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The Double Edge Sword #01: Brock Lesnar

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Hey, I haven't done a blog here in awhile so I figured I try something different. I figured I'd do a series that would look at the pros and cons of certain issues, wrestlers, and anything else relevant to the sport and entertainment of wrestling. I figured I'd tackle a recent topic in the wrestling world; Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE. Is it good for business or is it just for a cheap thrill?

  1. Brock is an established star in both the WWE and UFC.
  2. He was fairly popular in his two-three years with the company, having been the champion at least twice. He even main evented a Wrestlemania against Kurt Angle for the championship.
  3. He had Paul Heyman's guiding hand. Paul has the golden touch with certain wrestlers and Brock was one of them.
  4. I frequently hear or read about ratings for the WWE's shows. That they have been lower now than in recent years. Brock's return would certainly help ratings now.
  5. He has a history with the biggest stars in the company: Undertaker, Cena, Angle, Eddie Guerrero, and The Rock just to name a few, so he can rise to the occasion and be relied on to be in the final match of a show or PPV.
  6. His current contract is rumored to have him show up at least once a month, in person, at events. That's more appearances than The Rock's busy schedule allows, so it will help get him over and be easier for him to be relevant with the fans.
  7. His return can keep John Cena busy and away from the title, making CM Punk the top babyface to keep the title on, giving fans something new and Punk the push he deserves.

And now the Cons:

  1. He left on poor terms with the WWE. Granted Madison Square Garden fans tend to be informed on issues on the dirt sheets, but getting booed during your last match. On PPV. At Wrestlemania. That doesn't sound good on paper, so we will have to see if his warm reaction in Miami was a fluke or not.
  2. He disliked the travel schedule. When he became champion, the WWE Champion was to appear on both brands at the beginning of the roster split. People say that he asked (or complained) for a lighter traveling schedule, so they split the WWE Undisputed Championship into the World Heavy Weight Title and the WWE Championship Title.
  3. Paul Heyman is no longer with the company. When he first appeared, Brock had Heyman do all of his talking. When they broke up, it became clearly apparent that Brock had very little natural charisma and speaking skills. He can definitely wrestle, but that's only half a great wrestler (in theory at least). Is he more charismatic now?
  4. He may have legitimate dislike with and from current wrestlers. He and John Cena may not have seen eye-to-eye back in 2002-2003 and not just in the ring. Brock may not have liked working with the relatively new Cena at the time and may not have sold moves as well as he could have. Have they buried the hatchet in the present? Also, current wrestlers may not like working with a guy who (a) walked out to play football, (b) wasn't 100% committed when he was with the company, (c) is only back for perhaps a year with special perks.
  5. The WWE should try to start promoting new talent and relying on them to carry the company. Are they sure Brock is in the best position to help with that philosophy. Can he make guys look good and create a launch pad for the next TOP heel or face?
  6. Is Brock 100% healthy? Or as healthy as he can be? It was rumored that Brock had difficulty getting over his bout with diverticulitis while in UFC and he kept having some kind of medical issue. Now, the WWE is an entirely different beast from UFC, but if Brock can't stay relatively healthy, he shouldn't be used as a big draw.
  7. How much of an effect will Brock actually have on ratings? This one is kind of minor, but ratings do play a part on WWE management's decisions. One of their "fail-safe" plans was to make Cena the center of attention or make him the champ if ratings saw a noticeable drop if he was removed from either position. Can Brock help the ratings in any way? And can it be on a regular basis, not just for when he is actually wrestling?

Well, there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Agree to Disagree?

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by A_Double
    Why is noone mentioning that Brock looks like shit.
    Brock fought Alistair Overeem December 30,2011. I watched Raw like the rest of the world did last Monday. He may not look like he's in top shape, but he's far from looking like shit. When leaving the wwe and beginning his MMA journey, Brock went from being a massive monster, to a leaner more cut athlete. 3 months after a loss in the UFC, buddy probably hasn't been training nearly as hard as usual. Cut him some slack.
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The WWE has given guys like Ziggler, Swagger, Kingston, etc every opportunity to get over with the crowd. For whatever reason, they dont. Guys that achieve top level status in this business do something on their own to get over. They dont wait for the WWE to come up with an idea for them. I think Ziggler may be the best in ring talent they have, but he can only get over as far as Vicky will get him. Eventually Ziggler will need to do something on his own if he wants to achieve top billing status.

    Look at Daniel Bryan. He continually worked the "YES! YES! YES! YES!" thing and now he may be one of the most over guys in the WWE. Fans love to be involved. That's why guys like the Rock, Stone Cold, Road Dogg, etc are all time fan favorites. Others like Brock, Batista, Show, etc can get over by being monsters. However, they were always and have always been among the most pro-active behind the scenes.

    Personally, I have no issues with Brock returning. The WWE has been so stagnant over the past 5-6 years that anyone who can add a boost of star power will be a big help. When you continually have to push guys like Randy Boreton and Kane, you need help. The WM28 crowd was relatively dead during their match at Mania.
    Updated 04-09-2012 at 03:57 PM by ToiletBowl
  3. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    Very well written blog. And both lists give examples that I really agree with (and disagree with).

    Personally, I would tend to say Lesnar can suck a fat one, but he IS good for business... Short term...

    Once he leaves (which he will), then ratings will plummet and the slow bleeding will continue.
  4. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by A_Double
    Why is noone mentioning that Brock looks like shit.
    Very true!
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    Well written blog bro. You came off as very unbiased showcasing both sides. I must say a refreshing change in blogs as of late. Kudos!
  6. zapphoman's Avatar
    Agree with everything you say. Wrestlemania 20 was evidence enough for me. He proved how he felt about the WWE during the match.
  7. BigJM's Avatar
    Just saw 4-9-12 episode of Raw that saw Cena bleeding from the mouth after a brawl with Lesnar. Is it part of their old feud and possible legit heat with each other in real life? Or just a clever marketing ploy to get fans behind the feud?
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