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Returning Home after Mania Week.

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Hey Guys this is my Post Mania week blog Just got home from Miami lastnight nothing like a nice 16 hour drive right? Haha

So first i'd like to say i haven't been around a better Wrestling Fanbase pretty much since 1999. Miami was off the chain from Wednesday all the way to the Miami Heat game haha.

However its not locals that made this such a crowed on fire it was a gathering of pure wrestling fans with incredible knowledge of the business from all over the world and let me tell you that is a lot better then going to a small arena filled with a bunch of kids cheering for Cena every Monday.

Im going to tell everyone a little about each day maybe it will help some people if your planning on going to NJ next year which i will be going as well. Now this is more for the hunting superstars down fans kinda like myself haha

I do not recommend the Art and Fashion Show btw so i wont be talking about it.

First: On your first day i'd recommend finding out where these guys are staying the reason being is because there will probably only be about 20 people there and you will have way more success getting Signatures and Pics with your favorite stars. This is what i do and it is a great plan.

The only thing is there will always be a couple of ass hole fans that will piss guys off and will ruin it for everyone else.

Example: a large group of guys would yell and curse at some of the wrestlers and pissed off Big Show and he turned around and let them know how he felt about it, also the same group called Punk a pussy for not signing which led to getting nothing from him.

Also remember that even though you are there to get autographs and most are more then willing and happy to do it, there are some that will refuse that doesn't mean follow them and heckle them just ask nicely either they sign or they don't and if they don't leave them be, and some will tell you i will sign when i come back and that what they will do.

Example: Orton came out talked to us and jumped over the guardrail to go walk down the street and eat. I went up to him and asked him nicely and he replied and nice as could be saying "Not right now buddy" and i said ok thanks and walked away that's all you have to do.

Now there are some "Douches" that are not nice in anyway shape or form and 2 of those are Bre Bella and Maryse. Maryse called everyone idiots for taking pics of her from the guardrails and that was after she said with a smart ass attitude i will sign when i come back and then wouldn't even sign for a kid that was wearing a Maryse shirt. So stay away from her lol and Bre would just stare at you and walk away without even saying a word.


Second: If going to the Hotel is a little uncomfortable for you or you want to have some fun and still be surrounded with wrestlemania events then Axxess is the way to go. On top of the Autographs they have the live matches and all kinds of other activities its a great place to go.

The Cena Nation area with a wall climb, Trivia and ring full of sponges that you can jump into. Its fun for the kids and fun for the Adults too haha

The Hall of Fame area is great because they have costumes, pictures, artwork, clothes, cars and other stuff from Legendary superstars that are either in the HOF or will eventually be inducted into the HOF and other things that have been used in classic matches that stick out in the minds of wrestling fans.

Takers Graveyard This area is really cool. Its a graveyard they build that contains all the tombstones of the superstars Taker has taken out at Mania. Along with some used caskets from matches he has been involved with and even a hearse that was used on Mr. Kennedy. There are several areas to get pictures like Takers Thrown, His embalming table, usually a empty plot that will hold the next superstar he faces at mania and Paul Bearers photo area.

Maker your own Entrance With all the lights and stage along with the music and video from some of your favorite stars then download and ad it to Youtube or whatever else you want to do with it.

There are also some other areas such as the National Guard area where you do some cool stuff like play games or do work outs to get some small prizes.

Personally i go all 4 days only getting GA and not VIP

Lines a usually long you will want to get there at least 2 hours early if you want to get more then 2 or 3 autographs in 4 hours time.

Third: Of course you want Mania Tickets. This is the show of the year and you see and get to experience the magic that is Wrestlemania. I can promise you if you are a wrestling fan this show will put you over the top. Nothing compares to being there live and its almost surreal.

Monday Night Raw : Get tickets for Monday after. All the years of mania the Raw after is for the most part the better Raw of the year. It usually continues feuds, consists of epic returns, great debuts and and maybe you get to see the match up that headlines next years mania.

