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Who's Next!!

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First of i would like to state this is not a blog about Goldberg! Even though i will mention him later!

Recently there have been some returning wrestlers to the WWE which in my opinion has brought back some of the "good old days" and with the stars that stuck around, the young talent and future stars things are looking good! However in this blog i would like to just brainstorm on who may be returning and also possible returns i would like to see and that we could see in the near or distant future! Now i should mention i don't want everyone at once returning i am just speculating and dreaming.

First of i would like to start of by mentioning guys like HHH, Undertaker and The Rock. These guys seem to be a new breed of wrestlers which are part time and wrestle a few times a year which i think is great to still see them every now and then. So i would like Stone Cold to return to this group of part time wrestlers because it would be amazing to see Steve lace his boots up a few more times! Now we know he is rumoured to face CM Punk at next years WM which would be Kick Ass. Another Superstar i would like to see back in the ring occasionally is HBK, i know he has only been gone from the ring for 2 years but he is just so dam good, i mean how good would it be to see HKB vs HHH at a WM down the line to see who really is the best! Other wrestlers which would probably only be part time but would love to see in the ring in the WWE would be Edge (i know he probably wont due to his neck, but would love to see him face a heel Christian) and Sting as he has never been in WWE and would have some great feuds especially with Undertaker.

Next i would like to talk about possible Main event returners on a full time schedule such as guys like CM Punk and John Cena. i would personally love to see Kurt Angle come back after the Olympics, he was a great heel, comical and an amazing technical wrestler. Others would be the power houses Goldberg (told you i would mention him) and even Batista (i am not his biggest fan but people like him) as they would just add a bit more star power to the show especially Smackdown which is weak on the main event status, and i personally believe they are both better "Big men" than Sheamus and Mark Henry. Quickly to mention some others in this category would be Jeff Hardy due to his excitement factor and RVD (who is rumoured to want to return after is contract expires in TNA) who would have an amazing match with CM Punk.

Other wrestlers i would like to see return or even debut who are mid/high card wrestlers who could eventually be pushed as main event's are stars such as the talented John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin (watch them in the ring do i need to say any more), the personalities of MVP and Carlito, stars like Bobby Lashley and Mr Kennedy or did not quite make it last time and even fresh stars from TNA such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode.

Finally the last category would be on screen talents (no or very limited ring work) such as Ric Flair as a GM, (there are rummers to return). other potential GM's could be Bret Hart again, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley or even the return of Erich Bischoff. Others i would like to see back is obversely Jim Ross on the Raw announce team and JBL on the smackdown announce team instead of Josh Mathews as he could occasionally wrestle like Booker T and they could have a good rivalry behind the table and in the ring.

I do apologise about the length of this blog but there are so many different great names to mention. And some other names people have also said they would like to see back which i am not so sure about are Sabu, Rhyno, Chris Masters, Matt Hardy, Charlie Has, D.H Smith??, Finley, Scott Stiener, Rikishi, Raven, Vladimir Kozlov, Chuck Palumbo and Lace Storm!

Anyway these are my thoughts and would love to hear what people think (Good or bad) and i do realise the WWE as good upcoming talents on the roster and in FCW this is just a ramble of what think would be cool in the WWE, and also if i have missed anyone you would like to see back please post who!

p.s this is my first blog so i hope you enjoyed reading it!

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  1. jonod's Avatar
    So basically lets just have everyone back! ha, its really great when people get excited around here. I'm really hyped about the roster at the moment. I do wonder how punk's going to stay a float now that the big men are back. the new upper main event card seems to be shaping up to be very big aggressive guys, Tensai, Lesnar, Cena, and down the road The Rock - the only guy that I can see Punk having a good feud with would be Tensai. It even felt a little awkward when he and Cena fought last summer (and Cena's not even that big by comparison). I think the WHC is about to get a whole lot more competetive and could see orton, punk, del rio, Rhodes, Barret (when he returns), D bryan all gunning for it over the course of the year...
  2. jonod's Avatar
    PS - Ryback is completely the new Goldberg - lookout for monster face domination from him!
  3. jjlbuck82's Avatar
    I would love to see Lesner come in and dominate Cena then dominate the wwe for months win the WWE title and just when it looks like no one can beat him. Batista comes back a month before Summerslam and start attacking Lesnar. Then beat him for the title at Summerslam. Fyi Im not a Cena hater or a Batista mark. I just think that could be awsome.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Definitely some HUGE names could grace the E' over the course of the next year. Heck, a few months back in an interview, Triple H himself stated that the likes of former stars,(wether they be legends or just former employees) would and could be brought back to help boost ratings. Some of the names you've stated would be INSANE to see grace the E' once again, others for the first time. Who knows what's in store for us. Always about the good ol' dollar sign, I'm sure half the names you've mentioned would be more than willing to make a return if the "price was right". Personally as much as I like seeing old names make their return to help draw ratings and what not, I'm still one to hope the E' doesn't forget about the young talent they presently have. Push the stars of today, and try not to live so much in the past. Hell, I'm all about seeing an Austin return (despite never really being a fan), but really?! Having him face Punk in simply "one last match"?.. I don't know... Some of these stars retired for health reasons, others were let go. I don't see the need in bringing them back. Either way, I enjoyed the topic of your first blog. Cheers bud.

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