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Top 3 , 10 man tag team matches.

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My first official blog here, very unusual blog. We always like tag team matches and i think everybodys favorite feud was dudleys vs hardys vs E-C. Those matches were awesome and the team were paired up with 2 guys.

But what im going to rank is 10 man tag team matches. These matches are very hard to rank because often you have a couple of guys teaming up with no stoyrline involved. I found and watched a couple of BTB (big team battle) matches and was impressed about the talent in the matches, so here we go.

If im missing a match or two blame me for not watching them because im going from 1999 to 2012.

(I think i can only link 1 video so im saving it for the Nr.1)
Nr.3 November 27, 2005 Detroit Michigan (Survivor Series)
Team Smackdown (Batista, Rey, JBL, Lashley and Orton) vs
Team Raw (HBK, Kane, Big Show, Carlio and Masters)

This feud started in october 3 2005 at a homecoming show on Raw. The brand extension was at it highest peak and the rivarly was very hot. I liked this match because it was what i wanted to see, a match between raw and smackdown. The match was the Main Event at SS 2005.
This was also the event that Eddie Guerrero would have participated in but sadly he died 2 days before. It was also the return of the Undertaker who was off tv for about 2months.
I rate this match a 3,5 star out of 5 and im sorry but i think its better that you guys watch the match than i review it.

I think im gonna get much heat from this but i placed this match the second just because of the booking.
Nr.2 November 18, 2001 Greensboro NC (Survivor Series)
Team WWF ( The Rock, Y2J, Kane, Undertaker and Big Show) vs
Team ECW/WCW (Steve Austin, Angle, RVD, Booker T and Shane)

The whole feud started at the last Nitro after Wrestlemania 17. WWF had bought both ECW and WCW so there was no competition left. Shane took over WCW and Stephanie took over ECW. After a very hot feud for about 4 months it was ended at the Survivor Series 2001 with a 10man tag team match for a winner takes all match. The match was pretty solid but you could figure out whos going to win before the event.
I rank this match a 4 star out of 5.

I placed this match on second place just because the angle would have been even better if the "Alliance" werent WWF guys. If they had brought in NWO, Goldberg, Ric Flair this feud would have been one of the best ever.

In my opinion one of the best matches and raw main event ever.
Nr.1 February 7 2000 Dallas Texas (Raw Is War)
Team Triple H (Triple H, X-pac, Beniot, Malenko and Saturn) vs
Team Mick Foley (Foley, The Rock, Too Cool and Rikishi)

I dont know but i love this match and i probably have watched it more than 10 times. This was a very hot feud between Triple H and Foley. It started in late 1999. These two wrestlers had a pretty nasty street fight at RR 2000. After that match Foley got kicked from WWF but reinstated by The Rock and the rest of the roster. The Radicalz had made their debut, but could not get any contracts as they failed on Triple H challenge. Foley got them a job but Radicalz betrayed him and they got in the match.

This feud led them to a match which Triple H made a 5 on 1 match. The Rock and Too Cool, rikishi got involved and the match was a 5 on 5 match.

As i said im not going to review the match itself because its better you see it with your own eyes. I rate this match a 4,5 out 5 star because the crowd was just awesome and the talent inside the ring was very good.

I hope you guys enjoyed this very unusual blog and i accept any kind of opinion as this is my first blog. Please take a moment or two and watch the matches.

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  1. Josh Shepard's Avatar
    Interesting subject to write about, mate. Very rarely do you hear anyone ever mention these huge ten-man matches and speak of them in a positive manner. You gave three solid examples of how these matches can be superb. Great blog.
  2. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    loved the blog man cause its so left-field. its a shame that you say you expect to get some heat for lpacing the alliance-wwf match at 2. hindsights a remarkable thing, everybody shits on everything after it happens, but theyd be lying if they told you it was a shit match, its one of my favourites, i liked the alliance angle because vince had no divine right to praise wcw after they went out of their way to put him out of business.

    though why should we buy into wwe "against all the odds in the form of billionaire ted" after they destroyed all the territories, but thats for another blog. thanks for getting me thinking.
  3. rhyno535's Avatar
    I thank you both guys for the positive review. Im going to focus on different topics because many guys are doing this kind of blogs with a mainstream topic. Again thank you
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    As stated above, this was quite the "rare" topic to toss up for grabs as your first blog. It definitely is a tough topic to call, I don't totally agree with your placement with #2, and 1, I'd have them inverted. Yet for a first blog, I enjoyed the read, and the effort you put into it. Keep up with the blogging mate, looking forward to hearing more topics you have to throw our way. The "rareness" to the topic, grasped my attention. Thank-you

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