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Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review

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And I thought WrestleMania was great…

I expected something special from the fallout of WrestleMania, but tonight’s Raw was truly epic. I expected a great Rocky speech (which we got), and I expected Jericho/Punk to continue (which we got), but a Brock Lesnar return was a great shock to me. Many of those reading this probably expected it from reading Ryan Clark’s updates on this very site, but I purposely avoided spoilers all week because it was WrestleMania week. It’s also the same reason I haven’t posted a review all week – why offer a critique on WrestleMania? It’s the greatest week in the WWE year and I simply decided to enjoy it. Instead I decided to give my blog a permanent title, and in honour of the Florida crowd tonight, I went with ‘Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review’. I hope you like it. Anyway, on with what was an epic Raw.

I honestly have no idea how to dissect this week’s Raw, so I’m going to work it segment-by-segment.

Rocky’s prophecy

It’s a safe bet that we expected The Rock to open Raw, and we easily expected him to give us a not-so-farewell speech, but for what it was worth I liked it. The crowd were a massive help in fairness (as they were all night), but it wasn’t just that. It was the fact that Rocky gave us something to look forward to; a future championship reign. In hindsight on the end segment, I can see next year’s WrestleMania main event already – Rock versus Brock for the WWE Championship anyone? I personally hope that prediction is wrong, but it was a great start to Raw nonetheless.

Santino got his Cobra out

Considering this was the start of ‘People Power’, I don’t think anybody expected a match the crowd would eat up. The US Championship match was predictable but, as ever, Santino was entertaining as hell! I still cannot figure out where this push has come from, but I still love it. The segment with Brodus afterwards was good too, and it helped that Dolph loves to takes spots in Florida. Rest assured, I’ll be doing ‘the cobra’ on my next night out.

Lord Tensai decimates A-Ry

First off, the crowd seemed a little muted for this one (by the standard they set), but it was still good television. We didn’t get a Funkasaurus squash match, which was good. We got an idea of Tensai’s moveset and style, and anything else would have been pointless. The former A-Train is going to be a force in WWE.

Alcoholic Punk

Not only was this a great match for the WWE Championship, which could have been passed off on PPV as a potential Henry win, but the aftermath of this match was great too. Some will argue that Jericho ‘went too far’, but WWE needs something this personal right now. I’m stupidly intrigued at where this is going, and I can’t wait for what I hope is a Submission match at Extreme Rules. Also, it looks like Punk will be defending his title on a weekly basis – I just hope that doesn’t get old quickly.

Alberto Del Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiio

This was easily the low point of tonight’s Raw. I haven’t missed ADR one single bit, and his return straight into the title picture discredits the World Heavyweight Championship further than the 18 second title match we got last night (although it was a shocking start to ‘Mania). Del Rio simply isn’t entertaining, and it seems like he’s going to be shoved down the very small SmackDown audience’s throats on a weekly basis. Fortunately this return happened on a night where pretty much everything else went right.

An embarrassing Cody Rhodes WrestleMania moment

Hopefully this feud only lasts until Extreme Rules, and Cody gets his title back. Big Show as any form of champion seems pointless since he isn’t a monster these days, and the fans could care less. Cody has brought prestige to the IC title over the last few months and it needs to remain prestigious. I get that two title changes in two PPVs would cause prestige to drop, but would you rather see Big Show and his lazy in-ring style defending it?

Mark Henry getting a card from a mystery man

The only clue I got to who the smooth-talking promoter talking to Henry in the back was is that it says ‘AW’ on his calling card. Hopefully this will go somewhere good and not further bury the World’s Strongest Man.

Hoeski’s pointless promo

This was pointless really. The heel run of Eve got old very quickly, and I have to disagree with the loud Miami crowd when they say ‘We Want Ryder! Woo Woo Woo!’ Ryder and Eve need character alterations and quickly before they both become irrelevant. With people returning and superstars getting pushed, Ryder is very close to falling out of choice. I call for Ryder to become a heel!

