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Wrestling is back

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I've been M.I.A. for a while but I'm back guys with so much to talk about. Just a quick random plug, MY 21ST BIRTHDAY IS ON EASTER APRIL 8TH.

I'll also be at Raw next Monday April 9, in Washington DC. If Brock comes out you'll notice me because I'll be the loudest one making a complete fool of myself marking out.

Anyway, I have alot to touch on. Brock Lesnar is back, Wrestlemania is over, Rocky is still hanging around, End of an Era, The New Breed and Cena. I don't believe this is all happening at once.

I just wanna touch on some names and say a little bit about everyone of these names. For the first time in a long time, I love everybody. I love every wrestler, I'm completely happy with everything.

Daniel Bryan:
I was scared as hell, crapping my pants after his 18 second title lost at Wrestlemania. All I was thinking was Bryan was going to suffer the same fate as Del Rio, The Miz and Jack Swagger after losing the World Heavyweight Championship.

Thanks to thet great Miami fans at Raw with the "YES" chants and the "Daniel Bryan" chants, this guy might be the most over WWE star on the roster right now. Thanks guys and lets hope Vince see's this and keeps his name relevant.

This is a hard situation for the writers. I hope they don't consider turning him face because that's what they usually do when the fans start to cheer for you. Don't pull a Cm Punk on this guy.

Keep him heel but just don't let him insult the fans. Lets turn him into a full tweener. Let him do heel tactics and feud with babyface stars but at the same time have him embrace the fans as his friends. The sky is the limit for this guy.

I never liked Eve. Right now she's horrible on the mic as a heel and she could really use some acting lessons. I dig what they're trying to do but maybe they should've did that with someone that has a bit more character. I'm telling you, its time to bring Maxine to the main roster.

Randy Orton:
Let's give props to this guy for accepting this new role on the lower end of the card. He seems to have a good attitude about it. I'd like to see him involved in a high profile match with somebody big. He deserves that. Or atleast maybe a heel turn, that's when he was at his best.

This is something scary going on here. You know the fans like to follow what they see the other fans do on television. So basically for the remainder of Sheamus's title runs, he's going to get booed. Look out for"No No No No No" chants. I personally like Sheamus but like most guys that turn face, he's become bland already. Not really his fault though.

Cm Punk:
I'm really trying my best to like Cm Punk. He put on a hell of a show with Jericho. I remember back in 06' when I was about 15. I was the biggest Punk mark ever. I liked Punk back when it wasn't cool to like him like it is now. I'm hoping he can do some big things but I look forward to him having a classic feud with Jericho.

John Cena:
The heel turn will come. I know it seems like it'll never happen but after this deal with Brock, it will happen. It's pretty much unavoidable. I love Cena, one of my favorites, but for the love of God it doesn't look normal watching a babyface get booed the way he does.

What I did notice is he has alot of male fans than before. This is a great sign. I'll be at Raw next Monday in DC as one of those fans cheering my ass off lol. Great guy Cena is but the face thing is getting very old.
I like what the writers are doing. They're bringing back these huge babyfaces to pick on Cena. Ofcourse the majority aren't going to be on Cena's side. I can only imagine who's next. Batista? Austin? Its a great idea to turn him heel.

The Rock:
I pray he wins the WWE Championship just to show how things are truly shaking up for the better. I'm not the biggest Rock fan, I'm not a fan at all but you gotta have this love for the guy and I guess you can say I love him and hate him. Him winning the WWE Championship would be bigger than big and would truly prove that wrestling is back.

Santino Marella:
The most over midcarder. Every generation of wrestling needs a Santino. I hope this guy never goes heel and just continues to excite and make the crowd laugh. The 80s had Jim Duggan, and the Attitude Era had Goldust. I'd like to see Santino just continue to do him.

Dolph Ziggler:
If anyone isn't impressed with this guy then I don't know whats wrong. He's very very very amazing and will do big things in 2012. Ofcourse, he will be easily overshadowed by Brock, Cena and the other guys but lookout for this guy.

Like I said. The only star WWE could bring back bigger than the Rock would be Brock. No one ever thought he would be back. We knew Rocky would eventually come back. The way the crowd popped for him all night just to see it finally happen was pretty huge. I was marking the hell out.

This marks a new era. Sometimes in order to move on into a new era, you have to bring back guys from the past era to transition us into the new era. That's what guys like Brock Lesnar and The Rock are currently doing. That's what Hogan did after the wars and the match with the Rock, he led us into a new era.

End of an Era: Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels
I know everyone wants to see Brock face the Undertaker but I truly hope that match with Triple H was his last match. I hope that was Triple H's last match as well and I pray Wrestlemania 26 was HBK's last match.

That ending was beyond emotional. I hate to admit it but I cried like a baby. Taker debuted the year before I was born and ever since I could remember I was watching the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels since then. Same with Triple H. To see those guys hug like that truly let me know that era is over. Even though guys like Jericho and Christian are still around from that era.

I don't think a match with Brock does anything. Let Brock face Austin or something. Triple H, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, as hard as this may be to say, never need to wrestle another match again. They laid it all out for us.

Wrestling is back. I might be counting my chickens before they hatch but I hope the WWE doesn't screw this up. Ratings will fly through the roof. Brock Lesnar, Batista and Rocky will need to put over guys like Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and the others to help build their name so that they one day can come back and put over the next generation.

People have been complaining, bitching, whining, myself included. But if your a wrestling fan, embrace this and enjoy it for what it is. Expect ratings to rise, expect more people to visit this site. This is a new era.

Hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for reading, be safe and check out my track below. Be safe guys. Until then.

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  1. Keith Stone's Avatar
    Brock Lesnar, CM Punk. Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Santino, Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, The Rock (periodically) and the return of Christian soon. Yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Yes !!!!!
  2. Keith Stone's Avatar
    I do agree thou Sheamus was gonna be completely over after WM28 but the debacle of a match that happened is gonna make DB anti hero and Sheamus the new John Cena
  3. mr_pipe_bomb's Avatar
    im really suprised at the yes chants....
  4. Tribe's Avatar
    First off Happy Early Birthday ...

    Second I have always enjoyed your blogs.

    Third ... I agree with you about Eve I can't stand it when she talks, can't stand watching her in a match and hated her involvement in team Teddy losing.
  5. akbar's Avatar
    you cried ?!? daayyuumm son was pretty emotional so il allow you this one
  6. knox's Avatar
    I exaggerated, i teared up a bit lol is that fair enough? Haha.

    And thanks tribe appreciate that. Eve is one of the most beautiful women alive and is a good wrestler but she has to be the worst on the Mic currently from both companies. I mean look at how great Madison Rayne, and Beth work the Mic.
  7. RatedATB's Avatar
    Nice blog man, and happy birthday as well. I'm not gonna lie when I say I almost gave up on WWE last year, but Pubk pulled me back in and I'm glad he did. There's a lot to look forward to this year. There's a strong main event with a good variety of wrestlers, a strong mid card with amazing talent, and plenty of hungry young wrestlers that want to make a name for themselves. I hope this will be a year to remember
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