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The Abdominal Stretch: Totally Revamped

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Hey Everyone. The Savior here with another addition of The Abdominal Stretch. Now, I want to start by saying that I'm totally revamping how I do this blog. Instead of picking three or four topics and ranting with an opinion, I'm going a little more interactive. The topics I bring will now be in question form, so that should really get the comments and the debates going. Let me know what you think.

So, without further adieu, the new Abdominal Stretch.

Will The Crowd Stay as Hot as it was Monday?

This one is hard to say. I personally think that the crowd being so extra hype about the WM Fallout Episode, was because it was their last chance to let it all out. Think about what Miami had. Four days of Axxess, Hall of Fame, One of the most anticipated Wrestlemanias, and finally, the night after. It's sort of the equivalent to Superbowl Week or NBA and MLB All Star Week. Eventually though, the crowd's going to die back down. Why? Because the WWE can't put on star-studded shows week in and week out. They only have so many people they can bring back. Eventually, they're going to have to keep working with what they have, which doesn't seem like much if they're bringing all these people back.

Lord Tensai, or Still Just A-Train?

Lord Tensai made his return on Monday. I thought it lacked enthusiasm, and honestly, Albert's the same. I'm not sure what the point of bringing him back is. He's still fat and sloppy, and my guess is, he won't be around long. Even with that crowd as hot as it was on Monday, they didn't give a $hit about his re-debut, and neither did I. His move set was the same and the only thing innovative about him was after the match, he applied the claw. But again, I think he'll lose steam real fast and eventually just fall into obscurity.

Alberto Del Rio Being Pushed Right Back into The Title Picture?

This is one of those situations where I think someone has incriminating pictures or video of McMahon that could be very costly. I just don't understand why they insist on keeping him in the title picture. He hasn't participated in anything in 2012, yet the night after WM, he comes out and is already Sheamus' next opponent? I don't get it. He's got good size, and he's a good wrestler, but he sucks on the mic and the crowd still doesn't care about him. They never did up to this point, and I wonder if they ever will. Alberto Del Rio in the title picture is something I have to strongly disagree with. It's one of those things that will pull the steam out of the crowd.

Why Is The Jericho/CM Punk Feud Continuing?

Obviously, these two are working a good program. That's not my point here. I want to know why some of this stuff hasn't taken place from the get go here, with the culmination being at WM? Think about it. WM probably got somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million PPV buys. There was over 79,000 people live, and they're holding out? Now they're continuing the feud, and they're probably going to have a better match at Extreme Rules? The Arena will have 17,000 people and it'll get 400,000 buys. Just seems like they fumbled with this one. Especially since Jericho tapped at WM. The feud is getting stale and seems to be going nowhere, in my opinion. And the alcoholic and druggie family thing is uncreative.

Is Brock Lesnar's Return Really Worth It?

If reports of his contract are true, I don't see how it's worth it at all. $5 million for a light schedule to last until WM 29? I'm not a fan of Brock Lesnar but I am not ignorant to his abilities. The only thing I'm unsure of is how he fits in. What are they honestly going to do with him for a whole year? And how wise is it to have his first feud with John Cena? Is Cena really going to job clean again? But if Lesnar loses, he's buried before he even gets started. So how does this whole thing play out? And also, was there really a need to bring him back? If the plan is to keep Cena out of the title picture, fine. But they're not going to bury the face of their company. Brock, as loud as the crowd popped for him on Monday, is not the draw that John Cena is. Not even close. So was it really worth it to bring him back? Everyone's excited now. Let's see how excited we are two or three weeks after Extreme Rules, when the newness wears off.

I hope everyone liked the new format of The Abdominal Stretch. For those who are commenting, do me a favor and let me know what you think. I know this one was kind of long, but there's just so much happening this week. I'll be doing this twice a week now, so I can spread things out and not bunch so much together like I did on this one.

