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Thoughts About WWE, Cena, Orton, Punk & More

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What's good folks! This is my very first Blog so forgive me for my inexperience. I am noob at blogging but in many ways in my knowledge of wrestling and its history though I've been watching for nearly 30 years. I don't know all the lingo or jargon of the business and I haven't always followed in depth the careers of its participants. With that said though, I do enjoy the entertainment which is why I'm voicing my opinion on the state of things particularly in the WWE.

First off at its present state, the WWE in my opinion hasn't been this stale since before the attitude era started to catch on and droves of fans were tuning out to watch WCW. The only other alternative to watch now is TNA which seems to be a hybrid of what was the best of WCW and the worst of WWE in terms of the brand itself not the wrestlers. ROH, I unfortunately know nothing about so I can't speak on it. The talent pool in WWE though seems to be spread way too thin between both Raw and Smackdown. Maybe its time to reunite both shows into one and make it 3 hours. The top tier talent leaves much to be desired and the vets for the most part can no longer carry the brand. The writers seem to be out of touch in coming up with decent story lines and the ones that they do come up with simply fall flat or are phased out. Now as far as some of the talent goes......

John Cena - What can I say? I like him. From a technical stand point he's far from being that guy other wrestlers or fans will say when he's done was the best to ever do it. But his work ethic and loyalty to both the brand and the business is undeniable. Call him a kiss ass or call him whatever you want, he's a class act in my opinion. It's just unfortunate WWE creative team can't seem to do anything else with his character and he's now taking a beating from the wrestling world for it.

Randy Orton - I hear a great deal of criticism over his in ring ability, his promos and overall how he is just boring. I wont go into detail over why I disagree but I can only liken Orton to one guy, that guy being Jake the Snake Roberts. Athleticism or intensity never came to mind with Jake. What was always memorable though was how methodical he was. Psychologically no one played it better than Jake the Snake and Randy in my opinion definitely is reading from that play book.

CM Punk - He just might be a wrestler's wrestler. He has that old school approach being its about wrestling and not just sports entertainment. His straight edge attitude resonates with many but as it may be his greatest strength it may also be his greatest weakness. I'm not surprised with the mixed audience reactions he's receiving. He's not being booed but he's not getting that same pop that he was getting some months back when he was really playing into the rebel role.

Wade Barrett
- I liked this guy from the get go. He has that Brit arrogant, pompous blue blood flair that just makes you want to hate him. Plus I think he has fairly good in ring skills and definitely can work the mic. This guy was born to be a heel. William Regal should be managing this guy. If any heel should be Champion, Wade definitely fits the bill.

Alberto Del Rio - As good as he is and I do like him, I don't think he has the appeal to last. The talent is there without a doubt. When he first premiered I immediate thought we had a modern day Razor Ramon with the arrogance of The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. Though he is out of the picture for now I hope when he returns he doesn't just fade into obscurity like the WWE has done with so many talented wrestlers over the years.

Thanks for listening all. Hope my little observations and opinions were not too over bearing to read. I don't plan on blogging much. I do read and agree with many of the blogs on this site and I just wanted to put in my two cents. Again thank you all and I would appreciate any response

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