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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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It has been 24 hours since Wrestlemania, and with that, the fallout from Wrestlemania on Monday Night Raw has come to a close. There were surprises, debuts, proclamations, and shocking returns!!!!!!!! Lets get right into it shall we?

The Bad

Actually guys, and I might catch a lot of heat from this..I don't think there was anything bad on Raw. Reviewing all of the matches and promos, there was some stuff that I'm indifferent about, but overall I have to say this was a really good show after Mania, so lets get into the indifferent shall we?

The Indifferent

Sheamus/ADR promo
Now I know some are excited about Alberto Del Rio returning, and while I think it is cool, I was kind of hesitant at first. The ADR from before his injury was stale and stagnant, and the taste we got of him at Elimination Chamber honestly made me cringe at the thought of ADR coming back. Though his little promo in his return, I must say, was better than expected. It was none of his usually destiny crap, and if he steers clear of it, I'll be glad to see ADR with a mic in hand. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio match at Extreme Rules

Lord Tensai vs Alex Riley
First off, I thought it was interesting of the WWE to mention that A-Train was a former WWE star who had returned, which I don't think happens often, especially when the star is repackaged. The match itself, wasn't god awful either. I mean, Riley didn't get in any offense, but we saw some cool stuff from Tensai. Add to that, he seems like he is in better shape than his last run, not bad at all. Granted it was a squash, and I hope they don't take him the same direction they did with Brodus of just having squashes, but only time will tell. I give this match a 2/5. Not bad for Lord Tensai's debut.

Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston
There isn't really much to say about this match, because it was super short. Needless to say, I'm not surprised they are continuing the Show/Rhodes feud, which I think is a good idea. The build up to Mania for these two was decent, and I think having it culminate at Extreme Rules is a good way to blow it off. For those that think Rhodes is "getting buried" because of his loss to Show last night and his loss to Kofi tonight..calm down. If Rhodes was a seasoned veteran like Orton or Cena or someone, I would agree, but to me, this is just the start of a rise to the top for Rhodes. He is still staying relevant, and getting people to talk about him.

The Good

The Rock Promo
For one of the first times since The Rock came back in February this year, The Great One had me captivated with this promo. Maybe it was the high from Wrestlemania last night, or maybe it is just because The Brahma Bull was being himself, I really digged this promo. Then having The Rock end it with his vision of being the WWE Champion again, just gave me chills. A great way to kick Raw off with a bang. Granted we probably won't see The Great One for a little while, I for one will be looking forward to the next time he steps into the ring.

Dolph Ziggler vs Santino Marella vs Jack Swagger
This to me was a decent match. It wasn't spectacular, but it served its purpose. It showed a wedge in the alliance between Swagger and Ziggler, and my guess is within the next few months we will see a split from the two of them, with Ziggler becoming the face. Add to that, we get a surprising retain by Santino, because in all honesty I expected Ziggler or Swagger to walk away with the win, this was a good first match for Raw. Wait though..add to it a purpose for the Funkasaurus, thank you WWE for stopping the Clay squash matches. Needless to say the big OH moment for me in all of this segment was when Ziggler went after Clay only to be on the receiving end of a massive headbutt. It just looked wicked. I'm guessing a teaming of Kunky and Santino against Ziggler/Swagger that'll lead to the disbandment of Ziggler/Swagger. I give this match a 2.5/5.

Mark Henry vs CM Punk
When Johnny A announced this match, I was excited but the excitement soon deflated because I didn't think we would get anything great from Henry. I was wrong. This match was really good all considering. There is no denying that the fans really hyped up the interaction in this match. The match to me was a 2.5/5 on its own, but add in the fans reactions/interactions, I give it a 3/5. It is what happened after the match that had me going "holy s***!" I knew the Y2J/Punk feud wasn't done, but man..Jericho lived up to his word, and to me took this feud to another level if that is even possible. The ending with Jericho smashing the bottle over Punks head, just ominous of whats to come between these two.

The Miz vs Zack Ryder
This match actually surprised me. Ryder seemed more fierce in the ring, and I really liked it. It wasn't so much of the cheerful jolly Ryder, and more of the kicking ass/taking names Ryder. I figured Miz was going to get the win, but seeing the amount of offense Ryder got in surprised me in a good way. I would give this match a 2.5/5. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a feud between these two considering what went on at Mania and tonight.

