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Dashing Rachel

WWE's Future Endeavored Class of 2012: Who Stays, Who Goes?

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As reported earlier, WWE's annual "Spring Cleaning" will likely take place next week before the 2012 WWE Draft commences on a special three-hour Monday Night RAW on Monday, April 23rd.

But don't expect the likes of Michael Cole, Vickie Guerrero, John Laurinaitis, and Hornswoggle to get the boot. Instead, the released Superstars will likely be talented wrestlers with no direction whatsoever.

I don't see very many Superstars on the main roster; the most affected in my opinion will be the Florida Championship Wrestling roster which may see as many as fifteen Superstars getting released.

And so without further ado, here are my predictions on who gets to be "future endeavored."

Evan Bourne: Bourne was a promising highflier who was a victim of backstage heat as well as not one, but two suspensions related to the WWE's Wellness Policy. Expect Bourne to be a major player in TNA's X-Division later this year once he recovers from his foot injury.

Ezekiel Jackson: Despite being a talented wrestler, Jackson was not one of Vince McMahon's favorites. And it's a shame, considering that Jackson is one of the best Superstars in the company but used erratically nonetheless.

Trent Baretta: Baretta has been AWOL for several months now and the former Dudebuster's days in the WWE could be numbered.

Kharma: The mammoth female wrestler has been AWOL since her pregnancy (save for an appearance at this year's Royal Rumble PPV). The WWE tends to favor former models (i.e. Kelly Kelly) and expect Kharma to be another talented Diva to be all but forgotten.

Heath Slater: Slater has been lost in the shuffle since splitting with The Corre last year.

Ted DiBiase, Jr.:
This is my surprise choice to be "future endeavored." When DiBiase debuted in the WWE back in May 2008, he was considered to be the breakout star of Legacy. Whoops! Unfortunately, it was Cody Rhodes who would go on to become one of the biggest heels in the WWE; rendering DiBiase an afterthought.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Kharma ain't going anywhere til she faces Beth Phoenix.
  2. Viperfish's Avatar
    Evan Bourne: I can see them giving him another shot if he apologizes hard enough... I can also see it being his very last shot. He's a good talent, just young and misguided.

    Ezekiel Jackson: I've given up on this guy, which is a shame because of his body. He's got an incredible look, but I don't think they're giving him a chance to pick up steam.
    Trent Baretta: He's a never-was. At least someone like JTG had Cryme Tyme.

    : I don't think they're getting rid of her. She hasn't really done anything yet... why sign her in the first place if they're going to get rid of her without even giving her a chance to do anything?

    Heath Slater
    : Garbage. Zero. Everything that comes out of his mouth is pure poo poo, he has a really dumb looking face, nothing in the ring... even in Nexus and the Corre this guy was nothing.

    Ted DiBiase, Jr.: I can see them spending more time with him. Cody took off, there's no reason why DiBiase can't. I think he's been used badly since the Legacy split. His music is absolutely atrocious, it has no impact, no flow, no nothing other than some horrible auto-tune and rap that you can't hear at all as he's making his way to the ring.
  3. darkrage's Avatar
    my list of wrestlers getting the pink slip bourne, yoshi tatsu, reks, hawkins, barreta, sin cara ( gets hurt too much), jtg, slater, khali, and big zeke. stars to bring up from fcw to replace them ambrose, rollins both rotundos, cesaro, ohno, leakee, kruger, steamboat, xavier woods and raquel diaz
  4. kersh's Avatar
    even if they did want rid of kharma they couldnt touch her for a long time. sacking someone because or missing work from pregancy or misscarriage would cost the wwe a hell of a fee in the courts.
  5. Halfbaht's Avatar
    wwe has a lot of roster with either lack of talent and or direction at the moment. largely due, i think, to the lack of a tag team divison. people i would like to see let go, i no particular order are:

    heath slater
    hunico (was go in the cara v cara fued, they shoulve left him masked in my opinion)
    zeke (talented? really? you must be smokin' what evan bourne has been)
    hornswoogle (it was lame years ago, yet still he's there?)
    jinder mahal
    JTG (why he didnt get let go at the same time as shad idk)
    ranjin singh
    skip "ryback" sheffield (do i really need to elaborate?)
    lorn tensai or "albert/a-train" (why they even bought him back is beyond me, has never been over and has always been a horrible worker)

    like other have stated, kharma lost her child.
    trent barreta is out injured atm. he needs to be put in a tag team with someone of equal ability. i wouldve gone for tyson kidd, but since he seems to be with gabriel, why not trent and yoshi?
    rather than let go of mcguillicutty or dibiase id rather see mm drop the horrible name, go by henning (his real surname) and for a tag team with ted, being both 3rd generation stars.
    personally cant see bourne getting dropped since they had an article up about him going after the US title when swagger had it and he was meant to return before being injured at a house show. since air boom seems to be over, although im quite happy for a reunion upon bournes return, i think bourne needs to be given some sort of push in either a tag team. maybe bourne and sin cara if they return around the same time. think wcw late 90's kidman and rey
  6. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Big zeke is horrible, jinder mahal is horrible ,heath slater is horrible , khali is horrible.
  7. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    The reason I didn't list Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks is because even though they don't appear on RAW and SmackDown very often, they are regulars on WWE NXT. Right now, they're in a kidnapping storyline involving Matt Striker.
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