Now im going to comment on Mania it self as it was a great show. However; i know how many people love to hate on it regardless of how good it was people feel the need to whine as if someone forced them to watch it and most either didnt pay to watch it and streamed it or just read the coverage and still think there opinion means something haha.

Bryan vs Sheamus

Mania started off with a ton of fan hype for Bryan and Sheamus this was a match that the fans most wanted to see in Miami besides the HIAC and Rock vs Cena. Every day i was in Miami for Axxess, the match everyone talked about was Bryan vs Sheamus and the Yes! Yes! Yes! chants rang out even while we stood inline for autographs, interview, the hotel, waiting for Mainia to open up.

So to me it was a huge slap in the face that the 2 guys that were bumped last year for a Celebrity match was reduced to a 18 second match for again another stupid waste of time Celebrity match. So that is my big rant on this show because i really was disappointed in this and it pretty much pissed everyone else off in the building because up until the HIAC match we were chanting Daniel Bryan.

Kane vs Orton

I enjoyed this match it didn't steal the show but it was a good match. Orton losing to Kane was good i liked that i hope these guys continue the feud i think they can put on a good long last entertaining feud. I must also admit that crowed was pro Orton which i didn't expect i thought it would be split.

Cody vs Show

Good solid match again didnt steal the show but it was a match for Show since he had been the biggest loser at Mania for years. However i was very aggravated they took the belt off Rhodes and again the crowed was not all that happy either about the outcome but still the match was pretty solid.

Team Teddy vs Johnny

I was very much a Team Johnny fan because of the young Talent they had, Ziggler, Miz, D-Mac those guys are incredibly gifted and Teddy just isnt interesting to me and him winning wouldn't help anything. However i was a little confused as was most of the crowed we all thought Miz got pinned and yet the Match continued and lucky for me Miz won the match. The only thing wrong with this is that it wasn't an elimination match and it was too chaotic to fallow in the crowed.

Divas and Celebrity match im not talking about because it was a waste of everyone's time regardless if it wasnt as bad as the snookie match or not.

End of an Era

Well im pretty sure this was the best way to end Takers career he was in great shape he moved well and the match stole the show. It had us all on the edge of our seats and even me being a huge Triple H fan i couldn't be mad at how this all ended up. Just an epic clash of 2 of the best ever and having Mr. HOF involved didn't hurt either.

Jericho vs Punk

Another solid match didn't have everything i wanted out of it but hell who can complain about such a wrestle heavy match it was classic. Punk winning was good i was alittle surprised that the crowed was not more split then it was but thats good for Punk he is still over and what happened on Raw the next night was icing on the cake.

Brodus F'n Clay hell yes!

It was a little long but everyone in the crowed including myself was very into it and the placement of the match was perfect.

Rock vs Cena

What an epic match if you didn't like this match just quit watching. The crowed was incredible and Cena did a hell of a job going toe to toe with Rocky. The love that Rock got from his home town was incredible and something im sure Mr. Cena would love to have from his own home town. The match was very solid and the ending was perfect because had Rock lost to Cena i would still be watching every week but i wouldn't be buying the merch and paying a ton to go to Manias and other live wwe events again for a very long time. They are starting to turn Cena into a human being and not a superhero which is good. It was a classic match nothing over the top But ALL HAIL ROCKY!!

So over all id give a 8 out of 10 stars and it was amazing being apart of mania week again.

Thanks for reading and have a great week guys YES!! YES!! YES!!

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  1. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    Amazing blog!! Thanks for posting.... it's nice to hear from someone who was there for everything. Sounds incredible!!
  2. EricChampion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Muzza_H16
    Amazing blog!! Thanks for posting.... it's nice to hear from someone who was there for everything. Sounds incredible!!
    Thanks man it was awesome! If you have never been to one try to at least go to mania 1 time the atmosphere is incredible

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