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Top 10 CHANTS Ever! & Quick Live Raw Notes

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Hey guys knox here hoping all is well. I gotta blog on chants seeing as that's been a huge part of the wrestling world for damn near ever. This should be fun. I'll try my best to leave out chants centered for a specific superstar. Hope you all enjoy.

10 Best Chants:

The ever popular Ric Flair chant. Very basic but still used to this day by fans all around the world, even in the indies and to this day in the WWE.

I wasn't the biggest fan of this chant because I'm a huge Kurt Angle fan but I'm an even bigger Edge fan and he started this. I loved how loud the crowd was.

The ever popular ECW chant without the full "W" being pronounced. I love this chant more than anything lol, the fans would be so hype and it really showed that brand unity. This was an up & coming company with the most loyal fans and I respected the hell out of that.

7. YOU F****D UP
You might have seen RVD receive this chant quite a few times in his career. I love RVD but he's been known to botch his spots for many years. I love this chant because no one is off limits no matter how legendary you are. Just ask The Undertaker.

6. USA
I like this chant for the fact that I love this country and I might not agree with all our policies but I don't mind getting behind out soldiers and military to chant this. Very classy chant.

I love this chant more than anything. I remember at Wrestlemania Ricky Steamboat received this chant and it brought tears to his eyes. Guys like the Rock & Triple H have received this chant more recently. The Rock looked damn good against Cena so it was good hearing that chant.

This is the chant you hear when a high spot is performed to perfection. A chant you heard after Taker threw Mankind off the cell, when Kofi Kingston leg dropped Randy Orton through the stage crew's table in Madison Square Garden or a chant heard in ECW pretty much every episode.

I love this chant as well. This worked very well with Triple H after he tapped out to Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania 20. For the next year or so Triple H received this chant during almost every match and promo. Damn that had to get annoying. Speaking of tapping out, when people say Triple H never puts anyone over, just take into consideration he's tapped 3 times at Wrestlemania against the likes of Chris Benoit, John Cena & The Undertaker. Alot of top stars are booked to never tap, atleast Triple H did that.

2. YES
I had to throw this on the list and this is the reason I'm even making the list. This chant went straight to my heart and I enjoyed it more than ever when I was live at Raw in DC this past Monday. Great to see how over Bryan is after that quash match.

1. WHAT?
Just the funniest chant of all time and the most interactive. Everyone participates in the ever popular "What" chant and its a chant your guaranteed to hear on every single Raw, Smackdown & Impact. Austin is just the greatest, hands down.

Quick April, 9, Live Raw Review from Washington, DC:

Dark Match: Damien Sandow vs JTG
JTG had on wrestling trunks which was funny. Sandow came out to no music and cut a great promo. He looked very poor in the ring and his timing was off big time. I think he needs more training. I really like this guy so I hope this was just a bad night. JTG was over with the fans and Sandow got the most heat of the night. Ask anyone who was live in attendance if you don't believe me.

Kofi Kingston's pop:
He got the pop of the night. Superstars was about to begin. We noticed the crew setting up the pods for the fireworks so we assumed it was the opening pyro for Superstars. Out of nowhere Kofi's music hit and the fans went ape nuts for this guy because it came out of nowhere. So the fireworks were actually for his entrance. I think he received the loudest pop because it came out of nowhere.

Brock Lesnar:
He came out to a very weak pop. Not alot of people were for this guy. A brief "You Tapped Out" chant arose when Brock bragged about becoming the UFC Heavyweight Champion. When it became apparent that Lesnar was a heel, he received way more boos.

John Cena & Lesnar Brawl:
This went over very very well and the fans popped for it big time. I personally felt like Cena looked very weak and I like that. Great booking. Brock definitely forgot this wasn't UFC and hit Cena with a brutal shot.

Cena came out later on after Raw went off air. He cut a promo and slurred his words pretty bad because his top lip was curled up after that shot he took. He received great praise near the end because the fans sort of looked at him as a warrior.

Cm Punk:
He wasn't as over as I thought he'd be. I actually cheered him during his promo because I too have never smoked or drank so I always can relate to that.

Very over. The cheers definitely overshadowed the boos.

YES Signs:
I'm not sure if anyone noticed but there had to atleast be over 300 YES signs. Also while we were waiting outside, there were nothing but YES chants on and off for an hour. The line was extremely long. Luckily there are some awesome clothing stores so I did a big of shopping and came back when the line stared moving. Great crowd outside, but it was dead throughout the night. We did a horrible job in following that great Miami crowd.

Batista Chants:
There were huge Batista Chants seeing as he's from DC. We all thought he was somehow coming back. I'm assuming he's the next piece to face Cena after Brock beats him at Extreme Rules. Alex Riley also got some hometown chants as well.

Thanks guys for checking this one out. Hope you all enjoyed my chant list and recap of Raw. Please leave feedback as well as your own list. Thanks guys, check out my music, be safe and have fun. Until then.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    great blog and choices knox...i assume you know that there might be a debate starting up here as a consequence of some of your dismissals ? lol

    so heres mine...i know your not a fan of the rock but i am Shocked you havent included any of the great ones chants, like....'Rocky, Rocky, Rocky' , the millions (and the millions),...and maybe i would have put 'wooo' higher on the list...

    but everyone has there preferences, keep the unique blogs coming ...
  2. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    Brilliant blog man, but you missed my favourite. ASSHOLE!ASSHOLE!ASSHOLE usually reserved for Shane, Vince and Triple H but a major chant in that era. Again awesome topic
  3. ArtfulDodger's Avatar
    Always enjoyed the "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" chant when someone is leaving.
  4. deadly56's Avatar
    Knox it's gotten to a point where even when I don't like the name of you're blog. I still check it out, because you're blogging. I haven't seen someone do a blog like this before, so it's original but I feel you could of said more when reviewing Raw for-example you could of talked about the matches. Anyway OK blog, it was very Original.
  5. knox's Avatar
    Thanks alot guys for the feedback i appreciate you all. my Raw review didn't include reviews on the matches because everyone from home seen the matches. I wanted to touch on things that only the live crowd noticed that might not have translated well for the fans watching from home.
  6. madnonsense's Avatar
    Not in the top ten list of chants includes the audience chanting "asshole" whenever Vince McMahon doing his promos on RAW during the attitude era.

    Chanting the face wrestlers should not be in the top ten.

    Great blog Knox!!!!
  7. Erica Perrault's Avatar
    I hate the "You suck" and the "What" chant..

    The What chant is just really overdone now and it's gotten annoying.

    The "You suck" chant is just so childish, "you suck you suck you suck" like it's juvenile, it's something someone would say when they are 4 years old. The only time i liked it is when they sang it along to Kurt Angle's theme when he was in the WW/e

    I much prefer the "asssshole....assshole....assshole"

    my favorites that you didn't listen are:
    (no particular order)

    1. asshole..asshole...asshole
    - This was often directed at someone who was just such an asshole, a really bad heel, someone you just wanted to kick the shit out of. I really want this chant back

    2. You sick Fuck! You Sick Fuck! You sick Fuck!
    chanted in extreme wrestling when a wrestler does something that is sadistic.. i believe they chanted this at Mick Foley during his tag match against Terry Funk at One Night Stand 2005?

    3. This is awesome!. *clap clap clapclapclap*
    chanted when a match is awesome

    4. Fuck You Cena! Fuck you Cena! Fuck you Cena!
    - no explanation needed, I love this one

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