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10 personal favorite moments in Smackdown history

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Smackdown began in the fall of 1999 and is still going strong in 2012. Havn't watched Smackdown since Christian lost the World title to Randy Orton, but I still watch Raw, TNA, and ROH. In any case, Smackdown has had its shares of big and terrible moments. I did the Raw version and now will do the Smackdown. I'm going to leave it out obvious moments such as tribute to the troops, First smackdown episode, 1st smackdown on whatever network, and of course 1st smackdown after 9/11. Why I leave them amount? Because they are obvious big moments. Stick to just the wrestling show and not some tribute to whoever. A reminder, it is just an opinion of mine.

1.Lesnar/Show breaks the ring-that moment just pops out when you think of the biggest moments in Smackdown history. The fans went insane.

2.Eddie Guerrero Celebration-1st Smackdown after winning the WWE championship. Fireworks, confeti, and so on. Just great moment for the fans, Eddie, and a big moment for Smackdown.

3.Jeff Hardy celebration-Felt like it even took longer for Jeff to win the WWE title because of all the ups and downs in his career. You keep thinking this is the time and it never ended up being the time. It finally happened and was very happy to witness that special moment.

4.Jeff Hardy defeats HHH for the IC title-I believe this was the first victory Jeff had over HHH because Jeff was still teaming with Matt. Fans going crazy after the shocker of Jeff winning the IC title. Yea, it meant something back in the day to win the IC championship.

5.RVD/Steve Austin-This may have came on here via biased because I was pumped to see the match. Austin was angry going to take his anger out on one of the members of the Alliance. 1st guy who came through that door was RVD. Going to show Angle what was going to happen at Unforgiven. RVD ended up beating Austin in the match while Angle won the WWE title at the ppv.

6.Vince/Rikishi stinkface-After all the kiss my butt club by Vince forcing other talent to kiss his butt. He was going to be forced to kiss The Rock's butt. I think a tag match was on the Raw before and Rock would have to kiss Vince's if his team lost which is how it came about. Rock claimed Vince's lips wouldn't kiss his butt, but kiss Trish's than JR's and that led to Rikishi's.

7.Booker T/Austin supermarket-Destroying everything in the supermarket facing each other. It was a funny moment that stands out in my mind. Got milk, singing, and beating the crap out of Booker T.

8.John Cena introduction of spinner belt-I know now days, everything Cena is involved in has to suck according to his critics. I thought it was a unique moment for Smackdown and WWE. Never seen a spinner championship belt before. I never thought at the time it would end up being the WWE championship for everybody when they won the title. Austin did something similar to that during that attitude era. Creating his own smoking skull belt. After he lost it, it just disappeared. Figured that would be the same with Cena's new WWE title. Didn't end up that way, but it was definately a unique moment in SD history.

9.HHH mentors Trish-HHH and Trish were set up to team that night vs Rock and Lita. Steph got angry about it saying women shouldn't be involved in wrestling or something like that to make her get angry and leave. Trish came looking to learn some new moves because at the time she had only been a manager. HHH taught her an armbar. Also teaching her how to get out of it. Unfortunately Steph walked in at the wrong time. That time around 2000 when Steph and HHH were together were some of my favorite moments and times during any period in wrestling. Pro Rock fan and enjoyed watching them fight over that at the time.

10.Kurt kisses Stephanie-During the Summer of 2000, Kurt was just being friends with Steph at the time. HHH, husband of Stephanie of course got jealous at times. At that particular time, they both wanted to team with her in a tag match vs Rock and Lita. Steph flipped a coin and Kurt won. Steph got hurt and HHH came out to bring her to the back. HHH came back to help Kurt, but Kurt left HHH to get beat up by Rock. Kurt than kissed Stephanie. One of the best love triangles WWE has ever had.

Honorable mention: Edge scares Vickie, JBL border, MVP U.S. title celebration.

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  1. deadgods's Avatar
    I'm glad that you gave mention to the JBL border incident. That was classic!!

    Join! (Wrestling Matters)
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Where in the world is the "Edge vs. Eddie Guererro No Disqualification Match" from 2002? If you don't at least have that on your list, then it's a bad one. There are several better moments from the 13 year history of SmackDown that you left out. But challenge accepted. I'll make my own list this week. Not the best list dude. Sorry.
  3. LMPunker's Avatar
    60 minute iron man match brock lesnar vs kurt angle?
  4. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Going off your #9 and #10 - the Smackdown promo's between Angle-HHH-Steph and Mick Foley were amazing...HHH semi turned Face and Foley and HHH teaming up to make fun of Angle and questioning if he was gay or not. Funny funny stuff! That was probably the best WWE love triangle angle...and Mick Foley being commish at the time only added to it due to his history with all 3 of them.
  5. theaweesome1's Avatar
    number 1 and 2 should be switched no doubt. I dont think ive ever seen any moment as great as eddies reaction when he wins the title at no way out and the emotion was so chilling. You almost forget goldberg interfered in the match lol
  6. Peterjb1980's Avatar
    Number 1 Has To Be The Brock Lesnar vs Show Match I Remember It Well When They Two Went To The Turnbuckel And Lesnar Had Show In Suplex Position You Were In The Moment Like No He's Not Going To Do This He Can't And When Brock Pulled Off You Could Imagine That Building Shaken That Night.

    Number 2 For Me Has To Be When Arnie Appeared Promoting The End Of Days McMahon Kissing His Ass Presenting Him With Boxoffice Championship Belt That Was A Great Moment, And When He Got Envolved With The Match At The End Attacking The Game That Great Moment.
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Maybe it's just me but I never "got" Jeff Hardy. To me he's a glorified spot monkey who couldnt wrestle. I remember years ago during the Hardy Boyz run someone asked HBK about the Hardy Boyz imitating the Midnight Rockers. HBK said, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery but it also helps to know a few wrestling moves".

    2 glaring omissions that should replace anything Jeff Hardy... The Billy & Chucky Wedding, crashed by Bischoff with the Rico turn. And the Stone Cold / Scotty 2 Hotty Alliance Promo where "What" was essentially born. That may be the single most tense promo / shoot I have ever seen in wrestling. Stone Cold holding that title belt up to Scotty's face, saying, "Do you really think you are ever going to hold this belt? What?"... followed by a series of shoot-like questions that had to make Scotty feel like crap, all followed by "What?"
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