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Wrestlemania 29 Dream Card

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There is a lot of buzz in the WWE right now. Why? Well one because The Rock returned after 8 years of being away to come back and beat John Cena in the main event of a Wrestlemania match that took a year to build up. Also because of the return of the original animal Brock Lesnar. WWE proved at this past years Wrestlemania that dream matches that fans desire can infact come true. So how do you top one of your better Wrestlemania events to come along in years? Give fans more of what they want.

Now my card above isn't complete. As you can see there only six matches for a start. Anyway I'm going to break down why I think these matches should take place at next years Wrestlemania.

Main Event: WWE Title Match: The Rock vs Brock Lesnar (c)

Rock came back to the WWE in 2011 to host Wrestlemania 27. While that event didn't perform as many had hoped it did set up the biggest match in Wrestlemania history. It was the WWE's version of Ali vs Tyson. As we all saw on Sunday The Rock beat John Cena and then the next night on Raw claimed he wanted one more run as the WWE Champion. The Rock has done well in his return to give the fans what they want. He verbally ran down Cena during his return, he Rock Bottomed him at WM27 costing him the WWE Title, he competed at Survivor Series before hitting the Rock Bottom on Cena again. I personally would love to see The Rock have another title run because it would simply mean he would be around a lot more.

Now Lesnar made his return to Raw this past week to a thunderous ovation that hadn't been heard since Rock himself returned. Rumor has it Lesnar is working a part time contract where he has to at least make two appearances a month with more being made in the lead up to Wrestlemania 29. So here is the plot. Put the belt back on Lesnar, have The Rock return from making Fast & Furious 17 & say he wants the title. Build it up to Mania and have Rock win the match. The fans get what they want. Rock as WWE Champion and another year of Lesnar wrestling ending in a great main event match against the great one.

CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

On the 900th episode of Raw CM Punk along with his Straight-Edge Society took to the ring and Punk ran former WWE stars into the ground over their lifestyle choices. He took shots at The Rock before turning his attention to Steve Austin. Whilst running his mouth about 3:16 the glass shattered and the crowd erupted but it turned out to be a joke by Punk, toying with the crowd. Fast forward to 2011, Punk & Austin started taking jabs at one another over twitter and eventually met face to face again on an episode of Raw which was highly entertaining.

The fans wanted to see The Rock vs John Cena. Now those same fans want to see CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin is without a doubt the biggest thing of all time in wrestling's history and Punk at this moment in time is the man in the WWE due to his pipebomb rants last year. Him and Austin going back and forth over the mic would be highly entertaining and a match between the two would be even more entertaining. The fact that Punk is straight-edge (doesn't drink, doesn't smoke) and that Austin is notoriously known for guzzling beer makes them complete opposites, but opposites attract. Austin has said that he could have wrestled for another two years (around the time he retired) if he wanted to. With him now in better shape than he has ever been he would be in peak condition. And with Punk being 'The Best Wrestler in the World.' the match would be a classic. If the WWE wants Wrestlemania 29 to sell, they need to have this match happen.

The Undertaker vs John Cena

The Undertaker may not return next year for Wrestlemania. His record now stands at 20-0 at the big event and if he was to retire it would make sense to go out on a nice even number. But there is one man that has evaded Taker at 'Mania for the past decade and that was the WWE's top guy John Cena. The WWE did tease it a couple of years back when Cena & Taker teamed up to take on DX & JeriShow. Taker & Cena won and then at the end Taker nailed Cena with a tombstone.

But that match never came to be and with the current WWE roster lacking main event talent that could rival Taker's Cena (apart from Y2J I suppose) is the only person left to challenge the dead-man's streak. Obviously the outcome of this encounter would be predictable but if the WWE built it up right where Cena absolutely dominated Undertaker over a few months this match could be truly entertaining.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Jericho (c) vs Daniel Bryan

The biggest WTF moment of this past year was Daniel Bryan losing his World Title to Sheamus in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania 28. The fans hated the decision but somehow a diamond has managed to be crapped out of all of this in the form of Daniels 'Yes' chant. When Austin came up with the 'What?' chant in 2001 it blew up to become the most used chant of all time in professional wrestling. It still is used to this very day, a mere eleven years later. The WWE tried to repeat history before by having The Miz begin saying 'Really?' but it never really caught on.

