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The Importance of Lockdown.

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The Importance of TNA Lockdown

So lets have a look at the Impact (excuse the pun! ) TNA Lockdown COULD have on the rest of TNA’s Year and on its history.

The event is heavily promoted around “Home Grown” talent and could become a turning point in TNA’s struggle for Status

The Lockdown Pay Per View
Lockdown has always been a huge event in the TNA calendar. TNA the only company brave enough to do an all steel cage match Pay Per View, and has largely made it work. Some of TNA’s greatest moment were a product born of Lockdown; The Elix Skipper walk the cage Hurricanrana, Samoa Joe defeating Kurt Angle for his first World Title, AJ Styles diving through the top of the cage onto The Mafia, and more recently Robert Roode putting Flair into the Fujiwawa Arm Bar. Lockdown is certainly an event that establishes new stars, where as Bound For Glory is so often devoted to the already over guys, take 2010 has an example…

TNA LOCKDOWN 2010: TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles © w/Ric Flair vs “The Pope” D’angelo Dinero

TNA Bound For Glory 2010: TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson vs Kurt Angle (Championship Vacant prior to Main Event)

In my opinion the build up to Lockdown has been more captivating that the one to Wrestlemania for the last couple of years and this year no less.

Lets take a closer look at the card…


Steel Cage Match- TNA TV Championship Match- Devon © vs Robbie E w/ Robbie T

As you all know I am a huge fan of the Robbie E character, its instant heel, someone who really irritates the audience. And Devon the respected and hard-working face who leaves no doubt that he has earned his spot. It’s the perfect way to kick of the card and warm up the crowd get them cheering and get them involved.

Predicted Winner: Devon
Predicted Match Rating ** (Nothing special here like I said the perfect starter)
Effect of Match: Devons run as Champion will hopefully see more of the right characters being used in the TV division. With Devon, Eric Young being the lead faces and Robbie E, Robbie T, Pope and even Kid Kash being used as the heels, also guys like Doug Williams, RVD, Garrett Bischoff could slot in.

Steel Cage Match- Matt Morgan vs Crimson

Its time to pick your man TNA!. Crimson’s heel turn will benefit him hugely nothing more fitting for a serious Heel than a dangerous solider who has an ego problem. The Feud between this two needs to come to a head here. Can Matt Morgan overcome the odds and beat the cocky crimson. I’d like to see Morgan win, Not only because he is long overdue and serious and sustained run at the World Title, but also because the breaking of Crimsons Streak will ultimately help the man from the Brownsville section of NYC. Once his Streak is broken Crimson can have important matches where the crowd has no idea who is going to come out on top. This will be a heavyweight scrap for sure, but I think that it could be one of the more exciting matches on the card, if book properly.

Predicted Winner: Matt Morgan
Predicted Match Rating ***
Effect of Match: A Main Event run within the next year for both men. I’d love to see Morgan get a run at Storm, Roode or even Bully Ray for the title. And I’d love to see Crimson feud with Jeff Hardy! The end of the feud will benefit both men, however should this rivalry be perpetuated then these two will face obscurity.

Steel Cage Match- TNA Knockouts Championship- Gail Kim © vs Velvet Sky

Another high profile chance for Velvet, I think most would like a second feel good win for her, after her first title reign in late 2011 was far too short, no matter what reputation she has in her personal life. Altough there is no doubt that Gail has done a superb job in carrying the division with entertaining matches against Mickie James, Tara and even a over-achieving match with the far from smooth Madison Rayne last month at Victory Road. But I think its time for Velvet to pick up the title again. This match as always will showcase the knockouts in a positive light, as Velvet has the tools to go with Gail. KO’s > Divas forever!

Predicted Winner: Velvet Sky
Predicted Match Rating: **
Effect of Match: A face Champion would bring; Anglina Love, Winter, Sarita & Rosita back into the game as well as Gail and Madison. It will mix up the division! And boost Velvets Career, I could possibly see Gail gaining the title again later this year as I can see Tara or Mickie getting the shot a BFG, and an outside chance being Ms Tessmacher.

Steel Cage Match- TNA World Tag Team Championship- Samoa Joe & Magnus © vs MotorCity Machine Guns

This is the only match on the card I disagree with!. That’s right I am against Joe & Magnus taking on Motor City Machine Guns at Lockdown… this way. I feel like not enough has been made of the Guns coming back. It’s a similar story as the Guns/Beer Money Inc Series from 2010, There matches could have headlined “The Whole F’n Show” or Victory Road! I would have had a longer build up to this match. However now it is happening Its going to be great. The Team of Magnus and Joe has showed great Charisma and synergy since teaming in the wildcard tournament early this year. The two teams should have great energy and give us a splendid match, If this leads to a series of matches which I’d bet my last pound that it does, when they build Chemistry this will explode

Predicted Winner: Samoa Joe & Magnus
Predicted Rating ***** (Match of the Night)
Effect of Match: This symbolises the return of the Tag Team Division; Two solid teams to build the division around and one of these teams will be champions at Bound For Glory. For this to really be the turning point for a slipping Tag Team Division TNA will need to build some more teams quick.

Steel Cage Match- Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy

Two ring greats square off in singles competition for the 4th time. And this could be the topper. With Hardy in a cage and Kurt having pulled out a top of the cage Moonsault for the last two years, we can expect a crazy fall in this one. It should be a great match in TNA’s History. A Great way to mark Hardys return to the top of Pro Wrestling.

