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The Reason The Rock Beat Cena

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Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well as usual. 21st birthday is April 8th on Easter lol just had to plug that again. But yeah guys, you all know I'm not a Rock fan but I'm a huge Cena fan but even I'm happy as hell Cena lost and I have my reasons. Point blank, Cena losing was better for business.

Reason 1: Cena Losing Better for Business
This was indeed better for business and hear me out. I know alot of people say that the top guy losing to a full time actor was a bad move which can be argued but hear me out.

Remember a couple of blogs ago I was discussing how cool it was to talk about wrestling? Back in the Attituder Era people would talk about it all the time.

As many of you know, I'm black, I'm around black people all the time as well as white people. All everyone has been talking about before Wrestlemania was the Rock. Everyone was talking about the Rock. All over twitter, all you see is the Rock. Lol the ghetto girls in the hood I live in are all talking about the Rock. Everyone at work talking about the Rock.

There was a time about 3 months ago and counting where it wasn't cool to talk about wrestling. Hell, I never discuss it with my friends at all. But ever since the Rock deal, man in every class I'm taking this semester in college its been the talk of the class. Hell, my marketing teacher was discussing how brilliant WWE was with the marketing.

My female friends are talking about wrestling and its all because of the Rock. Wrestling is becoming the cool thing to talk about again. I'm no Rock fan at all but I love the guy for making this sport cool again.

I can't tell you in the past 2 weeks how many people have said to me "Yooo I haven't watched wrestling for years but ever since the Rock came back I've watched it every week". You get what I'm saying here. You can't have that man lose if he's the reason all these old school fans are starting to watch again. That's bad for business.

Reason #2: Brings More Heat to Cena
This can also be argued. Many people say if Cena would've beat the Rock in his hometown that would draw the ultimate heat. I can easily agree with that. But I feel like the fact that he loss, he will get even more heat from the older fans just because they can say he let all the kids down.

This loss gives Cena even more heat because now when his music hits, the woman and children aren't as loud for him because many kids do actually believe Cena let them down. This forces the people that boo Cena to make their voices even louder because they have a reason to boo Cena.

Basically, booing Cena if he won would just make the fans look more like haters and make Cena's fan even more proud. But Cena loosing gives his haters the chance to boo even louder to rub the loss in the faces of his fans.

Reason #3: Cena Winning Would've Been Too Predictable
Everyone thought Cena was going to win. Everyone was under the impression that Vince would not let The Rock bury his top guy especially with Rocky going straight back to Hollywood. Also, the fact that Rocky was in his hometown left me to believe that Rock was going to lose. Vince has a history of booking wrestlers to lose big time matches in their hometown.

I was watching the match with my Dad aka the biggest Rocky mark ever. Win the Rock got that pin fall we were shocked as crap. Not too many people expected to see that and as a Cena fan, I actually enjoyed seeing him lose that match because it made it more fun for me because it wasn't expected. So kudos to the WWE.

Hope you all enjoyed this. Like I said you argue both sides but I feel like the booking of this match was top class and one of the best booked matches I've seen in my life. The transition of Cena trying to steal Rocky's move to ending up in the Rockbottom was sick. Personally I wish the match would've went a little longer but I enjoyed the hell out it.

Thanks guys for reading my blog, be safe and check out my music. Thanks guys a million. Until then.<u><strong>

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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pld459666
    The Rock has lost many a major match to put over other guys. Not saying that this is pay back for that, but winning and losing doesn't get guys over. It's HOW they win and HOW they lose that get guys over.

    Trips just lost to the Taker for the 2nd time at Wrestlemania, is he any less over because of it?
    That was Trips' 3rd time losing to Undertaker at Wrestlemania broseph.
  2. madnonsense's Avatar
    When I saw John Cena attempted to do his version of the "people's elbow," I knew he was bound to lose the match. The Rock 3rd rock bottom to John Cena wasn't hit hard enough on the canvas, but yet he won the match.
  3. I Know The Business's Avatar
    I cant believe how much of you guys are on the rocks jock lmao its funny Yes the rock is a better wrestler yes the rock is a better entertainer but winning and loosing has nothing to do with who's better evan tho john cena was tearing the rock to shreds with his promos its not about that its about whats good for the business the rock should of jobed to cena the rock didn't need the win cena did he should of put him over hogan was spose to win at wrestlemania 18 but he wanted to job to rock but no rock had to tell vince "hey vince i cant lose my movies vince they wont like me" lol if you guys remeber the rock always wined about winning hogan jobed to warrior but he sucked and didn't make it so he jobed to rock and then rock left the business and came back 9 years later to take the glory he is a glory hog he wants to win the title cuz hogan won it after he jobed to him now he has to get it to lmao
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Decent blog Knox, I can see your points on reason 1 and 3, but reason 2 just seems silly to me. No offense
  5. Jabroni1904's Avatar
    The only reason Rock won is because he is going to loose at wm29.
  6. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Happy Birthday Young Brother. As alwways very insightful blog & you hit the nail right on the head. Even I was shocked by Rock's win & while it was no Flair/Steamboat type of match it kept me glued to my seat.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Happy Birthday Knox...let me tell my own experience..

    The match is so spl...n I realise it we in India got the telecast of the match..n I was seeing WM..n my sis who was a huge critic of me seeing wrestling...said what is there to see in it..u r now grown up blah blah..n I said today there's a match of The Rock...then, she said....okay call me when the match starts...

    n I called her..n she was a bit disappointed to see his opponent (its true...she's not a wrestling fan..n she found cena as no match to him..:d she was used to see Rock Vs HHH so much back then..:d it made me talk some positive things about cena to create interest in her:d)

    She liked the match...n enjoyed Rock Winning!!!
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