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Who Was Better: Triple H or Edge?

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I’m hoping this will become a series of blogs depending on the feedback this edition gets. Basically I will put across both points of view as well as their best five matches and I will leave it to your comments to decide who was better. When I pick who will be blogged about I will also pick their best spell in the WWE.

This edition will look at who was better, Triple H during his dominant heel spell from 2002 to 2005 or Edge during his Rated R Superstar spell from 2005 to 2009.

Triple H

When the brands split back in 2002 there was originally one Undisputed Champion, but when Brock Lesnar refused to defend his belt on Raw the World Heavyweight Championship was brought back and given to Triple H.

Undoubtedly ‘The Game’ was the leading wrestler on Raw for three successful years. As the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ he protected himself with one of the best stables in the past two decades: Evolution. Perhaps the best part of the stable was the fact it was a storyline in itself. It propelled two newcomers to main event level status in Orton and Batista.

Rightly so some people are sceptical about his numerous title reigns and his dominance due to his influence backstage but it shouldn’t be forgotten how great he actually is. Here are his best five matches in my opinion during this period:

  1. Elimination Chamber 2002
  2. Triple H V Shawn Michaels V Chris Benoit – WrestleMania XX
  3. Triple H V Shawn Michaels – Royal Rumble 2004
  4. Triple H V Shawn Michaels – Summerslam 2002
  5. Elimination Chamber 2005

It should be noted that Triple H had a great feud with Shawn Michaels that produced many brilliant matches which is why he features in all of these matches in some regard (even as a guest ref in 05).

Many also criticise his inability to put others over, but is this actually the case? He made Batista a main event wrestler, set Orton on his way as the ‘Legend Killer’, put over Shelton Benjamin in a fantastic Raw match, helped make Chris Benoit a champion, helped Shawn Michaels prove he still had it and even made Goldberg look like a complete badass again.

In 2005 his dominant heel run came to a close with the feud against Batista, when he lost at three consecutive PPVs in rematches.

When you now take into account the credibility of the WHC it is in tatters. But it was Triple H who took the belt and made it look more important than anything else in wrestling, to the point where it was headlining WrestleMania, not the WWE’s own belt.

On a personal note I’d say that Triple H reminded me of the classic heels from the old days. The likes of Killer Kowalski who were powerful guys but also technically brilliant and had the ability to psyche out even the toughest of good guys.


Edge’s Rated R Superstar turn was a very long time coming. He returned in the summer of 2004 after over a year out through injury but he was still a face. While he was popular, he was no main eventer and too green to become one.

At Taboo Tuesday, Shawn Michaels was voted to be the challenger to Triple H’s WHC. Edge went heel. He dominated Michaels and capitalised on the momentum with an important win at the first MITB match. Then came Matt Hardy. The angle with Lita had the realism that most feuds do not and it really made the fans hate Edge.

He was the premier heel of both brands but in my opinion his best spell came during 2008 when he battled Undertaker. To Edge’s credit he had many excellent feuds with the likes of Taker, Jeff Hardy, Batista, Matt Hardy, DX and John Cena.

As a heel he really knew how to get to the audience and make them hate him. Whereas other heels might eventually become popular as the infamous anti-hero, Edge always made sure that was never the case with him.

His best five matches in my opinion during this spell were:

  1. Edge V Undertaker – WrestleMania 24
  2. Edge V John Cena - Backlash 2009
  3. Edge V Undertaker – Summerslam 2008
  4. Edge V Jeff Hardy – Extreme Rules 2009
  5. Edge V Mick Foley – WrestleMania 22

Edge was a brilliant wrestler who could have a great match despite the type. He managed to have a wonderful TLC match with Ric Flair and a match-of-the-year hardcore brawl with Mick Foley. He mastered whatever conditions he was put in to put on a fantastic show, even if it ended up with him taking another bump.

In the end his greatest run came to a conclusion when he returned from injury in 2010. WWE messed up his comeback by not picking whether he was a face or a heel. As a face he was slightly bland and struggled to connect with the audience but as a heel he was arguably one of the best of the last twenty years.

On a personal note I’d loved Edge because he reminded me of some of my favourites. Mr Perfect and Rick Rude were two of the best heels of their time but due to injuries and more they never got to the top of the tree. Edge was very much like them and I’m glad to have seen him reach the pinnacle of WWE.


Feel free to leave comments for who was better: ‘The Game’ and ‘Cerebral Assassin’ Triple H or ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    I gotta go with HHH. Good blog Tall. Keep it up dude.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I'm usually game (no pun intended) for these types of analysis, comparisons and finally my opinion based on facts.

    This is a head scratcher. You couldn't have picked 2 more even wrestlers to compare. I don't know which one is better to be honest with you. They are about tied in my book.

    The only thing that might get Edge a little over Triple H, is the lingering question in the back of so many peoples minds, Would Triple H have been as big as star IF he wasn't married to Stephanie? Maybe he would have or maybe not. I don't think Edge needed tha type of pull to get over, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. redblade0's Avatar
    I'm going to have to side with Edge mainly because he was more unique IMO then HHH. He also tried to get new guys over and could consistently have great matches.
  4. Callum's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V
    The only thing that might get Edge a little over Triple H, is the lingering question in the back of so many peoples minds, Would Triple H have been as big as star IF he wasn't married to Stephanie? Maybe he would have or maybe not. I don't think Edge needed tha type of pull to get over, but correct me if I'm wrong.
    You could also ask the question, If Edge hadn't of cheated with Lita and then feuded with Matt Hardy, would he of become that big of a star?

    As for who's better, I'd say they're equal and it's too hard to compare them as I'm a fan of both.
  5. akbar's Avatar
    nahh man in life you cant say IF... or else so many things are just up for debate, you just have to take stuff on face value and judge on the impact caused.
    but my vote would have to go to trips...
  6. knox's Avatar
    Edge easily. great blog.
  7. Ravsta's Avatar
    hhh wins he mabey the greatest heel the wwe has ever had. and when he held the title he made it feel like soo important.
    Edge wasnt bad either but the game takes the cake.
    great blog. please contunue doing these its great.
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