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Lesnar: Taping the leaks of the dam.

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Woo! LESNAR! YAY! Doesn't it feel great to say his name? Isn't it great to see him on TV again!? Dagger-Chest! On WWE Programming!

How well do you people know me?

Lesnar. Yeah, I like Lesnar. I'm not an MMA fan, but I really do like the man. While he's not the most technically sound wrestler, that was years ago. He could very easily be better--who knows? I'm queuing up Lesnar v. Giant Bernard in Japan right now. The only thing that could've made me more excited about Raw (if the crowd wasn't chanting his name--Yes, hot crowds are great, but fuckin' spoilers, guys) would've been the surprise return of Lesnar's last opponent in a WWE Ring.

But one thing really worries me about Lesnar being back. It was worrying when Rock v. Cena was announced, though nowhere NEAR as much as Lesnar. While Lesnar is another man who will bring in non-traditional WWE/Wrestling fans, the Rock was the Icon. They could bill it as a Icon v. Icon, and they did. Lesnar v. Cena? Should we see who can dead lift or squat the most? No? 'Ight.

Lesnar is a stop-gap. He's not a fix, he's not a permanent fixture for years to come, although I expect to see him a lot over the next few months and maybe all the way to Wrestlemania 29. At least a lot more than the Rock. The Brock (see what I did there? Witty AND insightful.) feuding with John Cena is too soon. We're still in the afterglow of Wrestlemania and the Rock's win. So why did they bring Lesnar in this fast?

Creative and/or Vince have no idea what else to do. Cena is going to feud yet again with a man who hasn't been in a WWE ring with any real regularity for years (none in the case of Lesnar, but at least he wrestled in Japan). They could've easily gone the slow, woo-is-me heel turn angle, or had Cena come out and do his best impression of HHH on the Rock's back. They could've had Lord Tensai bowl over the man, though that's not much better than Lesnar.

The point is, Vince and/or Creative is trying to plug up the bad ratings with big names--when recent ratings have suggested it doesn't work for shit. The Rock didn't do much for weekly ratings and Survivor Series, so they're hoping Lesnar might improve it. I'm going to go out on a very, very sturdy limb and say it will increase for a week or two, then retract. Why? Because this isn't new. As much as humans seem to like old and classic, we strive even more for new. Rock isn't new. Lesnar isn't new. The Punk Pipe Bomb was an old flavour with a Pepsi Twist. Nexus Invasion was the same.

The WWE isn't producing new stars. Whether it's the new talent or Vince losing his genius is up to debate. If the WWE cannot produce more top tier characters, top tier HEELS, in the next year, they are in serious, serious trouble. Name the top heel (John Cena doesn't count) in the company right now. Chris Jericho? John Laryngitis*? While we all love Jericho, I don't see him sticking around past Wrestlemania 29. And Laryngitis isn't a wrestler! Who's next? Dolph Ziggler? Cody Rhodes? Both of those men had mid-card title matches in the last three days. While Cody may be on the up-n-up, Dolph seems to be slipping slightly in limbo.

Who else--Wade Barrett? Injured, a terrible shame. The Miz? Isn't even close to what he was a year ago. Mark Henry and Kane are aging. Del Rio? Del Rio, like the Miz, seems to be a shell of his former glory. Quite honestly, I've run out of heels I can name. The two biggest names in the WWE since the turn of the year have been John Cena and CM Punk. Faces will always be top, but when they don't have that many good heels to step over to the top, the product suffers.

WWE--Stop bringing back old talent for one, maybe two feuds, get your heads out of your asses, and remember how to make heels. When your go-to ratings gimmick is to bring back a former wrestler to dominate the FACE OF THE COMPANY--who then gets CHEERED and ADORED for doing so--You've. Fucked. Up.

*Laryngitis is actually really entertaining. He's a fresh take on the old "Evil Boss" character and it works. Funkasaurus is another new, fresh character. You can feel a heartbeat, but it still isn't very strong.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    You my friend have quite a way with words.. Enjoyed your blog beginning to end. Despite what others may think/post, you pretty much nailed it.. Heck while reading, I asked myself full out; "what are his in depth views on the Rock vs Cena match??"...Ive been contemplating writing my first blog on how I truely felt about the match and what not..yet words cant seem to come to mind... They say great minds think alike...dwell on the matter, yet i'd sincerely be interested in your views... Thanks again...Enjoyed
  2. akbar's Avatar
    wow, youve basically just stole my whole blog and wrote a better version of it, which i now wont be posting...LOL....anyways thats exactly what i was thinking, i thought after WM this would be the new era of rhodes and ziggler but there going to have to take a big step back now. not that im complaining brock and rock are back but its definetly a shame for the hard working mid carders...
  3. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    I think it is also a good thing,
    Il explain why..
    with the rock brock taker HHH and other legends all being pushed forward for mania 29 this gives younger talent to push the boundaries, get themselves noticed and recieve a push

    for two long it felt like wrestlers where just waiting for their mitb win and wwe title reign this gives them a chance to fight for their spot

    might make things better
  4. Kincaid's Avatar
    I'm not asking this to be rude, I'm seriously asking: What about the Nexus debut wasn't a new concept? You said it was old with a "pepsi twist". Because it was a stable of wrestlers beating people up? CM Punk got praise for doing a worked shoot and he did a great job but that had been done. I think creative deserves credit for the first night of Nexus. It was very well done and left everyone shocked. Now disregard the REST of the Nexus angle. Lol.
  5. San-The-Beast's Avatar
    I think the band aid solution they are doing is a good thing because while people are tuning in to see what the rock or the Brock does next they were watching the zigglers and Rhodes and the rest of WWE . Youth movement not only wrestle but cut great promos and if the process they may like what they see and become regular fans again. It may just be me but I like the product we are getting there's definitely room for improvement but we are getting new faces out there instead of the usual Orton cena world champions snore fest you should stop nit picking and sit back and enjoy the show
  6. Bagg's Avatar
    Amen, nice blog. I would only disagree with u on the Punk thing. I mean lets face it, nothing is really going to be "new" again, EVERYTHING (legal) has been done before for the most part. I thought he did great before he got neutered so to speak. glad to see brock back, but like you, why does he have to be there with cena? If anything, to make any sense of it, they should just have lesnar wanting to destroy the WWE, rather than just cena, and then have a program with anyone else, swagger, ziggles, rhodes, mcintyre. Just something better than, "i want that belt" or "im better than you Cena" or whatever. Just something different that someone underneath can work off of and get a rub from.
  7. RomanFlare's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kincaid
    I'm not asking this to be rude, I'm seriously asking: What about the Nexus debut wasn't a new concept?
    My point must've been unclear: I was saying that the Nexus Stable was enough of a new spin on a really old concept (Powerhouse, Heel Stable dominates the show/company) that it became a new concept. Just like Punk-Laryngitis being a new concept built on the same very basis of Austin-McMahon (Rowdy employee vs Boss). They're two completely different concepts, but they share the same basic foundation.

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