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Questions for the WWE Universe...Please Answer

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What up everyone, Kid Contra here! So I just wanted to jump right into today's quasi-blog/forum hybrid. Everyone is always questioning what WWE does with their product, including myself, which is great because as a fan I believe you have the right to do so, but nobody ever questions the WWE Universe. IMO, the WWE Universe or if you are old school like me, the fans, do just as many things that boggle my mind as the WWE does. So, I figured I would ask all of you, the fans, to give me your best answers to any of the following questions. I would love to hear what you think.

A lot of the WWE Universe seem to hate John Cena, yet when he's not on Raw, the ratings go down the toilet! Why tune out when he's not there if you hate him so much?

A lot of the WWE Universe seem to love C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zach Ryder, but why was it in December of 2011 when they were all champions in the main event on Raw in a good six-man tag match, the ratings were abysmal? That was like the Universe's wet dream, yet nobody watched!

What the hell does the WWE Universe see in Zach Ryder?

Why does the WWE Universe bash Michael Cole on commentary so often, yet never mention a bad word about the worst commentator on Raw, Jerry "The King" Lawler?

Why doesn't the WWE Universe shower The Great Khali with chants of "can't do anything" every single time he comes out?

Why does the WWE Universe love Daniel Bryan so much, but they don't watch the show (Smackdown!) that he was the number one guy on for months?

Why doesn't the WWE Universe voice their displeasure over the even more boring, more repetitive, pushed just as much as John Cena, Randy Orton?

Why does the WWE Universe think Christian can be the top guy, when he's clearly nothing more than a great mid-card guy at best?

Why aren't the live crowds jacked like they were this past Monday Night at Raw? Come on, it's the WWE live, just bring it Universe, bring it all the time!

Even though the WWE Universe knows the Raw after Wrestlemania is always great, and we knew Brock was returning on Monday, and we knew the Rock was going to be there...still the ratings sucked! What's up Universe, what exactly do you want WWE to do, to make the shows good enough for you to watch? P.S. For those who missed it, Raw was amazing this past Monday.

Why does do so many in the WWE Universe want, no let me change that, need, Cena to turn Heel? Can there not be one wrestler who is always a good guy? Is there something so wrong with that?

Well those are just a few questions I would love to hear your thoughts on, so please take a moment to give me your feedback. Thanks for reading and until next time my friends....Peace!

P.S. Music is my number passion in life and I would love for you guys to check out my youtube ch.... Stop by, enjoy some music and let me know what you think. Also I posted one of my fav. songs I have recorded. Thanks for the support.

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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Wow where do I start? First of all not answering any of your questions because hey all seem, for lack of a better word, stupid. Actually I think that is the best word. First of all I'm pretty sure all your questions are supposed to be referring to the IWC, not the WWE Universe. Meaning everyone here can't possibly answer these questions because it all comes down to people's opinions. We don't control the ratings. The people who tune out or tune in to provide the ratings would be different depending on who is wrestling. Most people on here would have watched the Ryder, Punk and Bryan match and the kids that are into Cena may have tuned out. This blog is pretty much useless...
  2. Keith Stone's Avatar
    The Rock: thank you for was a dude too ....ummm look John Cena Fan
  3. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    I didn't even bother reading it until I saw it said a question to the WWE Universe sorry lil buddy but I'm not part of the WWE Universe I'm a Wrestling Fan.....WWE Universe are the lil punk ass kids who only cheer for John Cena and no one else....Wrestling Fans cheer for the one's who actually put on great wrestling entertainment, We know it's scripted, We know if there heel there not really bad in real life there just acting as there character and last we know what we want to see and the trade mark says it all WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT NOT JOHN CENA ENTERTAINMENT NUFF SAID
  4. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Ill answer all your ?'s with one answer. Wwe/f has corrupted our fragile little minds.
  5. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I'll try to answer them all:
    1.People wanna see Cena on Raw hoping he'll get his ass kicked.
    2.The Cena fans were sound asleep during this match so bye bye ratings.
    3.Zack Ryder is a unique WWE character. A character that I don't think was ever used in the past.
    4.Cole insults people way more than Lawler does.
    5.Khali's acting and dressing up in costumes makes up for everything.
    6.Friday night is bad for TV. 8-9 is pre-gaming for bar hopping. Rest of the night is bar-hopping.
    7.Randy Orton added new moves and does not talk like an "eloquent white guy who has to say the right things all the time or else his fan's parents won't buy his merchandise for them."
    8.Christian is a good wrestler and good promo guy. The universe thinks that should be enough.
    9.If Cena beat Rock at WM, if Daniel Bryan was not squashed at WM, and if Brock never showed up, the crowd would not have been that wild.
    10.I dunno the answer.
    11.Heel Cena actually entertains older cowds. When he coined "HOESKI" there was no booing. When he slammed the Rock in his 2 minute rap, there was no booing.
  6. Jabroni1904's Avatar
    Christian does not only deserve to be in the main event he deserves to have the title. He is a great wrestler and can if given the chance put on an exellent match. He also has way better mic skills than randy orton.
  7. The Piper's Avatar
    1. see: AndyWonder
    2. sick of tag-team main events/predictable
    3. I don't know, he is just awful
    4. Jerry has been around longer, but I agree he is more annoying, especially with The brother love jab at mania
    5. not catchy enough chant
    6. again, see: AndyWonder
    7. They are idiots
    8. He deserves more than bad matches and lawyer storylines
    9. I agree
    10. sorry, can't answer that
    11. I'm not going to answer, just going to give my opinion. If Cena turns heel, he will be a face, because everyone will love him. Meaning that he is a heel now, because he says everything people don't want him to, and gets booed so often
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