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The Wrestling Reaction - Raw and Wrestlemania

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What’s poppin folks! RatedATB back at it once again! What a week it’s been in this crazy world of professional wrestling. It’s been a week of excitement, disappointment, and shock. We saw a historic Wrestlemania, and one HELL of a Raw. I know I said I was going to do a Wrestlemania review, but I figured everyone was gonna do that, and I was right, so I figured I’ll just give a quick rundown of what I thought, as well as bring back the Raw Reaction, and give me thoughts on the best Raw in sometime. This time around I’ll do the Raw Reaction with a different format, and hopefully it’ll go over better than before. I won’t waste any more time, so without further ado…

As for Wrestlemania, I think it was a very good show. Of course I was upset at first with Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, but after Raw last night I think that might have saved his career if anything. I didn’t enjoy any of the skits at all, and I think the time could’ve been added to the World Title Match. Of course I enjoyed the big three matches, especially HIAC and Punk/Jericho. People say the crowd was dead for Punk/Jericho but I don’t think that was the case. I read somewhere from someone who was there who said the crowd was into the match, but was merely sitting back and savoring it, as opposed to reacting to it. The undercard was alright, I enjoyed Kane/Orton and I’m glad Kane got the win, he definitely deserves it, however, I’m not quite sure where Orton goes from here. It isn’t customary to see a face lose at Mania the way Orton did and come back storyline wise. The IC title match was meh, not bad, not good. I would’ve rather it have the 18 second finish but that’s just me. Last but not least Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy was alright, it kept entertaining and the right team won so it’s all good. Overall, it was a pretty good Mania that lived up to its expectations in my opinion.

This week’s Raw was without a doubt, one of the best I’ve seen in a long while. I usually enjoy Raw, but there was just an electric feel to this show. That is of course thanks to the crowd. This crowd made Raw feel like it used to, and I just hope that WWE took notice. Daniel Bryan was the star of the night and he only made a short appearance. The crowd WANTS Daniel Bryan, it’s obvious; I just hope WWE recognizes what they have and let this unfold to something huge. I also hope the crowds at each Raw after this keep it going. Keep the YES! chants going loud, and keep chanting Daniel Bryan, it will eventually work. Just ask Ryder.

There was a lot to be happy about on this Raw. The Rock claimed he would one day be WWE champion, and I don’t know how people can complain about this. People wanted Rock back, he came back. Then they complained he was taking the spots of younger wrestlers. Well the younger wrestlers aren’t ready yet, and you know it. If Rock wants to come back, let him come back. He’s proved he can still go, and I hope he does win the WWE title, it would bring a lot of meaning and prestige to it. Saying that everyone wants the title, even someone from Hollywood wants to come back to hold it. And if he’s going to be champion that means he has to be there every week, which is what everyone wants isn’t it?

The action on Raw was pretty solid. I enjoyed the U.S. title match and it told a decent story. Not to mention having Santino successfully defend the title is good for the belt and I think Santino brings some importance to that title. He’s obviously the most over mid carder and people love him. I wasn’t impressed with Lord Tensai, at least not yet, I think he’d be better off just coming in as A-Train. The Japanese gimmick doesn’t really work for a guy like him, since he’s…you know…not Japanese. I’ll give it some time though, I think with time he can make it work.Match of the night was without a doubt, and shockingly CM Punk vs. Henry. The crowd helped this in a lot of ways but it also told a great story and Punk sold the back brilliantly. I’m also glad to see Jericho and Punk continuing, and Jericho sold the feud beautifully with the bit with Jack Daniels. Last but not least I think Ryder and Miz put on a pretty solid match as well. Ryder looked strong, even if he lost, and Miz got a much deserving win.

Then we had the final segment. What a strong way to end Raw. Cena delivered a great promo and I think he’s starting to head in a new direction. I don’t know if it’s a heel turn, but it’s definitely a change, and hopefully for the better. I’d also be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited for Lesnar. Even with the crowd spoiling the return, and after reading the dirt sheets I STILL marked out when his music hit. It was a perfect return, the crowd was HOT, he made an impact, and it was a moment that we will never forget. My only complaint is the amount of dates he’s going to work. Two shows a month for only a year seems a bit unfair, the crowd wants to see him, and I don’t think it’d be too much to ask for him to at least be at Raws and ppvs. Maybe things will change as it’s only a minimum, but still I’m sure people would love to see more of him, I know I would.

So, two amazing nights of wrestling in a row make for a very happy wrestling fan. In fact this week reminded me why I’m a wrestling fan and I’m happy that I stuck with this crazy form of entertainment. On a side note, I’m having internet troubles and had to go to a place with wifi to put this up, but I can’t see myself doing that a whole lot, so this might be my last blog for a while until I can fix these Internet troubles. Until next time folks, be well, be safe, and have a great week. Deuces!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    "The Japanese gimmick doesn’t really work for a guy like him, since he’s…you know…not Japanese."

    Well said my man. Great Stuff. I do disagree, however, in the fact that his return is relevant at all. I think it's a waste of a signing and after a few squashes over the likes of A Ry, Tyson Kidd, and Trent Beretta, he'll be stale and left in "who gives a $hit" land. Or, as I like to refer to it as, The Burial Grounds.

    Good Write Up.

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