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Real Talk!

Real Talk!: Brock Lesnar is not a Good Wrestler.

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I got a lot of heat for my first ever blog and, I'll probably gets some more heat on this one too, but I don't care because thats what a blog is, I'm surpose to tell you what I think and that is exactly what I'm going to do.

As I remember watching Raw and Smackdown in the early 2000's I didn't think Brock Lesnar was good. First of all the worst match that I ever saw was a Brock Lesnar match. Come on people, have we all forgotten about Goldberg vs Lesnar at WrestleMania 20, it was the absolute worst match I ever saw.

Lesnar has horrible mic skills thats the reason why Paul Heyman did most of the talking. He injured a number of people in his first run with the wwe and, Lesnar was the main reason Mr.Perfect got fired.

Just as John Cena has been pushed down are throats in recent years Brock Lesnar was in the early 2000's. Lesnar wrestled only two or three years for the wwe and, already people calling him one of the greats, give me a break.

Lesnar match's and feuds only looked good when he was feuding with the greats like Hogan, Kurt Angle and, The Undertaker, They made him look good.

Brock Lesnar was wwe's version of Goldberg and, just like I didn't think Goldberg was good I don't think Brock Lesnar is a good wrestler at all and, thats Real Talk!

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  1. deadly56's Avatar
    Real Talk!

    Why don't you just stop making blogs? if you don't care what other people have to say why make it, that's the main point in making blog's to find out what others think. You don't just bash everyone else, and say everything you say is right. Many people actually like Brock.

    I don't know how Frank could improve this, listen dude do us all a favor, and don't make anymore blogs, and dats da Real Talk!
  2. Y2Jandy's Avatar
    "Lesnar was the main reason Mr.Perfect got fired." Well that shows how much you know about that..Mr.Perfect got himself fired.He was constantly drunk and on one particular flight he kept challenging Lesnar to a fight and insulting him.Until finally Lesnar snapped and would have killed him if he wasn't held back.Sort your facts out.
  3. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Since everyone is entitled to their opinion i am going to do my best to keep the criticism so constructive as possible. Obviously i do not agree with you and i find the blog shortsighted. If you want to give an antagonistic opninion be sure to give some in depth and an educated arguments supporting your opinion.
    It's quite obvious that you have never looked up any information about Brock Lesnar about the time before he came to the WWE. The man is a NCAA winner (2000) a title you can't win if you can't wrestle. You talk about that he needed to be carried by bigger names, but boy, you couldn't be more wrong then that. I have to agree with you about his mic skills, but be honest, the man haves such a impressive look that he doesn't need to talk, he only have to show his abilities in the ring.
    So my advice for you...Try to educate yourself on the matter before spilling your blatter...
  4. akbar's Avatar
    oh god...before i read the blog, i knew how little knowledge you have in general...i read the blog, i was correct...but seriously your last blog showed you should do your research more before writing a blog...
  5. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Before you write anymore nonsense or blogs, ask your momma to do some research for you. Brock Lesnar is a former NCAA wrestling champ, a former UFC/MMA Heavyweight champ, and can wrestle or fight circles around most of the WWE roster. Like whoever you want, but if your going to bash a particular wrestler, make sure you know the facts first.
  6. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar

    I needed a good laugh
  7. ShaunieB's Avatar
    f you honestly believe that Brock Lesnar isn't a great wrestler then you clearly know nothing about really is that simple.

    Also, the last two blogs you have wrote in general have been poor....there's no evidence to back up your opinions and they are poorly researched. The fact is your entitled to your opinion but until you can actually write a decent blog then maybe you should stop.

    Now that's Real Talk.
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