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The PPV Problems for WWE

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OK this is my first blog and I’ve decide to blog about the PPV problems that WWE has.

I see it that WWE has 2 main problems with the way PPVs are constructed.

The first problem being that there are far too many PPVs within a WWE year (running from Wrestlemania to Wrestlemania). The PPV schedule for next year has a total of 13 PPVs!!! This is way too many! To illustrate how bad it is, between
Wrestlemania XXVII on April 3, 2011 and Summerslam on August 14, 2011 there will be a total of 6 PPVs! 6 PPVs within a 20 week period! This means that the matches on the card will end up being thrown together and we won’t really care what the outcome is.

Also if you are a lifelong wrestling fan, who orders every PPV (like me) then it works out really expense to have so many PPVs in such a short time frame. If you order all of these PPVs it will cost you over $270!!! And if we’re honest we won’t get $270 worth of wrestling for our money.

The second problem I have with WWE PPVs is the damn themes!!! Having themed PPVs is another way of taking away the unpredictability of wrestling. For instance, I know that both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships will be contested in a Hell in a Cell match at next year’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Now as a fan I shouldn’t be know that! I also know that Miz is going to face Randy Orton at TLC in a Table, Ladders & Chairs match! I shouldn’t know that either! I want it to be that I tune into RAW next week or the week after and it’s announced it will be a TLC match and I had no idea that was going to happen!

PPVs should not be named after particular match types!!!!

WWE tells us that everything they do is for the fans! No its not!!!

WWE names their PPVs after match types because it makes it easy for them to create cards and put no thought into future storylines. They think having the same match at 3 PPVs in a row is OK because they each have a different match type. A match type we already knew was going to be put in place. Another way WWE uses these themed PPVs to make it easy for themselves is by making at least 2 of the matches the same type again I’ll use both main championships defended in a Hell in a Cell as an example. WWE creative seems to think that putting 2 matches on makes it better. No it doesn’t!!! All it means is that both of HIAC matches are poor quality. Creative really needs to remember the old saying that: ‘Quality is better than Quantity’. Anyone who has seen HIAC with HBK vs Undertaker in ’97 or Mankind vs Undertaker in ’98 I think will agree that either of those matches is ten times as good as this year’s HIAC main events combined!

To wrap it up WWE needs to cut the number of PPVs, drop the theme gimmicks and improve the matches to a standard where I can see something that is superior in quality to either Raw or Smackdown.

Feel free to comment on my thoughts and to give me yours.

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  1. welch421's Avatar
    i agree, the should bring bak ppvs like no mercy, backlash because they are all good names
  2. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    Very well thought out, nicely done.
  3. laramfan's Avatar
    I agree that there are way too many PPVs.
    Another thought is that the PPV should have matches and revelations that are not on the regular show. Take the recent Cena/Barrett match at Survivor Series for example. What was shown on Raw the following day would have made a better ending than what we got at SS. In my opinion, I wasted $54 in buying SS.
  4. Vertigo's Avatar
    This was a pretty good first blog man. Kudos to you. I agree with pretty much everything you said and mentioned similar things in my first blog as well So feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts on it.
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Sorry to burst your bubbles(assuming you live in america). We get all WWE ppvs here for $20 but still not worth it. PPVs should have more thought and buildup behind them rather than just throwing superstars randomly into matches and think that they can deliver and expect high ppv buys.
  6. wwetna100's Avatar
    Id have 12 of the following WWE PPVs (Equates to 52 Weeks, Big 4 PPVs get extra week hype)
    Royal Rumble - 5 Weeks Build Up
    No Way Out - 4 Weeks Build
    WrestleMania - 5 Weeks Build
    Backlash - 4 Weeks Build
    Extreme Rules - 4 Weeks Build
    King Of The Ring - 4 Weeks Build
    Night of Champions - 4 Weeks Build
    Summerslam - 5 Weeks Build
    Cyber Sunday 4 Weeks Build
    Bragging Rights 4 Weeks Build
    Survivor Series 5 Weeks Build
    Armageddon 4 Weeks Build

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