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RAW Reflections

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WOW!! I cant remember the last time I enjoyed an episode of RAW as much as I did last night. Now a lot of that has to do with the crowd in Miami, they were fired up from the opening segment with the Rock all the way until the end when Lesnar F5'd the crap out of Cena.

THE GOOD: The rock's promo was classic rock, despite the shot he took at the canadian football league (I'm canadian and played canadian football in university) I enjoyed his promo. I mean who didn't have an eyebrow razing moment of their own when Rocky announced he wants to become the WWE Champ again someday. That is very exciting news even if your not completely in love with the rocks return. I really think that segment with the rock set the tone for the rest of the night. It also began the YES! chants that went on for the entire show.

CM Punk is an amazing in ring performer. every time hes in the ring he shows us why he is the best in the world. he did it again yesterday. when i see Mark Henry in a match i cringe, i hate watching him move about the ring like a sloth. but I must say i really enjoyed the match between the two of them. it helped that mark henry was extra pissed off, but punk really helped elevated mark henry's game and it was a really good back and forth match. of course the presence of Jericho is always a good thing and he really did a good job despite his slip and the bottle he smashed on punk clearly breaking before getting anywhere near punks head.

Santino Marella is one of my favorites. his race walk to the ring and his antics are great. the match was somewhat predictable and triple threat turned handicap match, ending with the two teammates arguing giving santino a chance to steal the win. I could have done without the Brodus clay appearance just because i cant stand him in the least, he scares me for some odd reason.

Sheamus getting a boooooo filled reaction from the daniel bryan loving yes chanting crowed was awesome. i was glad to see alberto del rio back, I really like him as a heel. now it looks as if the rivalry will be with sheamus and del rio. where does that leave Daniel Bryan????? the heel turned face because of an 18 second loss and a sweet catchphrase. and sheamus the face who wins the title and nobody cares because hes boring on the mic and stole daniel bryan's thunder. interesting.

The crowd last night was awesome, everything from yes chants to si chants for ADR. and even holy shit chants, take that PG rating. it was great to see a crowd that involved and that jacked up from start to finish it really makes the experience of watching raw a lot better. that crowd really made a positive impact on the show, they helped make it even better.

THE BAD: Lord Tensai. It must be very very frustrating to disappear from the wwe for so long and return as a completely new character. only to have people chant A-train, or you shaved your back. thats gotta suck, he could have at least used a new finishing move. A-bomb, come on man. for me he just didnt have the impact the WWE would have liked.

I would like to see this cody rhodes big show feud end. cody rhodes is far to enjoyable as a heel to be tied down to a long feud with the big show.

just the sight of the miz is enough to ruin my day and the way he climbs onto the apron during his entrance reminds me of something a diva would do. i have about the same dislike for zack ryder as well, he annoys the hell out of me. and eve, please get rid of her, give it up already. shes useless, cant act, cant speak and i really dont find her attractive.

THOUGHTS: Seeing Brock Lesnar on my tv with the little WWE logo on the bottom of the screen was awesome, HES BACK. hearing his music hit was great because you knew it was coming, the crowd knew it was coming, everyone wanted it and BOOM there it is. I'm glad hes back. but my god i cant bare another year long, over hyped WM main event leading to an underwhelming match. Rock vs Cena was enough, i got tired of history lessons and Cena saying the same crap every week about how he neeeeeeeds this win.

I'm so happy to see Daniel Bryan getting the love he deserves, I felt so bad for him that he got 18 seconds on the biggest stage of them all after being in the dark match at WM27. I'm curious to see where he goes from here

not looking forward to sheamus' title run. i find him very boring on the mic, and not overly exciting in the ring. hes going to have to find a way to win the crowd back because it seems like every time they see him they think DANIEL BRYAN. or at least last night they did.

I also got annoyed when Cena acknowledged the yes chants in his promo and then said your welcome bryan or you owe me, something like that. Hey cena guess what. daniel bryan doesnt need you to acknowledge his chant for it to become popular in fact most people would probably stop saying the yes chants if it was in some way associated with you.

now on the road to WM29 i would like to see ziggler get more of a push enough of this vickie g, jack swagger bs.

anyways these are just some thoughts, leave a comment if you want.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Decent blog. I'm sorry to rain on the parade, but Ziggler's going nowhere fast. With Brock back, Jericho staying, Rock's eventual return, and Cody Rhodes on the rise, plus Del Rio's evident push...yet looks like poor Ziggles is in for another year of mid-card irrelevancy.

    Good write up. Everything you said was pretty much true. I happen to like Mark Henry and Big Show, with the major powerhouse style...but to each their own.
  2. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    It was a good blog I liked everything you said especially with what you said about Shamus I never liked him since his face turn cuz it seems to me every time they turn a heel into a face we get another John Cena a smily, boring and kissing the fans asses to get a pop. WWE needs to build up on characters especially on Cena cuz he has no character that's why he get boooed and wants to be himself because of his reputaion with the make a wish BORING!!. The Rock's promo was awesome i hope he does win the WWE championship again just to get rid of the ugly piece of shit title they got now. Brock Lesnars return was fucken awesome as well it had me jumping like a kid and for him to F5 the leader of the Fruit Loop Troop was even better. Great Raw and Great Crowd I haven't been happy in seeing great Wrestling Entertainment like this in a long time hope it continues
  3. YES! YES! YES!'s Avatar
    Hey Thanks a lot for the comments guys!!

    You made some good points about Ziggler, I never thought about all the other big name guys who have to get their screen time, Its too bad because hes great to watch.

    I completely agree with you about sheamus and cena. that's what sucks about cena because hes genuinely a great guy who does a lot of work with the make a wish and all that, the wwe cant afford to ruin every kids life by making him bad. it would be like telling them Santa isn't real.

    and with sheamus ur right, u cant just turn someone into a good guy and expect the fact that he beats up the heels to be enough, u need charisma and character. or else u get boring....."Im going to kick ur as fella" lol.

    I would love to see that title belt disappear, the World Heavy weight belt is way nicer. I guess were just lucky it doesn't spin anymore.

    anyways guys thanks again for the comments be sure to read any future blogs of mine if u want.

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