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And that's all I got to say about that.

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This is my second blog (actually it was my first but I couldn't figure out how to post it so it would appear on the main page). Going to make it a quick one. Some insight on me:

Wrestlemania V was my first time ever watching WWF.

I was mad when they had to change the name to WWE. My solution was put a panda and Stone Cold in a steel cage. Winner got the rights. Though the slogan get the 'F' out was marketing genius.

Ultimate Warrior was my hero. Though I try to keep that on the down-low nowadays. Go check out the Warrior promo at the bottom of the 'Yes Yes Yes' blog if you haven't already. Hilarious! Warrior actual asks if he should lay down in the yard to get ran over by lawn mowers! Vintage Ultimate Warrior.

I wasn't a big Hogan fan until he became Hollywood. And though he never lost in the 80's somehow I was always convinced Hulkamanina was on the brink of destruction.

Top 5 of all time:
Mankind (though I hate Socko)
Undertaker (let the streak live)
Jericho (his feud with Goldberg is still one of my favs)
Vince McMahon (his feud with Stone Cold is my fav)
The Rock (Even when he got stale, he still could make you laugh)

Honorable mention
Kurt Angle (the guy was the total package, but keep him off twitter)

Best Match:
Shawn v Undertaker Wrestlemania 25

Honorable mention:
Mankind v Undertaker Hell in the Cell

The Corporation was better than the NWO, but the NWO's importance can't be denied.

Beniot does not deserve to be in hall of fame. Yeah, its about wrestling not personal life, but he crossed a line that can't be returned from. His actions gave wrestling one of the biggest black eyes of all time.

TNA sucks. For a minute I thought it was better than WWE, but way too many face/heel turns and story lines that go nowhere.

I shouted Cena Sucks at Wrestlamina 23, but have come to respect his love for the sport. Begrudglingly he has won me over. Though I would love a heel turn.

I wish the Punk/HHH conspiracy story would have continued.

I agree with the internet about Ziggler and Cody. They're awesome. Also I hope Drew can return to being awesome because he reeks with potential.

And yeah, I too miss the tag team division.

I don't agree with the internet in that I love Cole and Del Rio. Micheal Cole is too funny. Does he bury talent? He's a heel announcer. That's his job. Del Rio is so over the top I don't see how people think he doesn't draw heat. The guy may not be Shawn Micheals in the ring, but he is way better than people give me credit for. And I'm glad they waited on Wade Barret. Other than the first couple months with Nexus, I think this guy needed way more work than Del Rio. However, Barrett was coming ito his own before the injury.

The Attitude Era was by far my favorite, but the PG stuff is still pretty solid stuff. I don't know what everyone's problem is. CM Punk being able to hit Cena in the head with a chair wouldn’t have added anything to that storyline.

I wish Bryan Daniels could have had more than 18 seconds, but at least it gave us a nice twist to start off Wrestlemanina.

And that's all I got to say about that.

Does anyone have any ideas for future blogs?

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  1. johnnydropkicks's Avatar
    Good blog.

    it was fun and I liked it.
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