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The Lost Gems, Vol. 3: Summerslam '94

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Hey guys, Renevious here again. As per usual, thanks to everyone who reads my blogs. Whether you like them or not, I still appreciate you taking the time to check them out. Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to those of you who continue to vote for me as the WBC champion, but this blog not is not for competition. As much as I am an avid follower of today's "sports entertainment", I still much rather reflect on the good ole days. If you've caught my previous Lost Gems blogs, you know what I'm talking about. I'm here to sing the praises of the past pay per view's that never got the recognition I feel that they deserve.

Summerslam '94
Now growing up as a kid in the '80's, I never got to watch the old school ppv's live. My parents would rather jump off a bridge than pay the money for me to watch a wrasslin' event. But in 1994, the purse strings loosened up, and I got my first taste of enjoying the action without having to rent it at the neighborhood video store. My very first live ppv was that year's King of the Ring, which had me so pissed because of how much of a Razor Ramon mark I was. So, needless to say, I couldn't wait until Summerslam.

There was so much leading up to this event. It seemed like every single match had some type of serious feud to get us pumped. We got to see Lex Luger and Tatanka go at it with the majority of the WWE universe believing that Made in the USA Lex Luger had sold out to the Million Dollar Man. I believed it too, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see Tatanka being the one to take the money and betray his friend. Damn Tatanka. We got to see Alundra Blaze and Bull Nakano go at it in an awesome Women's Championship match. Yeah, you heard me right. It was an awesome women's match.

The first huge match of the night, however, was for the Intercontinental Title. In my WBC blog about the greatest US Champions, I mentioned how Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall basically made an entire career out of holding a mid card title with the prestige of a world championship. Well, other than his first ladder match against HBK at Wrestlemania X, this was probably the best example of that. Diesel had beaten Razor for the IC Belt a couple months before on TV with a lot of intereference from Shawn. The way those two were cheating all the time, we knew it was inevitable. Plus, Diesel was a freakin' unstoppable machine back then. That's what made Razor winning this match so much more satisfying. It was the first instance of HBK accidentally superkicking Diesel, which eventually led to him turning face. Plus, it was in the United Center in Chicago, and we got to see Chicago hero Walter Payton celebrate with Razor Ramon after the match. It was so awesome.

Then we got to see one of the best wrestling matches in history. Oddly enough, it's also one that people don't talk about too often. I'm talking about Bret and Owen in the steel cage for the WWF Championship. It was the longest cage match in WWE history at the time, and there was not a single dull moment throughout. We got to see Bret suplex Owen from the top of the cage. We got to see Bret successfully reverse the sharpshooter on Owen. *Side note, three life lessons-1. Don't step on Superman's cape, 2. Don't spit into the wind, and 3. Don't put Bret Hart in a sharpshooter.* But the icing on the cake was that this match gave us the return of the legendary British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. I marked out so hard when I saw him climb that cage and help save Bret from Owen and Anvil. All the Hart brothers were involved. It was madness.

The last thing I'm going to mention is one of the most anticipated returns in the history of this business. The match itself may not have been the most exciting thing in the world, but all the buildup made it all worth it. For a couple months, we had been watching Ted Dibiase parade around a pretty convincing copycat of the Undertaker. He did all the same moves, and he was plowing through everyone he fought like it was nobody's business. But Paul Bearer had something to say about all that. He showed up to the United Center with that giant casket, and pulled out that huge urn. Lawler did such an awesome job of selling it as if Paul came up empty handed. Then he opened that urn and the light poured out, only to reveal the real Undertaker. This time his music was a little different and his gray accents were now purple. I still get Rock style goosebumps when I watch that. This was a storyline that started all the way back around the time of Wrestlemania, and they kept all of us at the edge of our seats the entire time. Today's WWE could definitely take notes on how to make a storyline last.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you're not 100% familiar with this event, please find yourself a copy of it. You will definitely not be disappointed. As always, thanks so much reading. God Bless.

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  1. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    this was a great review, and I wish to subscribe to your news letter
  2. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    I was at the Milwaukee, WI show the night after and witnessed Bulldogs first match back. It was a great night, some 3 hours of wrestling tapings. I was featured on camera a couple times. And Jim Neidhart ripped up my mom's sign.
  3. deadly56's Avatar
    Great blog, as all ways, it's sad that i'm going to beat you in next WBC! Seriously, good blog
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by deadly56
    Great blog, as all ways, it's sad that i'm going to beat you in next WBC! Seriously, good blog
  5. cjstonecold's Avatar
    That Bret vs. Owen match is my favorite. Sure they had an awesome match at Wrestlemania X but this had it all. It was also the first cage match I can recall that had no bloodshed at that time. Which makes it a very unique match in itself. And one of Bret and Owen's finest matches.

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