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Thank you Miami

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This blog is gunna be short and sweet and really is just a shout out basically but oh well i feel they deserve it.

Watching Wresltemania and Raw last night made me realize how great a WWE audience Miami is, perfect host for wrestlemania. The crowd was so amped all night for mania even with some lackluster matches they still were a great crowd. And Monday nights Raw? All I can say is WOW with the chanting of 'yes' yes' 'yes' 'ohhhhhhh yes' during the punk henry match it was great it made the match great to watch seeing the crowd get into to the show as much as they did. I havnt seen a crowd this enthused since the punk cena mitb match which i think made the match seem ten times better then it actually was when you look back and watch it but it just amde the whole experience that much better which is what WWE is supposed to be about, entertainment! And for the first time in a while i was actually really entertained watching RAW and was excited, not because the show was anything special, although i did like the show, but because the audience just comepletely made the night. I wish more crowds were like this instead of just sitting on their asses all night, crowds forget they make the show soemtimes, not the WWE.

So thanks Miami, thanks for making the show exciting again showing us all why we are all wrestling fans, more audiences need to get pumped like the Miami audience was, it just makes the show better for everyone.

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  1. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    The crowd was so hot due to a large majority of them being the crowd from WM, which meant you had a lot of overseas fans who don't get to attend a live WWE event that often, so they went nuts for everything!
  2. SykJones's Avatar
    The crowd at Raw last night set the standards of what a live crowd shouls be like, living in England, raw is shown at 2 in the morning so i usually record it and fast forward to the good part but with last nights raw i watched from start to finish. I don't know how but for some reason because the live crowd was interested it made me interested.
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