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Ramblings of a fan: The Rock and Brock

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Should the Rock have won? Honestly it could have gone either way, but to be honest; its what the fans wanted. Listen to how the crowds have been eating up the Rock. When WWE doesn't listen to the crowds the IWC jumps all over them. I mean seriously the crowd loves chanting Bryan Daniels and yet when the WWE ignores, we get irate. And while I like Ryder, I'm not the biggest fan, but again the crowd loves him. So we point to this as the reasons why WWE should push him, yet when the crowd loves the Rock we say he should lose?

I think those who think the Rock should have lost are a little like a bitter Ex. They're just mad he left and didn't come crawling back. Same with Lesnar. These guys left and were successful elsewhere. Why should we fault them for wanting more than wrestling? Just because the Rock acts doesn't mean wrestling still isn't in his blood. He never once bashed the WWE or was embarrassed of his roots after leaving. In fact, his coming back proves his love for the sport (I still consider it a sport). And while Lensar might have left under questionable terms, we all make mistakes. He's back and we should be happy. Both Rock and Brock being back gives the WWE a shot in the arm in the main stream which makes wrestling that much more cooler to talk about with our peers.

And while still some may complain the two are only here for ulterior motives, I say, so what? Show me one wrestler in the WWE who works for free or just enough for a roof over their heads. No they work for a paycheck and then if they're smart enough they write a book about it. Don't get mad at the Rock forpromoting a movie when good old JR promotes his BBQ sauce. Don't get mad at Lesnar for a less than full time schedule when Jericho only did satellite promos leading into main eventing Wrestlemania.

For the record, I was never the biggest Rock or Brock fan (unless they were heels), but I just don't think we should fault them for the reasons I've seen them being faulted for so far.

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