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The Abdominal Stretch: Nothing Catchy, Just Pure

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Welcome fans of the wrestling world, universe, and beyond. The Saviour here bringing more perspectives that are just, Pure. This is the second post with my new format to create more discussion and bring more opinions and perspectives to light.

Without further adieu, let's get started.

Why the John Laurenaitis/Teddy Long Angle?

OKay, in my opinion, John Laurenaitis is very annoying. He's a very weak, and dull wannabe McMahon. And I see how they're keeping Teddy Long around which means that they're going to continue this feud for who knows how long. I can see how this ends. Teddy continues to sabotage Laurenaitis until another match is made where Teddy can have his show back, yada yada. It makes no sense. Obviously, Johnny Ace is going to play the try to screw everyone, heel GM. And it would work if he wasn't such a sore to the eyes and ears. I'm giving this a thumbs down, because it's just so painfully obvious that this will end with us coming full circle.

Should TNA Have a Second Show?

I do variety. It's plain and simple. And I'm not going to just completely forget about TNA just because it's not the most popular story going. When watching Impact last week, I thought about it and while they have a lot of work to do if they ever want to really be legit or even be taken seriously, I think one thing that would work is a second show. Even if it's a one-hour show in an odd timeslot like Saturday at 6pm or something. They spend so much time on major segments on Impact and honestly, 2 hours isn't much time. They can focus on just wrestling, recapping Impact, and do a little story building, like with the TV Title, or Knockouts Tag Teams, etc. It can be a lot like WCW Saturday Night...which I loved, even though it never featured anything major. It was very enjoyable to watch. It couldn't really hurt, could it?

Is Lesnar/Cena Really the Way to Go?

This is not going to be popular, not at all. It seems if I say anything bad about Lesnar, it's like walking into a church and denouncing Jesus. But the reasoning behind this question is this. Cena is obviously not going to be popular for a while. So why did they bring Lesnar out to seemingly be aligned with Johnny Ace? That was going to make him an instant heel. I guess it makes sense from a "Keep Cena the Top Face" standpoint, but Lesnar is still new. It will take some time before he receives the boos the way Jericho does now. But is this really the pairing that should happen now? And of course, it didn't take long for WWE to shove Brock down our throat with the outlandish move of bringing the whole roster out to separate him and Cena. It also didn't take WWE long to realize that Brock makes Psycho Sid sound like a promo expert, so they conveniently cued Cena's music after half a sentence. His interview was even funnier. And finally, Brock botched, fattening and bloodying Cena's mouth. Maybe he's a little rusty. Boy, I can't wait to see him in a match. It'll be Golberg-Style Botch City.

Should It Be the End of Guest Hosts?

I personally thought it was classless for Fat Ass and Unfunny, Will Sasso to come out like Hulk Hogan. I was pleased with the crowd for booing him. And I wish someone would Smack Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for their little jabs at Hogan. Very unnecessary. However, the guest hosts played a roll when they first started doing it, but now, over two years later, just give it up. Do a quick backstage segment if you cut a promotional deal, and move on with the show already. They wasted our time with The Muppets, and the Psych guy, now The Three Stooges. WWE, please, PLEASE stop wasting our time with the guest host.

Well, that concludes part I of this week's Abdominal Stretch. I hope you continue to enjoy the new format and I look forward to your comments. Well, as long as their logical and discussion worthy. Don't what I used to do. Don't bash my blog just because my opinions aren't the same as yours. You know this is a good blog in terms of writing, format, and content. The rest is all opinion, and there is nothing that will change that.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week and be safe everyone.

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  1. Kincaid's Avatar
    Lesnar's backstage promo was just fine. He seems better than back in the day. Heyman would have helped this problem. But we have Brock for a supposed 38 or so more appearances this year. Maybe Heyman will be put into the mix at some point.
  2. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I always love your blogs. Mostly because I agree with you most of the time but even when I don't you articulate your opinions really well. This time I definitely agree with two big points.
    ive been saying it for a while that Johnny is trying to be the new Vince. But Vince was king on the mic and Johnny is the complete opposite. I sit there expecting him to fuck up every line he says and usually he does. It just isn't the same. He is terribly annoying. It would be awesome if they did the same thing just with someone who actually knows how to speak. Their forcing something that just doesn't work.
    The second thing is the Brock thing. No doubt he has a great history with the 'E but there's also some not so great stuff like him being dangerous to other guys in the ring. Like you said he has already managed to bust Cena open in a small brawl, what will happen when he has a full match with the guy? It is also bad timing. Right now is the time to build new stars and Brock is not the guy to put anyone over, especially not with this heel monster persona. I can see him demolishing anyone he faces in the ring meaning steps back for younger superstars. I mean he can't only face Cena for the next year or so. Not really looking forward to this. The 'E is looking for quick fixes bringing these old guys back but if they don't put anyone over then after they're gone it's back to square one. Sorry for dragging on, lol.
  3. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    I disagree with your view on Brock Lesnar's promo from the back. Like a lot of people on this site, once they get an opinion on something, nothing can change that. Yes we've criticised Brock's promo ability from the past. But I thought that promo was great. It made him come across as a pissed-off arrogant heel (even though he'll go into Chicago at Extreme Rules as a face haha). It
    was fine.
  4. akbar's Avatar
    i agree with everything youve said except lesners promo skills, thought it was just fine
  5. silentq's Avatar
    Yes Yes Yes we need to stop with the guest hosts! If anything it should be like the "Deadliest Catch" promo from WM. They had a quick backstage segment with Santino and Foley and then went back to business. The 3 Stooges should have done their little thing with Santino and left. The only reason there was a host was because there was no GM of Raw, but now we have Johnny Ace so no need for the host anymore.
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Lord Savior, yet another successful blog. Hats off to you bud. Still digging the new format. That being said I shall grace you and the other bloggers with my take on things. Why the John Laurenaitis/Teddy Long Angle?- You answered it yourself, I'm just going to add in- SIMPLY FILLER. The E' has TWO hours to keep us entertained, and for some odd f*cking reason their writers believe we give two sh*ts about either gm... I've got nothing else to add to that. Should TNA Have a Second Show?- As you said,VARIETY. I'm definitely not an avid fan, yet two hours a week definitely does not seem like enough. Introduce us to a Saturday Night Show. Hell make it simply an hour show for the lower card talent that they seem to write off weekly, and I'm sure it'll probably get more ratings then Impact itself. Is Lesnar/Cena Really the Way to Go?- I can almost agree with your whole statement about Lesnar. BUT!!! The interview part is where I can't agree... Hell, buddy hasn't been given a mic since the night he had his ass fed to him by Overeem. Cut buddy some slack. He's probably still got jitters. Give him sometime... Other than that, you nailed it. What with Cena still being the E's caped crusader, and "we" the fans turning on him. It'll definitely take awhile before we accept Brock as the heel they are trying to portray him as. As I've stated before, they should have had Lesnar return and randomly destroy people as he once did, before having him focus on one individual. Should It Be the End of Guest Hosts?- Should I even bother answering this one any other way??? Yes Yes Yes!!!! (sorry, had to lol) Either way, keep em' coming bud. Cheers!

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