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Super Kick: Revamping WWE's Pay Per Views

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Hey guys, HB-Dre here with the first, of what I hope to be many more blogs on my views on wrestling, in my weekly Super Kick. I'm new at blogging but have always had a passion for writing, so hopefully that passion comes through as a coherent and well thought out blog that creates some sort of reaction, be it good or bad.

Today I'm going to bring to you attention my thoughts(maybe just ramblings depending on how you see it) on revamping the landscape of WWE's pay per views.

Let me start by saying that I was well pleased when I saw that for 2012, the E was going back to 12 PPV's for the year. In the past, I felt that more than 12 made it hard to book matches with decent build ups without feeling rushed. So kudos to WWE for going back to what amounts to as the monthly PPV format. However, thats about the only improvement that WWE has made to their PPVs this year with the exception of another change they made, that I will touch on later on in this blog. Here are a few of the things I would tweak for PPVs.

1. The BIG 5, not the BIG 4

We all know the BIG 4 Pay Per Views that WWE has to offer, The Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series; but to many fans it was never the Big 4, it was the BIG 5. WWE needs to bring back the King of the Ring. The KOTR is part of WWE history and has been a critical stepping stone for WWE legends and superstars to catapult them to the next level of stardom. I would make on minor change to the KOTR and that would be have the winner of the tournament be awarded a title shot at SummerSlam; this way KOTR could serve to SummerSlam the way the Royal Rumble serves to WrestleMania. Think of what added prestige it would bring to the KOTR tournament and to the main event of SummerSlam if the winner was awarded a heavyweight title shot.

2. Gimmick PPVs are ok...if not OVERDONE.

Now one of the biggest complaints that I have about PPV's today is the fact that it seems like everything has to have a gimmick to it. (When I saw that their was a PPV last year called Capitol Punishment in the midst of several gimmick PPVs, I was almost worried that this would be a gimmick that resulted in lethal injection for losers of matches.) In reality gimmicks are good if used in moderation, but I think WWE has overdone it. I mentioned in the blog earlier that I was a fan of one more thing that WWE did this year for PPVs and that was making No Way Out a cage match stipulation gimmick PPV Here are the gimmick PPVs I would keep on WWE's schedule- No Way Out and TLC. Technically I wouldn't keep TLC as it is now, because I would throw in the MITB ladder matches into this PPV instead of its own seperate PPV gimmick. Extreme Rules are col for matches but when you know that its coming the month after WrestleMania regardless of whats going on in a feud, the stipulations lose some of their awe power. I guess technically I would keep one more gimmick PPV and that would be Night of Champions if you consider that a gimmick, but I'll touch on that more here in a minute.

3. Show classic WCW PPV's some love

WCW holds a special place in wrestling history, I know they went to war with WWF back in the 90's but its in the past lets. Lets show some love for their PPVs. My first priority would be to bring back Starrcade to the December PPV spot have it be known as STARRCADE: Night of Champions and have all the titles on the line to end the PPV year. The next thing I would do is replace October's HIAC PPV with Havoc. Now I know it was called Halloween Havoc back in the day, but I think you could drop the Halloween and still use it as a nod to WCW, sort of how WWE had The Bash in reference to The Great American Bash. I would use Havoc as a Quasi Extreme Rules, where you could have something such as a HIAC, 3 stages of Hell, Elimination Chamber or a buried alive match serves as main events at Havoc occasionally, but it wouldn't be necessary to have an extreme stipulation on every match. While we're showing WCW some love, I would love for No Way Out to incorporate a War Games match somehow.

Those are the main 3 things I would change to WWE's PPV landscape but here are some minor things I would like to see as well, and then how I would schedule a years worth of PPV
  • Bring back traditional Survivor Series matches. And use your big guns too, perhaps have the WWE champ and the WHC as team captains of a match.
  • If the Raw/Smackdown brand separation does continue, make a Survivor Series match a Bragging Rights match and scrap that PPV
  • Scrap February's Elimination Chamber PPV and have the Royal Rumble winner announce the next night on Raw who he is facing and start the build up to WrestleMania.
  • Bring Backlash back
  • Bring bcak Cyber Sunday
  • Make Night of Champions about Champions, not like last year with HHH and Punk
  • Make a PPV specifically refering to the build up to WM

January- Royal Rumble(start the road to WM)

February- Boiling Point(build up to WM)

March- WrestleMania (the Main Event of PPVs)

April- Backlash (backlash from WM)

May- Now Way Out (all cage matches, with War Games)

June- KOTR (winner gets title shot at SummerSlam)

July- TLC(with MITB matches)

August- SummerSlam

September-Cyber Sunday

October- HAVOC

November- Survivor Series

December- STARRCADE: Night of Champions (every title defended)

These are just my thoughts, let me know what you think

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  1. johnnydropkicks's Avatar
    you know... not only is this just such a good idea... but I think you just found the one thing that would actually make another NWO return acceptable... not saying they should but it would be interesting. except I don't see why we have to change the names at all from wcw's and I agree with you about a ppv for the buildup for wrestlemania but I don't like boiling point too much. I enjoyed it
    Updated 04-07-2012 at 12:28 PM by johnnydropkicks
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I like it... especially the nod to WCW.
  3. SykJones's Avatar
    Love it!!!
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Why not have at Boiling point for the Royal Rumble victor choose his opponent than. Could be in the middle of the show, end of the show or in the beginning of that ppv.

    Like the idea!
  5. benchch's Avatar
    TLC with MITB matches sounds awesome
  6. lukepopescu73's Avatar
    Great idea to bring starcade back!
  7. y2jray's Avatar
    great idea on the KOTR never did like cyber sunday though thats the only PPV I wouldnt put on the shedule, instead i would leave it at eleven and keep it how they 5 or 6 weeks betwenn mania and elimination chamber this year but also leave an extra week between summerslam and survivor series, not sure ifmy math is right there but i'd like to see those have one extra week of build up
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