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Are too many wrestlers returning?

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This blog is on are too many former wrestlers returning and is that a good thing?

Now I know these are just rumoured Wrestlemania 29 match ups but I think they all have a high chance of happening:
Wwe Title Match
Brock Lesnar vs The Rock
The Undertaker vs John Cena
Steve Austin vs Cm Punk

I know The Undertaker has earned his matches at Wrestlemania and I also know he'll be having a match at Wrestlemania 29. If the Undertaker was having his last Wrestlemania match, wwe wouldn't of been so quite about it.

I have no problem with Lesnar returning as he'll be appearing regularly but why have him face The Rock for a Championship at Wrestlemania.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Cm Punk is a match destined to happen, the promos would be great and the match would be great but why have it take place next year?

The Wwe should focus on building future stars. Yes, Lesnar vs Rock sells but those two aren't going to be around in the future and I don't think Lesnar will extend his contract.

Wrestlemania 29 should be showcasing the next generation of superstars and making them look good. A 12 man tag match isn't going to do this.

Brock Lesnar feuds with Cena and Rock throughout this year. John Cena vs Brock Lesnar takes place at Summerslam. At Survivor Series Team Rock vs Team Brock. At Wrestlemania you can have Brock vs vs Rock vs Cena.

The Undertaker vs Kane can take place and be the main event (Takers last match). Storyline can either be:
- Revenge for Taker losing in Buried alive match
- Kane wins Royal Rumble chooses to challenge Undertakers streak. He says when Taker helped HHH down the ramp he became too human, Kane became a monster because he was becoming too human and now he wants Taker too become his true self as well

Postpone Austin vs Punk until Wrestlemania 30.

Wwe championship and World heavyweight championship matches
Participants could include:
Dolph Ziggler
Cm Punk
Wade Barrett
Daniel Bryan
Cody Rhodes

The Tag Team match should of been on the card this year but next year participants in the match could include:
Kofi Kingston
Lord Tensai
The Usos
Big Show
Jack Swagger
Curt Hawkins

The Grudge match should not be the championship match. This year Punk vs Jericho was a personal feud and more about who was the best in the world. They may as wellof not included the belt. Next years big Grudge match could be Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara.

I got quite off topic there but too answer my question I do think too many wrestlers are returning and more time needs to be focused on the wrestlers who will be carrying the Wwe through the next 10-15 years.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the comments.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Cm Punk possible promo

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. gavinbiw's Avatar
    its good for business and fans too.......
  2. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    the answer, is no. we all want to see our favourites make returns. everything up for topic on the net, but i think we all have too much time on our hands.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Who really wants to see Kane vs Undertaker? Last Mania match sucked. I would rather see Taker for someone else like John Cena. Been waiting for the match to happen for years. Don't want to see Taker/Kane again.

    I don't want to see Brock face Rock or Taker either because I've already witnessed those matches.I would rather him face a guy like Cena or Orton who are top guys that he really hasn't worked with. Yes, Cena fueded with him for the WWE title, but that was before he became a main event talent. Austin vs Brock I wouldn't mind seeing either. Been waiting for about a decade to see that match.
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    I can see your point about WWE and how they need to build future stars but with these big names returning, it makes for great business which is what the WWE is about.
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    DUBS; You nailed it. The E' is about generating money, and capturing new fans, aswell as bringing the old ones back. Returning names, is what we ALL longed for. That being said, we're definitely getting what we wanted. "The Era of the People" is dawning on us, and if it means bringing back the old, to generate a buzz, and grasp our attention once again, then what better way of doing it? Are too many wrestlers making there return? HELL NO.
  6. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Wish Eddie Guerrero can return. R.I.P

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