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Mike's Mania Musings!

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The build up to Wreslemania, certainly throughout March was one of the best roads to Wrestlemania I have seen and it made me very excited about Wrestlemania 28 - maybe too excited because post Wrestlemania, options for feuds and title changes seem limited. Old school wrestling psychology dictates that when a Babyface wins a high profile championship match follwing a lengthy series of promo's and clashes, then that feud is over and said babyface will move onto the next dastardly heel. Heels by rule of thumbs, do not get rematches or solicite sympathy with their audience. With Sheamus, CM Punk and the Big Show all winning their respective high profile championship matches, then ask yourself - "what's next?". I don't think the WWE has set itself up very well for the mandatory post-wrestlemania slump. I will be intrigued to see what RAW brings to the table.

But Wrestlemania itself was a solid and very enjoyable affair. No doubt in my eyes that Chris Jericho and CM Punk delivered the match of the night and possibly one of the best matches in both their careers. The crowd was slightly and unjustifiably apathetic towards some of the action in places, but given the amount of emotion in the Undertaker Vs Triple H match and the fact that the Rock and John Cena were yet to come, the crowd seemed to be saving themselves. The WWE had programed it that way - As much as Punk and Jericho liked to believe they were the main event players on April 1st 2012, they were not. But still, the finishing sequence between Punk and Jericho was slick, smooth and showcased some of the best technical high spots I have seen leading to a very satisfying win for Punk via Anaconda Vice tap out.

Triple H and the Undertaker seemed a bit de ja vu. A lot of lying down between high spots and power moves. Given the Undertaker's previous 3 Wrestlemania efforts, we all realised that this match was not going to end with a simple tombstone or three. As such, any Tombstone or Pedigree delivered did not elicite the white hot near fall reaction I think the WWE wished for. The selling point on this match was clearly the the Undertaker's, Triple H's and Shawn Michaels ability to draw the crowd into the matches significance - that of 'End of an era'. This, more so than the heavy chair shots made the match one to be remembered.

The rest of the Undercard to the Cena Vas Rock main event was also good.

Kane had his best match I can ever remember him having and the finish - chokelsam from the top rope, came as a genuine surprise. The Big Show also looked like an effective member of the roster and I think the Big Show deserves a run with the IC Championship. The Big Show has been super effective in a mid card role with Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes and it seems with the Weapons of Mass Destruction gimmick, he seems to have found his niche. The divas match was good. The Molly go Round performed by Kelly Kelly was a terrific high spot and the finish was smooth. The outcome was never in doubt - celebrities do not lose wrestling matches. Mr T - victorious, Lawrence Taylor - victorious, Akebono - victorious, Floyd Mayweather - victorious, That girl from Jersey Shore - victorious. But still, respect Maria for a great sell job and another super slick roll up finish. Team Johnny Vs Team Teddy was another nice 6 on 6 brawl. I wish David Otunga contributed more but time was always going to be against this one. Still, the right result was achieved, Teddy Long was protected with the screw job finish and there were no blown spots.

Of course despite a great show overall, there are a few Wrestlemania issues which I must touch on. The commentary was truely awful. Only when Jim Ross commentated on the Hell in a Cell affair did the standard of the commentary improve. Colour commentators should be heels and play by play commentators should be babyfaces. Jerry the King and Michael Cole have it all wrong in their reversed roles and clearly the King is not comfortable or not able to do. And I just want Michael Cole to shut up for good. But this is a long term problem and I can't attribute it to Wrestlemania alone.

The Funkasaurus? - Why.

Daniel Bryan? - Why. But regarding Daniel Bryan, they may be able to use this squash defeat to Sheamus as something to build around a match for next years Wrestlemania. As a fan I've been waiting for them to be allocated 25 minutes for the last two years. Baby steps still for Daniel Bryan despite him being involved in some of the best TV for the last year and a half.

And everyone has their own opinions on The Rock and John Cena. Will John Cena rise above the hate??? A discussion I shall take to the pub

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