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A look at Extreme Rules.

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Ok, so we all know its only a matter of weeks before another ppv spectacular offering from the WWE. Extreme Rules, possibly headlined by Brock Lesnar vs John Cena.

In this blog i'm going to be talking about some of the more extreme WWE matches that have taken place in the company, so lets begin shall we?
Now then, when you think of extreme only three letters come to mind. E..C..W, and when Vince heard those three letters being shouted out at his events, well, he saw doller signs. ECW one night stand was born, one night reunion (thought then) of the old extreme warriors of the past. This ppv had alot of gems on it, Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome was well, awesome. However the most extreme match came in the main event when the team of The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer took on the Dudley Boyz in an epic extreme tag match. This match saw it all, cheese grators, kendo sticks and even a flaming table!

Extreme Rules ppv's are normally gimmick filled with various match types. One thats cropped up over the past few years is the last man standing match. One of the best last man standing matches took place in the year 2000 when the hungry young Chris Jericho took on the main heel of that year Triple H. These two men fought back and forth in 2000 but this was definitely one of there best matches of both mens careers. The suplex off the anouncers table onto a spanish anouncers table was a unique spot and has never been done since.

Steel cage matches also normally take place at this event, and most raws & smackdowns as of late. One of the best cage matches i believe took place on the raw after Wrestlemania 17. A freshly turned heel champion, Steve Austin took on the challenger The Rock for the WWF championship. This cage match has been overlooked for years, two men fought back and forth. The cage couldn't keep the intensity as both these men fought all the way on the outside to the cage! The end of the match also saw the beginning of the two man power trip, and we all know where that went.

Those are just some that come to mind, there are thousands of others. I'll have more blogs coming up in the future, maybe oldschool PPV reviews. I want to do something different with this, i'll rely on the feedback i get (if i get any at all!) Later yall.

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