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WWE Raw: Wrestlemania Fallout

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So the big news is that Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE! But I will deal with that later. The first thing I want to talk about is The Rock. He came out celebrating his victory against Cena at Sundays Wrestlemania and told us that he had a "vision" of him with the WWE Championship. In my opinion that would be pretty epic and would love to see him at the top again. However, he is a movie star now, and any logical person will know that we won't be seeing The Rock week in and week out on Raw. For a start I think I read he is going to be filming a new movie pretty soon, so we have to take this "vision" as a teaser for the coming year in the WWE and that it was farewell, for now, from The Rock. I don't think we will be seeing much of him for a while now. Maybe he will come back in August for Summerslam as I believe he is under contract to wrestle at 3 or 4 PPV's over the year.

Moving on to the Jericho Punk feud. When I saw the "Johnny" had put Punk in a match with Mark Henry I instantly thought "Great, we are going to have a feud between Punk and Henry for the title and WWE writers have completely ditched the Jericho story". "Great" being used in a sarcastic way as I really do not rate Mark Henry and find in rather boring in the ring. To my surprise, Jericho popped up after Punk had taken the "worlds strongest slam" on the outside of the ring. Pouring the booze all over Punk and continuing the rivalry was a brilliant continuation of the story for me and I hope that they can keep the good work up. I think it could be interesting with the promise of more title matches for Punk to defend from our best buddy "Johnny".

Now for the John Laurainitis story and the "era of the people" or what ever bull he came out with this week. I hope to see Teddy Long coming back and challenging for General Manager of both brands or somehow becoming General Manager of at least SmackDown again before the Draft. As the Draft is either next week or the week after I don't think this is likely but I can hope. The reason I say this is because surely the writers realise how boring, useless and hopeless on the mic "Johnny" is! He stumbles through his lines most weeks which annoys me A LOT, and just seems to have no presence in the ring when he speaks. Suffice to say, I am not a fan of this story and the outcome from 'Mania and it will probably become as annoying as the Anonymous General Manager story that seemed to go on for a millennium!

Another part of Raw I found annoying was the "debut" of Lord Tensai, or better known as Albert or the A Train. Don't get me wrong, he is a decent enough wrestler, but the fact that Cole and King were talking as if they had never seen him wrestle before and he was some knew talent really grated on me. They had to do it, I know, as A Train returning is hardly a huge return, especially with the return of Lesnar later on in the show. It was just a match that grated on me, that's all. I can't see "Lord Tensai" becoming a key superstar but it was nice to see an old face back.

Now for the big one...Lesnar's return to the WWE. When that music hit I literally got goosebumps and a shiver down my spine! It took me back to the good days, especially the epic match between him and Kurt Angle. Added to this "shock" of him coming back was the crowds reaction! They were absolutely phenomenal last night when Lesnar walked out from behind that curtain! In fact throughout that whole night I think it was one of the best crowds I have seen for months on Raw! The only downside that I felt was that everyone in the crowd and I should expect everyone at home (including me) knew that he had re-signed for WWE. The chanting of "we want Lesnar" also kind of spoiled the "surprise" that his return was supposed to be. In a way though, it was highly unlikely that WWE were ever going to hide it from the public before the event.

So what are they going to do with Brock? Well they evidently are going to start a Cena feud for an upcoming PPV, whether it will come to a head a Extreme Rules, that is debatable. I think his in ring return deserves a bigger PPV than Extreme Rules, but that is my opinion. I read on here earlier that with The Rock saying he wants the WWE Championship and Lesnar being back, they reckon that a Rock vs. Brock match at Wrestlemania 29 could be on the cards. If that's the case that would be pretty epic, but they won't announce that for many months yet so we best hold fire on that idea.

Anyway I am pleased that Lesnar is back as I was a big fan of his back in the day. Welcome back Brock!

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  1. drumn4life0789's Avatar
    Good blog except on the Lord Tensai part. I am pretty sure either Cole or King mentioned that he was a previous WWE super star that when over to Japan and dominated everyone there.
  2. Mr_Wrestlemania's Avatar
    Yeah they did, but for the rest of the math they seemed to disassociate themselves from his previous WWE stint
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Enjoyed your blog as per usual... Indeed nice to see someone share the same mentality I do.
  4. Mr_Wrestlemania's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PhEonYx
    Enjoyed your blog as per usual... Indeed nice to see someone share the same mentality I do.
    Thanks man!!

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