Kurt Angle and showed a good showing and then went on to win three US Titles and feud with Brock and get a lot of love for his word life gimmick which the majority of people liked and found funny, he seemed popular! Then he won the world title at WM 21 and people seemed really happy! However a very very very good run for a year or so led him to acutely get booed at WM 22 against HHH who was a heel, which may have been down to HHH being a veteran which people always will eventually cheer for (Hulk vs Rock as an example). However since this point its got worse and worse with the older fans, where now every event he does you hear those 5 words, Lets go Cena, Cena sucks.

I thought about this and thought about his negatives and positives. Starting with his negatives i would say it got to a point where he overcame anything and anyone like Hulk Hogan but this just doesn't work in todays world. He also annoys manny people with how he acts with the whole chain gang and super nice guy image where he never reacts to fans taunting which crowds love. So this lack of interaction and the fact he has become stale as a face is why people seem to dislike him. I mean take The Rock when he was a heel he was brilliant with the crowds with his hole Rock concert gimmick and it kept him fresh. I would also say people criticise his in ring ability however even though he is no were near the best he is not anywhere near the bottom and probably better than Hulk was too but not many people complained about that.

Now his positives. First of it is important to say he is the face of the company, a multi world champion, is a huge superstar and did all this through the "Dark ages" of wrestling". Also as stated earlier he is not the worst in ring and to add to this has incredible strength and does some impressive things (reminds be of the British Bulldogs power). He also has a personality, is really good on the mike, kids and many adults love him, he is one of the biggest draws and is very hard working and loyal to the company.

So my conclusion, (i should state i am a massive Rock fan and of the attitude wrestlers such as HHH, HBK and Stone Cold and was very happy at the conclusion of WM 28) i am not a massive John Cena fan but i do like him as he is entertaining and that crowd reaction is brilliant and fun and i think people do love to hate him, also when i compare him to people like Batista there is no question i would cheer super Cena like i did at WM 26! I would also go on to say that maybe in 5 years or so if he goes heel he will become very popular! And i would also not want him to leave the company any time soon as WWE would loose a big character in my opinion!

So my question is do people really hate him, even to the point where they would not want him in the company? Or do you like to hate him and may in the future like him or even like him secretly now?

I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this so please post your opinions and what you thought of the blog!

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  1. HiAdele's Avatar
    Let me put it this way. Cena, the man, is a good guy. Cena, the character, is stupid, boring, weak, call it whatever you want. I think the WWE management doesn't know why we boo Cena, it's sooo simple, the guy needs to change his character or turn heel. I, prsonally, don't give a flying f**k about his "I'm not going to change" speeches. If he continues doing this stupid character he'll get booed more and more than ever.

    You what's sad? When Cena turns heel, he'll get the biggest pop in the history of Pro-wrestling.
  2. SpartyOn's Avatar
    While I will admit I am a Cena fan, the character has gotten so stale I get sick to my stomach. I do not blame Cena, I blame management. I don't know what the hell they've been thinking the last few years, but they're messin up big time.

    Cena WILL NOT turn heel any time soon. Why? Folks, this is the PG era. To make Cena into a villain is to break the hearts of so many little kids around the world... and what happens when the little ones are devastated? They stop buying t-shirts, baseball caps, action figures, wrestling cards, etc. VINCE MCMAHON LOSES MONEY. That's the bottom line. It's disgusting that Vince disregards long time fans for his temporary lucrative advancements but that's what happens when WWE doesn't have any competition. Cheers.
  3. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HiAdele
    Let me put it this way. Cena, the man, is a good guy...

    You know what's sad? When Cena turns heel, he'll get the biggest pop in the history of Pro-wrestling.
    HAHAHA. YES. If you didn't mention it, I was going to. The minute he snaps and turns on the world, CENA, CENA, CENA chants will boom through the arena. To be honest, I already love him - for his work ethic and passion for the biz. But, it will be a serious breath of fresh air for him to just commit to a full heel turn. That of course is if, a big IF, that ever happens.

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