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Wrestlemania Rundown

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Longtime reader, 1st time blogger. I thought I'd give it a lash and see what you guys think of my thoughts on the i'll dive right in.

D Bryan vs Sheamus
Was looking forward to this match, when sheamus hit the ring am thinking good start to what should be an awesome show, there seemed to be a massive D Bryan following in the front of the crowd, but before I could turn to my buddy and say "this should be a decent match" this puppy was over! Bro kick and the 1-2-3. Yeah that sucked balls! Still dont get why they decided to book it like this, am guessin it will turn out to be AJ's fault or something like that but the only positive I could come up with was they needed more time for other matches, which to say the PPV finised pretty much dead on 4 hours was probably good thing was this was as worse as it got, Divas match a side!

Kane vs Randy Orton
Wasn't expecting much from this match, thats probably why I was suprised they put on a good show, I had orton as a dead cert to win it and was looking for any spot which he could turn into an RKO but it never came, didnt see Kane winning this one as we all know its all about opposite momentum in wrestling, if you get beaten up on Raw, twice in two weeks before a PPV, chances are your going to win on the big stage, so it was a suprise to see Kane take it. My best guess is they want to garner some more serious monster heat on Kane. Everyone knows you gotta get these two guys on the card somehow and they put on a decent match no problems for me here.

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show

I really wanted to see Goldust vs Cody this year, and I figuered with the whole Big Show v Shaq rumours it was probably gonna happen that way. This probably would of been the match to end within 3 seconds and give Bryan/Sheamus some time but good for Big Show to get a win at mania. Loved the constant videos about Show at past manias they put together for Cody, "Wrestlemania baby! Woooo!" was the go to quote of the night for myself, nothing special here, a what look liked a spear to the groin on Cody (ouch!) and a WMD finished it off, cant see Big Show keeping the title for long, at this stage of his career it doesnt make much sense so expect a screwjob loss pretty soon...."Wrestlemania baby! Wooooo!"

Divas Match
Whenever i'm watching Raw with someone who doesn't like wrestling, and the divas come out, they always seemed suprised that I would fastforward my TVO box to skip past the skantily clad ladies and get back to watching the sweaty guys in tights, and on some levels i'm sure there right to be worried but I very rarley see a Divas match worth watching, but man this match sucked the suck right outta all those other sucky match's I actually have the patience to watch, and letting that chick from, I wanna say MTV? but i'm not sure who the f*** she was, pin the glamazon was a trafesty. I was actually looking forward to Beth/Kharma or Beth/Nat as that would of been a decent match but i've already wasted way to much time on this...

Taker vs HHH
I'm not sure whether or not the fact it followed that Divas match was the reason this match was so good last year and was up there with Taker/HBK 2. This had everything, chair shots, geniune blood, sledgehammers, tombstones, pedigrees and sweet chin music! They told such a good story again, HBK played his part really well too. Once again the match starts and your thinking "takers got this" but they manage to convince you half way through "actually...." but ofcourse Taker was going to win! The sweetchin music into the Pedigree was the spot of the night, JR on comms just feelt so right, they couldnt of put it on any better! Best match of the night by far, the ending made me wonder whether or not that was it for them both in ring, I hope not, its most likely the end of there mania match's but if you want to go out on top Taker, thats the match to finish with. Lesnar/Taker at 29 would have a hard time topping that so not sure where taker goes from here, what a match!

Team Teddy vs Team Jonny
There was very little anyone in this match could do to follow what just happened with HHH/Taker, the fact they didnt use entrance music as they came out suprised me as I always think when the music hits the superstars get a bigger pop than just being announced by name. Miz, who pretty much worked his balls off for the WWE this year probably deserved to get the win, looked like Santino was gonna get it at one point then Ryder looked like he was gonna get, side note how does Ziggler freakin sell the s*** out of everymove, what was with that monkey flip man! Amazing! But Ofcourse the Hoeski cost Ryder and continues down her heel path like we all knew would happen, but the low blow afterwards! Whammy! Poor old Ryder...its happened to us all man...once a chick kicks you square in the nuts you should take that as a sign she's not into you!

