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Wrestlemania XXVIII: Thoughts and Review

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So we've had the build up, the expectation, the excitement and the actual event. It's now time to get views on what we all thought about the whole extravaganza! So here are mine...

World Heavyweight Championship match: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
Well what can I say! I was looking forward to that match and was completely shocked when I saw Sheamus walk out...opening the show! The match had so much promise to be entertaining, but, if you watched it, it turned out to be a complete joke. I understand that WWE wanted it to break the record of Wrestlemania's shortest ever match which stands at 8 seconds. By the end of this match it still stood at 8 seconds. So to me I feel it was a waste of a good opportunity for a really entertaining match.

Moaning aside, I was happy that Sheamus won the title. I have been feeling the past few weeks that the gimmick of Bryan being the champion, rubbing everyone's noses in it was getting tiresome. So a change of champion was a good move in my eyes.

Overall, I would give this match a 2/10. And it only gets the 2 because the title changed hands.

Kane vs. Randy Orton

This match, despite the "boring" chants from the crowd, was a good warm up match and should have probably been on before the Sheamus match (if the Sheamus match was to be a proper match). It wasn't the most entertaining match that I have ever seen but it was by no means a poor one. I don't think it went on too long and was a good foundation to build on.

I would give this match a 5/10.

Intercontinental Title Match, Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show
Again, as the like the previous match, it wasn't a bad match but was distinctively average and a typical David vs Goliath match (apart from David doesn't win in this one). The normal "go for the legs" tactic was in force like usual when facing the Big Show, which gave it a very average feel to it. I think it would have been more interesting if we were to see Rhodes win. It would have been a bit of a feat for him to do and would fit in with the twists and turns we come to expect from Wrestlemania. In addition to this, maybe a smaller opponent for Rhodes would have produced a better match with more physicality.

I give this match a 5/10 again.

Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos
This match was a good divas match in my opinion. It was given a good slot and a decent amount of time compared to some divas matches that we see both in PPV's and on the weekly shows. There was some pretty good moves on show in this match as well. Overall a very entertaining match for a divas match.


End of an Era, Hell in a Cell Match
Triple H vs. Undertaker w/ Shawn Michaels special guest referee

The match that I was looking forward to the most! Did it disappoint? Not at all!! This match was a truly exceptional match that I think I will remember for many years to come! It had everything, drama, twists, great moves, chairs, sledgehammers...not forgetting the 20 foot cell they were locked in. The addition of HBK to the match as the ref added a great story and twist to the match. Also added was JR who called the match, reportedly at the Undertakers request. This was brilliant and I found myself a bit disappointed after the match when they cut to the annoucers desk and JR was gone and we were stuck with Cole.

It was a match that got me, literally, on the edge of my seat. I found myself living the match and willing Triple H to win, of course he didn't. However, deep down I knew the writers were going to get 'Taker to win as they wouldn't be so cruel as to stop him from getting to 20-0.

The hug at the end of the match between the three of them was very respectful and shows how much performing on the "Grandest Stage of them all" means to the performers (even if Triple H looked practically unconscious).

This match truly was a spectacle and one of the best matches I have seen for a long time! Therefore it earns a 9/10, a very well deserved 9 at that. It would have got a ten if there was such thing as a perfect match!

Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy
This was a match that I wasn't really looking forward to, and as Team Johnny made their way down the ramp to the ring I was thinking to myself "how are they going to top the last match". My answer came very quickly after the bell rung. It was "they aren't". The concept of the match was good, but the stars taking part were not my favourite and in my eyes some are second rate (I'm not going to name names). I found the match tedious and boring. My only thought as to why they put so many superstars in the match was to "make history" as the biggest tag match in Wrestlemania.

A boring match that should have been earlier in the show. 4/10.

WWE Championship Match, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
A feud that has had very good build up, much like the "End of an Era" and "Once in a Lifetime" matches, which didn't disappoint. The stipulation that was added by John Laurinatis in the backstage segment before Punk walked out (if he gets DQed he loses the title) seemed pretty pointless to me as it never really added much to the match. The pinning Jericho in the corner and the near count to 5 was too staged for my liking and the match really came alive when they just got on with the wrestling!

Great wrestling by two excellent performers, this match was great! 7.5/10

Brodus Clay segment...
I admit, I'm not a massive fan of the Funkasaurous and this ridiculous segemnt sealed the deal for me. It seemed pointless and lasted too long. It seemed, and probably was, just a reason to fill the sizable gap that there was between the Punk match and the Cena Rock match. Which, coinsidently, wouldn't have been there if they had done something serious with the Heavyweight title match!!

Once in a Lifetime, The Rock vs. John Cena

The final match of this years Wrestlemania, the match with the biggest hype that I can remember. Did it live up to the expectations? In my opinion, it wasn't as good as it could have been...which is an opinion that many will probably disagree with. It was very entertaining, don't get me wrong, and I really enjoyed watching it, but it was no Rock vs. Hulk Hogan of the Wrestlemania ten years previous. I found the "End of an Era" match the better of the mojorly hyped matches. The Rock did look a little rusty at times, but hey! He is the most electrifying sports entertainer on the planet, I think we can let him off as he really did put on a good show and pleased the crowd.

Rock winning definitely opens up next year for a re-match as I can see Cena being tormented by this loss and challenging The Rock for a re-match in New York next year. However this is very close to the Triple H and 'Taker story of this it probably won't happen that way. Personally, I don't want to see a re-match. It's over. The Rock has proven himself.

I will give this match the same as the Punk Jericho match, 7.5/10.

So there we have it. Another year, another Wrestlemania gone and we wind down the road towards New York for Wrestlemania 29! Rumour has it WWE want to announce the headline for next year pretty soon to give it massive hype like this years main event so I am looking forward to what's in store for us!

In reguard to the overall show, this year was better than last years 'mania with 3 very good matches as opposed to only a couple (that I can remember) from last year. Triple H and Undertaker really set the bar for 'Takers next opponent on the "Grandest Stage of the all"...if there is one!

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  1. Ravsta's Avatar
    the best WM review that ive read i agree with everything. i thought the rock and cena match was a little better than the punk/jericho. maby 8 for Rock/Cena and 7.5 for Punk/Jericho. great review
  2. Mr_Wrestlemania's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ravsta
    the best WM review that ive read i agree with everything. i thought the rock and cena match was a little better than the punk/jericho. maby 8 for Rock/Cena and 7.5 for Punk/Jericho. great review
    Glad you agree mate
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