Predicted Winner: Jeff Hardy
Predicted Rating ****
Effect of Match: I can’t see Hardy or Angle getting a another Title run soon, I expect Angle will go on to feud with Garrett Bischoff. And as I mentioned early a Jeff Hardy vs Crimson feud would be awesome.

Lethal Lockdown Match- Team Eric (Gunner, TBA, TBA, TBA) vs Team Garrett (Garrett Bischoff, TBA, TBA, TBA)

First off here is my projected teams…

Team Eric Bischoff
Captain: Gunner
Bully Ray
Christopher Daniels

Team Garrett Bischoff
Captain: Garrett Bischoff
AJ Styles
Mr Anderson
Austin Aries

Should this happen, or come to that any combination of teams, this is great to see! A mix of New and tested names late in the card, In a match of great significance to the Lockdown Pay Per View. Perhaps Garrett leading a team of fan faviourites will finally get him over as a credible face. Gunner truly is “The Impact Player” This guy is World Title material and great to see him captain Eric’s team especially if it should include Bully Ray!.

Predicted Winners: Team Garrett
Predicted Rating ***
Effect of Match: Hopefully this will signal the end of the Bischoff War, Garrett will find it hard fitting in after, a feud with Kurt Angle is on the cards, apart from that I can see him feuding with people like Pope, Robbie E or Kid Kash. Gunner will continue to be Mr Intensity and slowly pushed towards the Main Event.

Steel Cage Match- TNA World Heavyweight Championship- Bobby Roode © vs “Cowboy” James Storm

Beer Money Inc

It was on June 12 2008 that Beer Money Inc formed, Storm claimed that there were “Two things that make the world go round; Beer and Money” The team was triumph, Four Time World Tag Team Championship, loved by fans everywhere. The most loved Faces and despised Heels. Perfect Members of the fortune faction, replicating Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard! They were unstoppable and how is the irresistible force stopped, by enteral combustion; on November 3rd Bobby Roode smashed a Beer Bottle over James Storm’s head to win the TNA World Title and begin the Selfish generation.

It comes to a head…Lockdown.

Bully Ray claimed on Impact that whoever walks out of the cage in Nashville will be the biggest TNA World Heavyweight Champion ever! And that is damn right. “The It Factor” is the biggest heel in the world right now, I bet WWE wish that Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett or Dolph Ziggler could transition to the main event like Bobby Roode has, he has the look, the ability and the character, he has it all. I think we all remember Roode’s verbal assult on Hulk Hogan last year, from that point on Roode was going to be big in Wrestling. Everyone was shocked when James Storm won the TNA World Title on the First Impact after Bound For Glory, and after Roode won the title and turned heel, nobody expected James Storm to hang, but a feud with Kurt Angle changed everyones opinion, Storm has truly proven us all wrong. The message of his “Longnecks and Rednecks” song is that everyone’s welcome and this has allowed him to dissuade claims he was too southern!

Predicted Winner: “Cowboy” James Storm
Predicted Rating ****
Effect of Match: Any World Title change, morphs the landscape, but this will lead to Storm becoming the slighty stockier Shawn Michaels of TNA (go with that one!) Storm can feud with Styles, Roode, Ray, Crimson, Gunner, Morgan, hell just about anyone on the Impact Wrestling. Bobby Roode is obviously going to have a rematch with Sting at some point (Slammiversary or BFG) but I would be surprised if these two don’t have a PPV rematch at Sacrifice, in a I Quit or Last Man Standing.

TNA 10 & 2012 belongs to Bobby Roode & “Cowboy” James Storm and Lockdown will certify this!

Peace out!, Hope you enjoy Lockdown!!!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    My fav match at Lockdown was always the lethal Lockdown match because they didn't announce the members all at once. They would announce them in the coming weeks. Lethal Lockdown match however hasn't had that same vibe since the Tomko vs Cage teams faced each other. Took a backseat for other matches.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm marking for Lethal Lockdown Match, Joe/Magnus Vs MCMG, Jeff Vs Kurt and Beer Money Inc..

    There is no X-Div Match??

    I mean No AA in the PPV??? I want to see him going one on one rather than being on Team Garret...
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    I'm marking for Lethal Lockdown Match, Joe/Magnus Vs MCMG, Jeff Vs Kurt and Beer Money Inc..

    There is no X-Div Match??

    I mean No AA in the PPV??? I want to see him going one on one rather than being on Team Garret...
    You are marking for virtually every match. The only matches I'm looking forward to is the tag team title match and Roode vs Storm.

    Garrett vs his dad is the worst storyline I've had to watch through. It lasted too long if you ask me. How many times do we have to see Garrett take on Gunner? Seriously?
  4. eboy's Avatar
    AA will be on Pay Per View but I dont think it will be an all X-Division Match, I can see him vs Bully Ray if not both of them in Lethal Lockdown!
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    I have not watched TNA in a while, but you sir made it out to be I missed great stuff, and I will be certainly watching Lockdown. You did a great blog, I enjoyed the read can't wait until you're next blog.
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Here's who's going to win at Lockdown with that card:
    Gail Kim,
    Joe and Magnus,
    Team Garrett,
    And either Roode or Storm will be fine by me, because I know that they're going to put on a great match.

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