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This is a New Era for WWE

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Hey everybody, this is my first ever blog


Last night as you should know Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE after success in UFC and Japan
So with that in mind many have said that the WWE is entering a new era and backing off from the PG era, so heres my thoughts

What ended it?
Well i believe that at WrestleMania the match that was built as the End of an Era truly was, We saw the last remnants of WWEs legendery stars pretty much leave, ok Shawn retired already but HHH and Taker to me have had there last matches, Taker may have one more for the streak but im not sure. So i consider this the true killer as the 3 top stars have left.
You may be saying that Brock, Rock and Tensai were stars of
Taker,HHH,HBKs era and well thats true but they left/ were future endeavored. HBK, HHH and Taker stuck with us throughout and remained top stars for a long time

Whats Starting it?
Well besides Brock kicking Cenas Ass a couple of things. At Mania The PG Era top star lost cleanly to The Rock and the 2nd biggest star lost cleanly to Kane so with that in mind aswell as Rock saying hes going after the title and Brocks return i think the WWE will have a sort inbetween era, not quite the blood and violence of the attitude but not the horrible drawbacks of PG.

What of the current roster?
Honestly im not sure. The Punk Jericho fued looks to be continuing but with Rocks intention known Punk may lost the title quicker than many thought, I predict sheamus will have a long reign so who knows how it will go on the SD side of things. So who knows, some will build up, some will most likely fall.

Predictions for this era
Either Brock or Rock will have the WWE title at Mania 29
Cody Rhodes will win the WHC
Kane will win a title again
Lord Tensai will win a title.

anyway thats all from me, thoughts and opinions are welcome

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  1. lukepopescu73's Avatar
    Kyle Fitta, Cool story bro.
  2. Wumby's Avatar
    Proof-read and edit your response when you are telling someone to improve their blog writing skills. Publishing a comment is not the same as publishing a blog, but when your own grammar and punctuation is sub-par, your advice will be ignored.
  3. Bagg's Avatar
    Having Lesnar and Rock and jericho making appearances doesn't give us any new era. PG era aint going anywhere. Sorry bud.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't see a new era happening. Brock isn't going to be on every Raw just like The Rock won't be.
  5. Geoffman654's Avatar
    You see, the Attitude Era went did so much that it's nearly impossible to top it. Once a bar is raised beyond human capacity, you have slow things down. That's what the WWE did: they started revisited WWE in 1993.
    Hahaha. The dude bitches about someone else's writing and then immediately throws this out. There were alot more mistakes than that too. You seriously need to learn how to punctuate. Anyway, maybe stop being so critical of other people.
  6. hbkeith316's Avatar
    Hilarious. The guy who tells the first guy that he is a bad writer made a ton of mistakes. I've been writing for 3 years, so my incoherent sentences are okay.LOL
  7. madnonsense's Avatar
    I don't understand some of you guys ranting on people's grammar when this is his first blog. You don't know if he is a high school student or a college student to write this kind of grammar. Therefore, I careless if anyone's blog has poor grammar nor poor punctuation.

    Moving on, having Brock Lesnar and The Rock back to WWE (signing 1-year contract) does not end the era of PG rating. Brock Lesnar and The Rock were reported to wrestle either RAW or smackdown 2-3 times per month. WM 28 most of you guys saw was a beginning of new wrestlers (old and new) to create new storylines for months to come.

    Couple things I strongly disagree with your blog is the WM 28 match between Kane and Randy Orton. You think that match ended the PG era? You CGBigMan need to redefine the rating for PG and how it is used for TV and as well for WWE (both RAW and Smackdown). If you want the PG era to end, here are my incomplete list to bring back TV-14:

    - Bring back the bra and panties match
    - Since the fans are chanting "holy shit" more often, fans should be able to chant "asshole" very loudly on public TV. I would love to hear the fans chant "asshole" to John Cena
    - Chair shots to the head (self-explanatory)
    - Bringing back the fake blood (blade) into matches
    - Have more street fight/hardcore matches. Why have one or two PPV just for these matches when it should be year round.
    - Heel stables (WWE has eliminated all heel stables because of their anti-bully campaign)

    Finally your list of wrestlers to win the WWE title/WHC title this year. Some sources I read will have Brock Lesnar and The Rock to be in a championship match but will not win the title. I can see Kane winning the WWE title/WHC title again this year. But seriously Cody Rhodes you listed to win? hahaha that's a joke! Cody Rhodes I believe will remain as a mid-card wrestler this year.

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