The Awesome One is ‘Back Baby!’

Teddy versus Johnny proved to be more than a time-filler at WrestleMania, and it put Miz back on the map. I’m glad WWE seems to have forgiven him for his mistake a few months back. Long live the Awesome One!

Welcome back Brock!

That Miami crowd is clever. They called Cena’s bluff and he gave the return away in an instant, or at least hinted on it. Nonetheless, Lesnar’s return was a true mark-out moment (if you ignore the old age that seems to have hit Lesnar like Big Show’s WMD would Hornswoggle), and it proved two things. When it comes to repeating exact moments from years past WWE can get away with it (search ‘Brock Lesnar destroys John Cena’ on YouTube), and John Cena is a heel whether WWE wants to admit it or not. Think about it; if Cena was really a face we would have gotten Cena telling the fans what they want to hear, not the SuperCena speech we did get. He knew it would piss the fans off to come out and say he isn’t bothered by his loss to The Rock, and then say he’s man enough to admit defeat. He knows exactly how to piss of the majority of the WWE universe (18-34 males) and he took advantage of it tonight. If that wasn’t enough evidence, you had Brock Lesnar come back to a sea of cheers and F-5 him. Brock is the clear face in this feud, and we might get our full Cena heel turn in the process.

I know it’s a long entry, but so much happened tonight that was noteworthy that I had to approach it this way. Tonight’s Raw was immense and I cannot wait for next week. Thank you for reading, and hopefully you’ll read next week’s entry too.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    "The Winner of the match: THE MIIIZ!!" eargasm.
  2. S.E. Zero's Avatar
    No mystery man.....-___- Do you honestly not know Abraham Washington of the fallen ECW and full time talent of FCW? He is a bit annoying on the mic so he would work as a heel manager for Henry if they choose to go down that road which I dont think they should since Henry has proven he has no need to be managed especially with his last managed run being led by Tony Atlas (I hate that stupid laugh of his so much) but its WWE so wtf can we expect? =/
  3. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I really enjoyed RAW.
    I like Del Rio, I think if used correctly he could be really big.
    I hope the Sheamus - Bryan feud isn't done with because Bryan is really over atm and these two are capable of an awesome match if their (dark) match at Wrestlemania 27 is anything to go by.
    I'm enjoying the Punk - Jericho fued; I'm expecting an I Quit match between these two, ending with Jericho forcing Punk to drink booze or say "I Quit', resulting in Jericho winning the championship.
    The Abraham Washington return wasn't actually his return, because he was on Smackdown last week talking to Mark Henry in the background. Washington's an average wrestler, nothing too special.
    Tensai was great as expected; I'm glad to see him back.
    The "WE WANT LESNAR!" chants were a bit of a spoiler because I hadn't read the dirt sheets, but I did know he resigned on the 30th March; so kinda guessed he'd make his return sooner or later. I can't wait to see Lesnar destroy the current WWE roster! Apparently he's contracted to a minimum of 2 appearances a month.
    No Cassius Ohno and Antonio Cesero debut, I guess if they come in as a tag team there will be a few vignettes leading up to their debut. I was hoping for Xavier Woods or Seth Rollins to be at RAW too, but I guess Del Rio, Lesnar, Tensai (and Washington) all being there was suprise enough (even though most people expected them all there).
    Crowd was all over Daniel Bryan and Brodus Clay who got massive pops.
    Great RAW; I can't wait to tune into Smackdown this week!
  4. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    So that's who it was! In all honesty I hated (WW)ECW so didn't watch it, but his name is familiar now you mention it. All I remember is some crappy 'chat show' that he hosted, but I've seen so little of him that I wouldn't have noticed him in full ring gear lol. Also, SmackDown has become so dull lately that I only really watch the highlights on (the last full episode I watched was when Edge retired). So yeah, sorry for the lack of knowledge on Washington.

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