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The Musings of a Duck. Episode 1: A New Hope?

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To celebrate my one year anniversary of being a proud EWN member, I have decided to rekindle my blogging enthusiasm. This will take the form of numbered points of view, with some related to Wrestling, and some that won't.

So here what has been on my mind recently:

1. WWE Payroll, Here Comes the Pain
The talk of the EWN town this week seems to be one man: Brock Lesnar (What do we call him these days - is it, 'The Next Big Thing, or simply, 'The Big Thing'?). The two time champ is back, and has his sights firmly set on John Cena, just like every other returning superstar these days. Reportedly being paid around $5million for the next year, Brock will become the second- highest paid superstar on the roster, which is overpriced, in my opinion. In the NHL you could own a team of Brian Elliott, Evander Kane, Gabriel Landeskog and Claude Giroux combined. I'd even go as far as to say Giroux will make the Flyers more merchandise sales as well.

Is Brock Lesnar really worth twice as much as Claude Giroux?

2. Fly me to the Playoffs
Speaking of the Flyers (for whom I support, if you didn't know), they do seem to provide quite a few talking points. For instance, they have made a habit of going down 0-2 early on, and then winning copious games this season. This attitude is down to the likes of Scott Harnell, Wayne Simmonds, and the coach Peter Laviolette. Talking of the Laviolette, it was good to see him do this last week (It's a fun watch, even if you are not an NHL fan):

Incidently, Laviolette got fined $10,000 for that. If he does that 99 more times, he might be able to afford to pay for next year's Wrestlemania fireworks.

3. The Grandest Stage
As for Wrestlemania, I enjoyed it profusely. I enjoyed the HIAC, I enjoyed the Punk/ Jericho match. I enjoyed the Big Show winning, I enjoyed the Kane/ Orton finish. I actually even enjoyed the 'Once in a Lifetime' match-up. Don't get me wrong, I hated the buildup. It was too long and too nagging for my taste. However, five or so minutes before the entrances, this was shown:

For me, this was one of the best promos that the WWE has produced for a match. And, although I have stated this in the forums already, this promo added something to the match itself, which, although not the best wrestling match I've ever seen, was entertaining nonetheless. One understated parts of this match was the finish; It HAD to be clean. The reason for this was simple: Never should consecutive Wrestlemanias end with interference, because, as quoted by the Undertaker, 'It has to be pure'.

4. Homer J. Simpson Would be Proud
Weeks in advance, I created my Wrestlemania food list. As with every Wrestlemania, the choice of food is critical, as I believe it can add to the enjoyment. This year I decided upon a box of around 20 mini- donuts, Mini Cheddars, a Ginster's pie, a bottle of Sunny D (Florida style, obviously), a bottle of Lucozade and plain orange squash. Of course being the overweight duck that I am, I devoured these treats without a care in the world. The next day however, I got to thinking: What would it be like to have a Wrestlemania party? I know some people have done this and it sounds cool. But how do you find one, when none of your friends watch WWE and you live in England? Answers on a postcard please.

5. Now Drafting...
Yes, Baseball is back! This can only mean one thing: FANTASY BASEBALL is back! The EWN had it's own league drafted and the banter has begun. Team 'Quack Attack' is a proud member of the Raw team, which is currently losing around 85% of it's matchups against our rivals on Smackdown. Typical. I believe we shall turn things around come the end of the season, and have complete faith in my team. Although not containing any obvious MVPs, it does contain the likes of C. Santana, A. Cabrera, Pedroia, CarGo, Sabathia, Cain with huge- upsided rookies such as Goldschmidt, Cespedes, Montero and Darvish.

EWN Fantasy League 2012: Yu Darvish has just been stolen

6. The Re-Start of an Era that Ended in 2004
As this is a blog on the EWN, my last point shall be strictly about wrestling, and unfortunately, not on a positive note. 2012 - This was supposed to be the year of Wade Barrett, the year of the #HEEL and the year the 'Ryder Revolution' came into full effect. Fast Forward to April. Here we are, Barrett is out for 4 or so months, Ziggler is being set to feud with Santino and the Funkasaurus, whilst Ryder is dealing with women issues. Yes,I know that the IWC is happy that CM Punk is still champion, and is still feuding with Chris Jericho, so that is some relief. However, there is an underlying issue that is bubbling with the return of Lesnar, and that is we are rewinding back to the early 2000s here. Lesnar v Cena happened, Lesnar v Rock happened at Summerslam, Lesnar v Undertaker happened, Cena v Undertaker happened, and now Cena v Rock has happened. Yet, according to the rumour-mill, many of these will be happening once more in the search for ratings. Furthermore, add the likes of Jericho, Austin and perhaps HHH and my teenage life flashes before my eyes with a sense of Deja Vu, and not the good sort. Oh and add the WWE title in there whilst you're at it.

Look familiar?

WM29 Brock v Rock. It's a possibility, and for one I don't like it. Everyone who follows WWE remembers the happenings of that feud, and match at Summerlam. You know what makes sense to me, and sounds better? Miz v Rock: There is history behind it, and has yet to happen one on one. Let Cena go with Undertaker, and give Brock someone like Orton or Punk. Now that'd be good.
I apologize, I have waffled a bit. Back to the main point here, how can WWE produce more main event stars when the old ones are coming back to fight the current main eventers? This was earmarked to be the year of the up and comers. But now that we're already nearly a quarter of the way through 2012 and it doesn't seem that the WWE have anyone in the pipeline for a push. Perhaps the Miz again, or a renewed push to Del Rio (but you already knew that). In a previous blog from last year, I revealed that the last time a superstar won their maiden WWE/ WH championship without the help of a MITB or Royal Rumble and in a classic, non- gimmick one on one match was John Cena at Wrestlemania 21... 7 YEARS AGO! That doesn't look like that fact is going to change any time soon...

With that thought, I'm going to have do drink away my sorrows. Oh wait, I can't drink alcohol as I'm a duck. Oh Qu***!

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    LMFAO!!!!!!!.....'nuff said... The Giroux thing was priceless... Haven't read a blog that made me LAUGH so f*cking much in a LONG ASS time!!!... Keep em' coming man....

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