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STATE OF THE 'E: Think I Wouldn't Post About WMXXVIII?

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Well, you're obviously wrong. Welcome again to the ALWAYS imitated but NEVER duplicated, STATE OF THE 'E in blog form! I'm your host for the evening, Rated_R(ob)KO!! The topic for tonight? WrestleMania XXVIII of course! And I need to start by saying a couple things so, here goes:

1.) I fully, fully... FULLY support other shows doing their thing during "WrestleMania Weekend". It's a great time to be a wrestling fan because literally every promotion is in the surrounding area trying to make a buck. Nothing wrong with that at all. But, "WrestlemMania Weekend" is just that. There is no alternative, there is nothing else... well, at least until the next day. I can honestly say I saw DG:USA and ROH's shows, while both were amazing, WrestleMania was untouchable this year.

2.) Is there anything you guys WON'T bitch about here on thw IWC? C'mon! You guys had everything handed to you for WrestleMania and you complained about it!! Yeah, D-Bry had an 18 second match. Within storyline he deserved it. It's karma. He's been doing bad things to everyone since December and even before then, it's bound to catch up to him, and within storyline, it did. Too bad, so sad. He's cemented now though... deal with it. The entire PPV wasn't bad because D-Bry had a shit match. And if you think so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

Now, on that note... I see a TON of people over reacting about WM this year... why? Did it not entertain you? Were you not excited at least one time? Come on man, I know I said it earlier but... there had to be something you liked.

1.) Sheamus title reign.
2.) D-Bry's shocking loss.
3.) Maria Menounos's makeup incident.
4.) Big Show becoming the ONLY man to hold every Championship, and become a Triple Crown Champion in the process.
5.) Team Lauranitis winning and everything that happened in the match.
6.) Hell In A Cell
7.) CM Punk OFFICIALLY becoming the FACE of THE 'E... that entrance, the match, the ending... all of it. He's finally arrived.
8.) The Rock beat Cena... CLEAN!!!
9.) The Bridge Club
10.) Lack of cheesy backstage crap.
11.) Decent musical performances.

Those are just some of the things... WrestleMania was indeed epic! My house was completely all in and there were almost 20 people present for it. During the HIAC match we were losing our minds, same with Punk/Jericho and Rock/Cena... it was insane the whole night and for anyone to actually say it was bad needs to find out exactly why they're so jaded in life. When amazing entertainment can't entertain you, there's something wrong with that picture.

I think you're trashing things just to do it. You find everything that's wrong and nitpick it to the nth level. Its sad... I chose last year to ride full on and see where it takes me. To not care what the "dirtsheets" and the IWC think... I tried to not be bitter about the little things and DAMN it's paying off!!

When you let the "magic" back and you stop caring what everyone else thinks and only care about what you think... it becomes a lot easier. I have always said IMO "The Attitude Era" was a flash in the pan that didn't even last 10 years but everyone remembers it like it was amazing... if you watched wresttling in the 70's, they hated the 80's for what it did to the "sport". If you started watching in the 80's and went into the 90's... THEY hated it.. the trend continues from one generation to the next.

You're not the first person to complain about a current wrestling trend, and you're not the last. You're not special because you can bash something like everyone else is. It makes you a sheeple haha. I'm glad I have so many people around me that like wrestling and understand it and understand the business aspect of it. Because once you do, it'll take some of the venom out of you.

Go ahead, stop watching THE 'E. Please, maybe you can take all the other like minded ones and form a little club or something. I'll be here still watching and in a few years when it's "cool" to like wrestling again, you'll be back and be a poser to boot. Because lets face it, pro wrestling is in an upswing right now and were on the cusp of an interesting few years. Ride the sideline and pretend to hate, quit watching, it doesn't matter.

I'll be here to greet you when you come back and ask you how your vacation was. I'm spent after such an awesome show. I had to come to work and miss RAW tonight but, I know everything that happened and can't wait to see it when I get home in the morning. *CHEERS* To THE 'E for an awesome couple days, and HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!

Remember to leave questions, comments, concerns, dog grooming tips, pie recipes, death threats and general jerkness below. I'll be back with blog #45 soon enough... See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    amazing blog and like il never stop watching wrestling...but you sure wrestling will become 'cool' again lol ? , personally i doubt that will happen simply becos the next generation of superstar are being groomed to have the attitude of cena whereas you neeed a stone cold to change things, saing that i dont really give a fuck is wrestling is cool or a fan for life...
  2. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    i like to pretend that wrestling is cool by wearing WWE shirts out and about at least twice a week, but some of my friends still call me 'gay' so they have a long way to go
  3. willy316's Avatar
    Really??!! Really??!! Wrestling cool again?? U gotta be kidding me mate !!
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    the thing is i used to be exciting about every single match that isn't the case anymore and i'm allowed to bitch because it's my opinion it's the right that i have you say it like we have some kind of duty to be positive about wrestlemania i do not see it as a duty i'm sorry.
    was i dissapointed with it? yet like alot of times.
    will i stop watching? no i won't there are still people i enjoy watching in wwe and they are still in wwe and i for one can't wait until william regal get's to rap againXD straight up gangster trippin'
  5. Royce's Avatar
    Great blog! I feel the exact same way! I have enough real shit to complain about so i guess i dont need to complain about wrestling... Espeshally when it is so damn good right now... This past year has been good and its getting better every night... Last nights raw was unbelievable! Henry vs punk was so good it shocked me... Great blog man! Good to hear the positivity!
  6. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    I love love love love this whole blog, I feel the same thank you for saying it!
  7. knox's Avatar
    i love your blogs man you always find the good in everything. I really appreciate reading them. I hate seeing blogs filled with bitching. All of these "State of the E'" blogs are top class, great reads. Good job bro. Couldn't agree more with this post. I still don't think Cm Punk is the face of the E' just quite yet but he's on the right track. His drawing numbers are lacking. I still think Cena's the face, regardless he's still the poster boy and draws the biggest reaction of any wrestler. Cm Punk is close however.
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