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Real Talk!

Real Talk!: The Rock Should Have Loss To John Cena

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This is my first blog and, I'm going to be real with you guys and, give my exact opinion. The Rock should have lost to John Cena clean.The reason why is simple The Rock should have did for Cena what Hogan did for the Rock.

Hogan was a full time wrestler at the time Rock beat him, and Rock is only part time for now. How I look at it is a part time wrestler just beat the face of the company. Who knows if The Rock is even going to wrestle again his going to be too busy shooting films all year.

The Rock should have loss to Cena just as Andre The Giant loss to Hogan and Hogan loss to Rock. He should have pass the torch to John Cena.

I have no idea what wwe is doing with John Cena the biggest face of the company now that Brock Lesnar is back. There's no doubt wwe going to have Brock beat Cena, so now all wwe is going to do is bring back part timer's and have them beat the face of the company it doesn't make no sense to me.

I said all of this without even being a John Cena fan, and thats Real Talk!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Ugh, more torch talk. Hogan didn't pass the torch to The Rock. Hogan passed it to Bret Hart back in 94...Bret Hart passed it to Stone Cold...then it gets foggy after that. But Cena has already had the torch...there was no passing of it here.

    And The Rock wasn't losing cleanly in his home town. Plain and Simple.
  2. mpcoan's Avatar
    DK is spot on. A man well, well, well past his prime did not pass the torch to The Rock. The only torch The Rock could've possibly received was from Austin in his final match.
  3. Real Talk!'s Avatar
    Hogan never jobbed to Bret Hart.
  4. akbar's Avatar
    john cena has been champion more than 10 times ?!?! , he was giving the torch 7 years ago my friend...this match was a clash between 2 leaders of their era's to see who comes out on top...i think your looking at it from the wrong angle son......

    plus its good Rock won, meaning everyone in attendence went home happy knowing their home boy won..and its all about looking after the fans
  5. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    Did u watch the totally jacked up crowd of Miami on Raw? Do u think it would have happened if Rock lost? Hell there literally were signs saying "If Cena wins, we riot". Cena had his spotlight long enough. No torch to pass here. He has been in the business longer than Rock has, literally and been huge face of the co. for years and title reigns, lets not even talk about that. Did you ever hear the kind of reaction Shawn got whenever he was in Toronto? The same would've happened at Miami if Cena won for the rest of his life and he tried to emulate it by doing People's elbow. Its not about part-timers or full-timers, its about entertainment and giving fans what they want. WM28 buyrates have surpassed their target rates and everyone is feeling they got their money's worth. Its over so lets move on.
  6. Slivon's Avatar
    The only thing that got passed was The Rock's Boot to Cena's Asses.
  7. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    REAL TALK you say your not a Cena which I fucken hate when people say that but then yet again you want him to go over a man who was a way!!!!!! better wrestling entertainer than John Cena. John Cena for 6 years has been the wrestling fans bullshit!! entertainment and only cared about giving entertainment to the make a wish kids which to me is whatever he does outside the WWE don't bring it in the Wrestling Entertainment business so you can be unstoppable for a lil child they have there nickelodeon and disney channel to watch leave the Wrestling Entertainment for the 15 and over. If Cena would have won people would be throwing shit at the ring if he won or maybe people trying to jump over the barricade to give there piece of mind to the worst entertainer ever so it was a good choice The Rock won cuz If Cena won it just would've been another win for SUPERCENA FUCK THAT. Please Don't write another blog
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