I hope everyone had a great week. Be Safe.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    i think brock could be the draw that cena is, or come quite close...that guy did wonders for UFC...i think thats why vince is heavily investing in him again.
    i cant stand ADR, pure politics that his got a title shot already, anyy heel can say to the crowd 'i hate you lots' and get the same heat he does...
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    Why Is The Jericho/CM Punk Feud Continuing?
    That story is compelling, we thought it was over after WM then Chris hits him with a whiskey bottle. What we get out of this is an angry Punk.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Thanks for the read bud, enjoyed the new format and concept. As mrbluto stated above; the Jericho smashing Punk with the whiskey bottle was crazy.. Yes I'll agree, why not have that type of build up prior to Mania? God knows.. Yet the feud does two things... One being it relates to the whole younger generation, what with Punk being anti alcohol/drugs. Second; The older fans, get to see one of the Greats run havoc and make a mockery out of Punk. Bottle being smashed over the head was epic! Hoping they infact put an end to this feud soon.. As you said, the story in growing stale. The rest was pretty much nailed... I still can't come up with a decent reason as to why Del Rio is still in the title picture... I grasped it back a few months ago when they traveled down south to Mexico and what not... But now?! Really?? Sheamus/Del Rio feud is going to be sheer boredom, with no build up whatsoever... Can't wait to hear the promos these two have to deliver.(hint the sarcasm).. Either way, keep up the blogging bro. Cheers
  4. DanShaw92's Avatar
    Will The Crowd Stay as Hot as it was Monday?
    No, but the recent crowds will have a knock on effect and crowds will be above standard for a while (as seen on smackdown)

    Lord Tensai, or Still Just A-Train?
    We were clearly watching different shows. he was miles better than he used to be, the guy has improved massively since leaving the wwe. he was one of the better monster heel debuts ive seen in many many years.

    Alberto Del Rio Being Pushed Right Back into The Title Picture?
    smackdown is weak in terms of having main event heels to face sheamus, DBryan and then....thats it. and taking del rio from raw isnt really taking anything from raw as hes been missing for months. so it works.

    Why Is The Jericho/CM Punk Feud Continuing?
    because it has the potential to be an amazing fued and theyre match at wm was brilliant? what would you rather do with the two of them?!

    Is Brock Lesnar's Return Really Worth It?
    given his immediate reaction from the fans...yes...yes he is.

    pretty poor blog (N)
  5. derrrr01's Avatar
    I do not think the crowd stays that hot, but don't think it will die immediately. I think it'll just slowly go back to normal, as I fell the fans will have fun with this YES chant for a minute.

    I still don't know how I feel about Tensai, and will just wait to see how it plays out.

    I like Del Rio and Sheamus feuding, because it puts Del Rio back on SD. When they moved him to Raw it was the worst thing they ever did for his career. I think on SD he will just get better and better, but that's just my opinion.

    Punk/Jericho feuding into Extreme Rules is a great idea, due to the fact that ER is in Chicago. The crowd will be amazing, and this match will more than likely close the show. I like the E' saving the more important match between these 2 for a crowd that will more appreciate the match.

    Lesnar's return was just amazing.
  6. Ronalddeo's Avatar
    I agree with everything DanShaw92
    has said. I just like to add a few more things.
    CM Punk and Y2J feud could go for another 3 to 4 PPV's. It has the potential to be one of the best feuds since Eddie and Rey (battle over Dominic) Both Punk and Y2J are great talkers and inject realism into their feud tyo make you believe they have real hatred towards each other

    Is Brock worth it? Yes. Imagine revenge the Rock and Undertaker can gain from this. Both put Lesnar over and in the end he turned his back on the business. He can have a better match with Cena this time around. Cena was still green when they had their match in 2003.

    Updated 04-08-2012 at 01:57 AM by Ronalddeo
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    Gotta say, DK. I like the new concept for your stretch blog.

    One would hope the crowd would stay as hot, but in my opinion, if the future crowds are atleast half as hot as the miami crowd was, I'll be happy.

    Lord Train didn't scream anything of excitement to me, and if what Johnny A meant to Punk about a natural disaster and that being Train in the future, I'll be pissed. I can't see Train and Punks in ring abilities meshing well.

    I have to agree with you on Del Rio. To me, he is better as a midcarder/upper mid carder. Continually pushing him into the title picture isn't doing him any favors.

    Personally, I am really enjoying the Punk/Y2J feud, mainly because each week at the end it has me wondering where they are going to go next. But to each their own.

    I think time will tell with Lesnar. If the E really paid 5 mill for a 1 year contract, and we get a decent number of matches from Lesnar, not just appearances, but actual matches, I'll be happy. But if like how The Rock had in the last year 2 matches, Lesnar has less than a handful, I'll consider it a waste.
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