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Kurt Angle has Always been Right About 'Mania

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While I cannot find an exact quote from the master of Twatter, it goes something like this. "I won at Wrestlemania! That counts twice!" And Kurt Angle is correct if not underselling it. This quote symbolizes exactly how I feel about two of the best matches on the card last night--the Winner will forever be the better man. The losers of these matches will never, EVER be able to make the fans forget their loss, no matter how many times they go over. I am, of course, speaking of CM Punk vs Chris Jericho and Rock v. Cena.

CM Punk (C) vs Chris Jericho -- WWE Title Match

Starting with the one you have to read a bit into (and because I want to keep the polarizing match for later), I feel very strongly that in WWE Mythos, CM Punk will forever be better than Chris Jericho. No string of victories or title changes could convince me otherwise. Mark the date in history--on April 1st, 2012, CM Punk surpassed Jericho in everything but longevity.

And as my proof, I turn to the match itself. With the (sometime awkward) build up of the match, from Jericho's return and failures to win at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, and the great ability of the two talents in the ring, this match had all the makings for a classic. And it was a classic. With a weird late stipulation that only seemed to be there for some early drama, the match went back and forth. Technical prowess and counters ruled the day as the two went at it. But in the end, Punk outlasted Jericho--including a nasty suplex-powerslam hybrid from the apron to the floor, several Walls of Jericho, and a CodeBreaker spot (that is getting supremely dull, to be honest*)--and made Jericho tap to the Vise.

Wait, what?

Jericho tapped.

This is why CM Punk will forever be better than Chris Jericho. Jericho came back, basically aiming straight for Punk, and yet he tapped on the grandest stage of them all. In the current era of the WWE, tapping is rare. Submitting to your opponent is dozens of times worse than just getting pinned or KO'd. It means you consciously gave up. And because Jericho tapped on such a large stage and couldn't make Punk tap after all that back abuse, Jericho has a superior.

Rock vs Cena

I will reserve my ultimate judgement of the finish--I don't want to be another blog that spews shit one way or the other. I liked the match--I thought the pacing was fun, I thought they made a great move by having two finishes in the middle of the match and then continue almost like they never happened, and I thought both were shown pretty resilient and powerful. I'm even happy with Cena's ability to play the pseudo-heel of the match.

But John Cena is forever second banana to the Rock--End of Discussion. John Cena could whip and abuse the Rock for another year, then squash him in a 5 second I Quit match at next year's 'Mania, and the Rock would still be higher on the pantheon. All the talk about how he needed that win. But he couldn't do it. He lost to a Man in only his second wrestling match in years. He lost in his opponent's home town. And nothing can erase that memory. Nothing can erase that night.

Ladies and Gentlemen, John Cena's ceiling has been found. John Cena can never surpass the Rock. Ever.

*CM Punk corner springboard into counter has been used like crazy whenever CM Punk has a big time match. Randy Orton RKO'd him from it at last Mania--a spot featured in ALL THREE of their PPV matches--and I do believe John Cena countered it too. I know it looks cool, but it's boring me at this point.

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  1. brockbatista's Avatar
    Jericho won the war against Punk. This feud made Punk look stupid both in terms of promo and wrestling. Jericho out promo and out wrestle Punk. And everybody knew Punk was going to win.
  2. redblade0's Avatar
    Y2J will always be better then CM Punk wrestling wise and promo wise. CM Punk can win endless titles and matches and go all Super Punk on everyone, but he will NEVER EVEEEEER be better then Y2J.

    HBK tapped to Cena at WM 23 you're not going to actually say Cena is better then Shawn? Also everyone taps only the 2 golden boys don't (Cena and Punk).
  3. redblade0's Avatar
    Also unlike Punk who tries to bury everyone he faces Y2J doesn't mind putting talent over.
  4. Charles-Ian Duncan's Avatar
    I totally Agree on this Blog Good sum up!The better man won period!I was going for Jericho but then the Walls failed I knew punk would win,but next to the Rock, Jericho can do great promos,If fact The Rock and Jericho helped make Wrestling enjoyable in both in ring action and promos True Showman,Cena may have lost but he'll be fine hes already established HOF status anyways!
  5. justinc's Avatar
    Guess you don't remember Jericho going over Austin and Rock on the same night to become the unified champ.
  6. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    Cm punk will never be better than Chris Jericho NEVER!!! and the reason for that is Jericho has been wrestling for yrs and has always put on great wrestling matches and his promos were awesome as well, as for Cm Punk what has he done great since his famous shoot of last year OK!! let me start he talked trash about John Cena which I liked, then he talked shit about the Mcmahons family personal lives, then had an ok match with Triple H and then from there he just becamse another John Cena holding a mic in his hands and telling the fans how great they are instead of focusing on the opponent like allot of great wrestlers did and not kiss ass to fans to get a lil pop. Cm Punk is a great wrestling entertainer but not even close to being the best
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by justinc
    Guess you don't remember Jericho going over Austin and Rock on the same night to become the unified champ.
    Neither win was clean...or did you seem to forget that little tidbit?
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