The crowd continuously chanted 'Yes' throughout Wrestlemania and the following Raw (even saying it in different languages). The WWE needs to seize the moment with this thing and make Bryan a face. Just copy the damn Austin 'What?' formula and merchandise will fly off the self and Bryan will be propelled to the main event and when he gets there he is going to need someone to go up against. And who better than the best heel in the WWE Chris Jericho. Both are world class wrestlers and putting on a classic match would be easy. But build the momentum up in favor of Y2J and then have Bryan win the big one at Mania and Boom! the WWE has a new star thats going to be around for a long long time.

The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The WWE almost brought this back to this years Wrestlemania card but ultimately didn't which I think was a mistake. The MITB ladder match was created for Wrestlemania and has since gone on (as many other WWE match types have) to have its own PPV. They should scrap the PPV and have it solely on the Mania card now that the Brand Extension is all but over. As many people in it as possible means the WWE will be able to throw in some of their more popular superstars into the mix who might not have anything to do leading up to Mania. Have someone who hasn't won the briefcase before pick up the win and the sky is the limit. Maybe even have a cash in that night.

Lord Tensai vs Kane

Tensai (aka Giant Bernard aka A-Train aka Prince Albert) is going to be big over this next year in the WWE. Current plans see him becoming a henchman for the GM Johnny Ace and going after Punk. If they are able to build him up into a monster push along the lines of something similar they did with Umaga a few years ago then they will finally have a new, fresh monster heel. Since Kane returned he has had a feud with Cena which began entertaining but ultimately came down to just giving Cena something to do while he waited for Mania to roll around. He then moved into a feud with Orton that hasn't really picked off. They should turn Kane face after an altercation with Tensai and simply have a good big man vs big man match at Mania.

Thats it so far, obviously we have just set the WWE year to reset so many thing can happen from here up until Wrestlemania 29. But anyway share your thoughts and even add matches you would like to see.

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  1. AndyWonder's Avatar
    Tensai vs. Kane would be awesome. I wonder if there could be Tensai vs. Undertaker.
  2. Tribe's Avatar
    I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed the Rock vs Cena as I will admit I liked both but was never a super fan of either men.

    BUT ...

    100% agree with Stone Cold vs CM Punk. Will we ever see it happen I really hope so, time will tell if we ever see this match happen. I loved Steve Austin even before he took the wrestling world by storm. I loved watching CM Punk in his ROH days and I have always been a huge fan of both so for me this is my dream match. Let's hope it does happen one day!!
  3. darkrage's Avatar
    i would like rock vs brock at wm 29 but if its for the title then the rock needs todo a part time schedule also he cant just come back after not wrestling since wm28 and get a title shot atleast have him came back in dec cut some promos have a match or 2 then win the rumble the next month or better yet have it come down to rock and ziggler as the final 2 rock tosses ziggler out but ziggler pulls a hbk and skins the cat rock is on the turnbuckle raising his arms and bam ziggler pushes him over then at EC rock wins the #1 contender spot or title then faces brock at wm29 this way ziggler gets a big push and his wm29 moment and all the cry babies in the back can stop crying about the rock not putting anyone over
  4. Extremo's Avatar
    Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara: Mask vs Career anyone?
  5. christianfan's Avatar
    My dream match is Bryan vs Christian for the WHC.
    Dream card is ok...
  6. Keith Stone's Avatar
    the first three are gonna what WWE truly wants as their main card. There not going to be Cena/Rock 2 it was once in a lifetime and with the losing streak Cena has developed I seen WWE pairing him against the Undertaker no other way. Brocks gonna be the heel champion and beat CM Punk at the royal rumble and at that same PPV the rock will make a surprise appearance and win the rumble to face Brock. Without the title Punk would be able to feud with Stone Cold because realistically nobodys gonna believe it to be a legit title match kinda like the rock Cena match this year. Chris Jericho wont be with the WWE by the time WM29 happens. I also like Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio in a retirement match and Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the world title
  7. Keith Stone's Avatar
    and when any wrestler gets paired with Kane at Wrestlemania it usally means management has nothing forthem during Wrestlemania and the Kane match is kind of where they place you. its just not that important to have in the card
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