It did seem the crowd weren't into this match on TV, but and Jericho brought us some laughs while he was trying to get Punk D/Q'ed, "Punk? Hows your father?" "Punk? Hows your sister?"
I did wonder how far Jericho would take that "Punk? Hows your goldfish?" "Punk? Hows your hamster?" but thankfully that stoppped and after 5 minutes the pace quickend and they put on a very good, technical wrestling match, as you'd expect lots of counters and submisson attempts, and I though when Jericho had Punk in the walls for the 2nd time it was over, but Punk held on and won with the vice. I was rooting for Jericho to win and I hope this fued isnt over yet. As i'm sure these guys can put on a better match than they did, and thats saying something of the level I think these guys can go because the match was pretty sweet!

Ok, Im massive pro-Rock, when it was 1st announced, Rock vs Cena am thinking, theres no way Rock walks in, after 7 years and beats the WWE's current top guy, cena is easy gonna win. Then you read theres gonna be a re-match so straight away my prediction changes, rock wins this one Cena the next and i'm pretty sure thats the way its gonna go down. I was more worried about this match than excitied, the hype for this has literlally been a whole year long. For 365 days Rock/Cena battled it out over Raw/Satellites/Survivour series/Twitter/Facebook/E-mail/Morse Code/Pigeon Carrier/Sky Writer any form of communication was used by these two build this match. Rocky hadnt had a singles match until last night for 9 years, and to walk straight into the biggest main event in mania history must of been a massive pressure on both these guy. Thankfully, in my eyes they put on a really good match, it wasnt a technical show piece, but when did Rock or Cena ever give us a technical show piece? Started slow and gained pace throughout, the crowd seemed massivlely pro rock and went home happy when he got the W. Cena going for the peoples elbow and gets caught after the 2nd rope spring with a rock bottom! 1 - 2 -3! There wasnt a Lesnar run in as I thought might happen, it was a clean finish which sets up the rematch either next year or at another one of the WWE's top 4 PPV's. Where do they go for the time being, with Lesnar signing back on I'd like to see Lesnar/Rock next year at mania. I mean Lesnar/Rock + (posibbly) Punk/Austin at Wrestlmania 29 already sounds pretty sweet. I'd like to throw my voice on top of everyone else begging the WWE to turn Cena heel, whether it will ever happen or not, I don't know but a Heel Cena would be a great way for him to beat The Rock, simliar to the way Austin turned heel. Im no WWE writer and of all the blogs I read on here about storyline ideas (some good, most awful) I havent seen one which would be a good way to turn him heel but they really cant keep Cena face after the ass kickin he got from The Rock!

With Lesnar re-signing, Batista (maybe) re-signing, Rocky is booked for more WWE events this year, 4 match's at least was the last I heard, the WWE aint in a bad state.

Closing comment about Wrestlemania 28! Awesome! Better than last year, had a great time watching it, some amazing match's, HIAC was the best, then I gotta give Rock/Cena the next best but purley because i'm so pro rock and the crowd seemed way more into it than Punk/Y2J but I guess that had something todo with 305's home town boy "Finally!!" Coming back to Wrestlmania!!

Leave a comment if you agree/disagree with anything I think, any feedback is good feedback! Hope you enjoyed the read, more to come!


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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Misslyzzz's Avatar
    Great blog. I was shocked about the Cena/Rock ending too, but i think letting the rock wins when we all know he's going away to make some movies was a bad choice.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Okay Blog. A little too much love for Ziggler considering the following comment you made.

    "With Lesnar re-signing, Batista (maybe) re-signing, Rocky is booked for more WWE events this year, 4 match's at least was the last I heard, the WWE aint in a bad state."

    With this comment, what does that say about the Zigglers, Daniel Bryans, Wade Barretts, so on and so on? It says the future isn't so bright. Therefore, the WWE IS in a bad state. Sooner or later, these guys aren't going to be able to compete anymore. Who will they go to, if they keep pushing today's stars back?
  3. Glenjose's Avatar
    Purely ment on top off the current roster, you add Lesnar, Batista and the rock, it's not too shabby. Totally agree Ziggler, D Bryan and others need to be pushed.
  4. Tribe's Avatar
    Good Blog ..

    I agree on the Diva's match ... I was praying Kharma ran in and saved this match. The only reason I didn't fast forward this is because it was live and couldn't fast forward.

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