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RAW Reflections - April 9, 2012

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OPENING THOUGHT: This weeks episode of RAW featured three stooges to many, I would really like it if the WWE stopped with all these shameless D list celebrities promoting their crappy movies and TV shows that nobody watches, cares about or has even heard of. It really takes away from wants going on with the superstars who people pay to see. nobody goes to WWE events because can kill two birds with one stone by seeing their favorite superstar AND the three stooges. It was great to see the WWE Universe boo the three stooges. despite the pretty spot on impression of Hulk Hogan that segment was annoying and pointless. However the chokeslam was good, its usually hit or miss with non-wrestlers getting chokeslammed.

THE GOOD: John Laurinaitis finally has entrance music. Now we don't have to worry about him creeping onto the stage from the back and starting a promo. when he did that it would take forever to notice him because you couldn't hear his voice and there was no music to get your attention. I'm glad they wasted little time re-introducing Brock and Cena, I would have like to hear Brock get a chance to talk a little more but he did have an interview later on. the slap was great!! loud and forceful, from there the fight was on, Cena bloodied and the locker room cleared in order to break things up. of course The Miz avoided as much contact as possible as he hid behind the refs and other superstars.

WOW I guess Brock forgot he wasn't in the UFC anymore, gotta give cena a ton of credit for taking a legit punch in the mouth and still bringing it during the segment. some serious ground and pound. that was a great way to open the show and pick up off of last weeks crazy end to the show. i wonder if they had to change the rating of the show because of Cena's blood

I was shocked to see Cena get a louder ovation then Brock, the crowd seemed rather pedestrian when Brock entered. I wish Cena wasn't smiling when he walked to the ring, i would have liked it if he acted a little more pissed off, Brock Lesnar must have the longest arms in the world LOL.

The only thing that would have made that segment even better is if Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up and stunned every single superstar in the ring.

ALBERTO DEL RIO is my favorite wrestler after CM Punk. I love a good heel, who is cheeky and arrogant, cheats, and always runs from a fight. i think hes great, his gold tights, his arrogant smirk, his little scarf, his pyro, his music, his cars I think hes the perfect heel. he disposed of Zack Ryder who's getting a little too much TV time for my liking with a sweet cross arm breaker (awesome move). hes great.

CM PUNK and Chris Jericho, those two guys could have there own two hour wrestling show and I would love it!! This feud is really getting good and I hope it continues for at least a few more paper views. Punk really did a good job showing his emotions during one of his always amazing promos. he really looked full of rage after jericho came on the screen and worked his magic. he beat the hell out of mark henry, before henry got his revenge and left punk down and out, then came jericho, beer in hands. pouring at least 5 cans all over punks head and body. then hitting him with two code breakers, once again jericho gets the last laugh. I cant wait to see what happens next week. what kind of liquor jericho wastes or maybe punk gets his revenge. I also enjoyed the small portion of the crowd chanting "Y2J" awwwww the good ole days. Im looking forward to the no DQ title match between Punk and Henry I liked the match they had last week on raw. hopefully someone tells henry its the WWE Title hes going for not the World Heavy Weight championship. silly henry.

SANTINO is always welcome on my TV screen hes fun to watch in ring and his backstage shenanigans were great until the three stooges entered. his little segment with kane was great I love his race walking. Funk master flex or whatever his name is... I hate him, i cant stand him he drives me mad. atleast he didnt have a match that was shorter than his entrance and celebration that was a relief. but still I dont like him at all. for some reason he scares me, his face and expression just freak me out.

ZIGGLER: Dude reminds me of one of my all time faves. Bad ass billy gun. ziggler is similar to him in the ring in terms of his theatrics and how he sells. i really like watching him work. his pretty good on the mic too but never really gets to show it. I hope he has big things in his future.

THE BAD: LORD TENSAI. LET THE ALBERT CHANTS CONTINUE!!!!!!!!! poor guy that must be frustrating. hes disappears for years and comes back completely different and nobody even cares, they see him as albert. I do too. IT'S ALL A BUNCH OF WINDOW DRESSING. U CAN PUT A DRESS ON A PIG BUT ITS STILL A PIG. it doesnt matter how many weird tattoos, or asian lettering tire tread marks you have on your face, ur red forearm sleeves, ur weird spit covered hand that gives people a forehead massage. ur odd entrance and attire, none of that matters ur albert. u were boring and average before you left and now ur back trying to distract us from the fact that ur A-TRAIN. you are always gunna be A-TRAIN. im not impressed at all. two weeks and im bored already.

EVE: useless, talent less, pointless, boring, not as hot as the Bellas twins. please no more 30 second eve promo's just forget about her little push and focus on reviving the divas division. which used to have hotter divas that were also better wrestler then the ones now. i would love to see Kaitlyn get a main roster push or a title shot.

JACK SWAGGER: hes like lord tensai trying to hide how boring he is by having shiny bright colored ring attire. window dressing.

BIG SHOW: I wasnt enjoying the rhodes big show feud before WM28 and im not enjoying it now. I would like to see rhodes in the hunt for a wwe title or whc. big show deserves a title reign I hope its a long one, but i prefer him in the ring over him on the mic. plus his embarrassing cody rhodes moments are nowhere near as good as cody's embarrassing big show moments

DAVID OTUNGA: This guy went pretty heavy on the oil tonight. the way he moves and flexes he seems more male stripper then wrestler, hell he seems more male stripper then body builder.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Does anyone remember a wrestler by the name of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Rock out, Brock in. and poor cena has to be the chew toy at least for now. I love the F-5. I wish cena had a cooler finisher then the AA. the F-5 is the best.
the announcing = not good. I may need to hit my SAP Espanol button, and I dont even speak spanish. RAW this week had no chance of even coming close to last weeks, especially with the three stooges taking up time. but its good to see how some of these feuds are shaping up.... brock/cena, punk/jericho (henry). I just wish the rest of the card filled out the show as well as the main guys do.

This post was pretty long, a lot longer then i intended. I may have to start doing point form. however I tried to make the topics of each paragraph pretty clear with the CAPITALIZED letters. so if you see a topic your interested in, give it a read, leave a comment if you want with your thoughts and opinions.


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  1. madnonsense's Avatar
    WWE has put every dumb movie on RAW promoting such as the 3 stooges. But having Kane to choke slam Curly was priceless lol

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