The Crowd
Yes..the crowd. The crowd was the 2nd best part of the night. Why only the second'll see. Let's take a look at the crowd tonight. Here are some of the things they chanted. Yes...yes...yes, Si..Si..Si, We Want Lesnar, You Still Got It, Holy Shit. To me, this crowd was 100x more pumped than the fans at Mania which to me is just insane! I think having this extremely hot crowd really helped make Raw one of the greatest in the last few years. If the fans had been dead, I think a lot of opinions, mine included, would have really differed about Raw tonight. My hope is with all of the things that have gone on, the crowds all around the US will be even a fraction of how hot this crowd was.

John Cena Promo/Most Shocking Moment Of The Night
First off, I am surprised by the direction the WWE went. There were rumblings that the WM 29 main event would be announced, and I was in the boat that it would be Cena vs Rock for another time, but thankfully, we didn't get that. This promo from Cena, while not his greatest of all time, I did really enjoy nonetheless. This was a moment when the WWE could have grabbed the reigns of a Cena heel turn, and did something that a lot of people have been asking for. Instead, we still get the same Cena. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. If anything, it is a good thing. Hear me out. We get to see where Cena goes from here after his loss with The Rock, and I think it will lead to the edgier side of Cena we have seen lately. Even in his promo tonight, I felt like we would start seeing more of that from Cena in months to come. Here is the best part though. Throughout Cena's promo, we kept hearing a chant. A chant that had me wishing I was there to chant along....We Want Lesnar. Just seeing Cena's face when the fans were chanting this, made me laugh. happened.....The Next Big Thing finally returned to the WWE! The moment his music hit, and he stepped out onto the entrance stage...these were my exact words..." OH F***! HE IS BACK!!!!!!!!" For a brief moment today, I thought this whole Batista/Lesnar stuff was just a bad april fools joke from the WWE, but I am freaking glad it wasn't. This leads to so many questions. Where will Lesnar go from here? Will he become the WWE Champion again this year? Which exciting feuds will he see from him? What does this mean for Cena? Where does Cena go from here. I don't know about you all....but I am excited for where the WWE is going.

Well folks, Wrestlemania is over, the first Raw after Mania is over, but the fallout and backlash, is far from over. I hope you all enjoyed reading, I look forward to everyones thoughts and comments, and until next time, stay Raw, and I leave you with this image.

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  1. Tribe's Avatar
    Another Great Blog ...

    I agree it is very hard to find something wrong with the show tonight it was a good show right after wrestlemaina. I could have did without the whole Eve segment as I am sick of her BUT overall there were alot of good things about the show.

    I have to admit I stopped watching wrestling for a period of time. I started back again about 2 years ago. I never saw Brock Lesnar the first time around I have never really got into UFC so I looking forward to seeing him and what he is all about.

    My first thought of the crowd was boy are they on fire tonight (even if I didn't like Sheamus getting booed by some of the crowd) ... but it made the show very enjoyable to watch.

    My win of the night was Punk and Jericho.

    Again great read ....

  2. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    Great Blog man I liked everything you said except for the John Cena part what you need to understand is John Cena will never get cheered Like the great wrestling entertainers The Rock, Austin, Undertaker and the list goes on just for the fact that he only entertained the people who bought his merchandise which is why he gets boooed all the time and will keep getting boooed if he keeps being this Superman boring character which to me Cena ain't a Wrestling Character he wants be himself in the wrestling ring and he mentions it all the time that's the reason he doesn't turn heel because of his make a wish status which to me is bullshit!!! cuz you don't mix wrestling entertainment with whatever it is you do outisde the WWE cuz we all know Chris Jericho is not a real bad guy, we all know Cm Punk is really not the best in the world, we all know that Kane is not really a monster and we all know that is all show but these kids make it seem it's real because of there so called role model makes them think it is that's why he always wins so they can buy another one of power ranger t-shirts. But Tonight was one of the best raws in a very long time The Rock's promos was awesome, Chris Jericho attacking Punk was awesome and the return of Brock Lesnar then giving the man I always hated since his debut an F5 to end the show made my night.
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    The crowd was at a fever pitch. Great promos, great stories, good matches. What WWE has done having Brock attack Cena is force a lot of the fans that would normally boo him now cheer for him. My guess is for the next few months Brock is gonna beat the living shit out of Cena. Dam the WWE for making us cheer Cena, but it will work.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Great Blog, Again. I wasn't as high on Lord Tensai. I thought he looked just as fat and sloppy in the ring as he always did. I did like the Claw after the match though.

    The crowd was amazing. Their voices were heard in protest to what happened with Daniel Bryan and I loved it all night.

    Great Stuff Man.
  5. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Great blog chief, completely agree!

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