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The SmackDown Question

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Hi Guys! This blog isn't really a review of SmackDown this week, as such, but more of a general rant/discussion about the show itself.

Now I don't tend to watch SmackDown but this week I thought I would. Then I remembered why. SmackDown seems to be in an absolute state these days and is nowhere as near as good as the days when it was formed as part of the Brand Extension scheme/story. Back when there was the rivalry between the two brands WWE really pushed the boat out for both the shows. That was showed by how strong the rosters for both the shows were! Admittedly there was a lot more stars in the WWE back then with Hogan still making appearances every now and then, The Rock was still around weekly on SmackDown, Triple H was regularly on Raw, Kurt Angle was still in WWE etc. But today all the big stars are on Raw. Orton, Sheamus, (technically) Undertaker are all on SmackDown and who I would consider stars, but if you compare that with Raw who has Punk, Jehricho, Cena, The Rock, Triple H and Rey Mysterio! How can they compare?!?! SmackDown are borrowing stars like Kane to run feuds!

It is safe to say that SmackDown is in an absolute state if we compare it to the quality of the shows back in the Brand Extension days. So what can the WWE do to rectify this? Well one is a suggestion that I read on here a few days ago (I am sorry I don't know their name so I can't properly give them the credit for this, sorry if you are the person). This is combine the two shows into one three hour Raw a week! In my opinion is would make sense as you see no end of SmackDown stars on Raw, and vis a versa. The obvious downside to this is that new talent wouldn't be able to be pushed as often as they do now due to SmackDown turning into the building ground of new talent (apart from Superstars, but I don't watch that ever so I am only guessing that new talent is shown on there). Is this the way forward? Well I'll let you decide that.

Another solution that I would like to see is a good Draft this year, which happens two weeks tomorrow. If they do a good draft to spread the actual stars out between the two brands we could have a lifeline for SmackDown. I would also like to see the brand rivalry that we used to see again, admittedly it has already been done, but was it not really not a really good and compelling period? The obvious limitations to this is that the roster for the WWE as a whole is not as strong as it used to be, which is evident with the latest fad of bringing back the old legends (The Rock, 'Taker for is anual Wrestlemania match, Triple H who is getting on a bit, and the latest rumours of Ric Flair next year and Batista even sooner). So splitting the big names between Raw and SD would leave the Rosters a little thin on the ground. However, on the plus side to this it would give the WWE chance to create the new big names! Again I am going to leave it up to you to decide what should be done with SmackDown...that's assuming you agree that there is something wrong with the show.

That's all for now. I was going to write about the actual episode of SmackDown itself but this is long enough and I don't want to bore you even more.

Thanks for reading and I will write my thoughts of Raw Tuesday (ish)!!

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The problem with Smackdown is that they always gut the roster after someone really carries the show. JBL, Cena & Eddie G carried that brand. A few years ago, MVP was excellent. He essentially carried that brand. Put him on RAW and he goes to mid card status at best. Most recently, Alberto Del Rio was carrying the Smackdown brand, but he was drafted to RAW. Christian and his 1 more match gimmick was great and carried the show for a short time. But expecting guys like Randy Orton & Big Show to carry a brand is laughable at best. A few years ago, I thought Smackdown was far better than RAW. Seems like once Smackdown gains momentum, the WWE wants to yank those stars and put them on RAW. The majority of the time, those guys are buried on RAW and SD turns to crap. I mean, Morrison was huge on Smackdown. Put him on RAW and he becomes a jobber.
  2. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    The problem with smackdown is mostly the audience. Since smackdown is more wrestling-based, in contrary to raw which is more entertainment based, the audience is the biggest problem. WWE uses the smackdown brand to let the talent wrestle and learn the craft while on Raw there are much more promo's and backstage segments. So if you expect the same from another brand, i know you will be unsatisfied at the end of the show.

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