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WrestleMania Review and Ratings

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I don’t blog at all to be honest but seen as WrestleMania was last night and I stayed up till 4am to watch it (From the UK) I thought it would be a god opportunity to make my debut in the wrestling business (so to speak). I will give a brief rundown as to my views of each match and a rating out of 10.

I thought long and hard about where to start with this blog and then it cam why not start short and sweat just like WM28 did, Bryan vs. Shamus for the WHC. All am going to say is what a huge disappointment that was , 18 second match from two WWE superstars who are most likely (Shamus especially) going to be main eventing WM in years to come. And how do they build the two? By giving them 18 seconds of pure rubbish, and a crap way to start what should have been a great opening bout for the show. Plus I don’t understand why WWE feels the need to disvalue the WHC at every turn.
Rating = 1/10 – Absolute Garbage and a waste of time.

The big red monster vs. the apex predator, was, it would be unfair to say terrible but it would be lying to say it was great, which is what I expected from two of the WWE’s veteran Wrestlers. To be honest I am glad Kane won the bout as he failed against Cena (shocker right) and this goes a long way to establish him as the big red machine we once use to love and know, as for Randy Orton, it doesn’t damage his character at all as he’s already established himself as a top star, but I think we all expected a little more from the two stars.
Rating = 4/10– I liked the finish but other than that, I found it dull.

So a Diva’s match in the WWE is as painful to watch as someone being in Jigsaw’s traps, that’s one good thing about TNA I guess is that they have and utilize the women they have, mind you the match did last longer than the 18 seconds the WHC bout was given, again it wasn’t bad and it had Maria Menounos, But if you live outside USA and Canada, that mean nothing to you, and it’s just a stranger in the ring (Sorry).
Rating = 2/10 – WWE Diva’s match you get a good one, once every ten years.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship is on the line as Cody Rhodes goes up again The Big Show, Wasn’t to be fair to both, a bad match, I actually enjoyed it, Cody Rhodes is a favorite of mine personally and to a lot of WWE fans to be a superstar to find WWE/WHC gold this year, and he would deserve it, Tonight he took a beating, and was made to look a little weak at the hand of creative, however I don’t feel it hurts his character, big show deserves this chance as he was screwed out of the WHC months earlier, so I was pleased to see this.
Rating 6/10 – Good match I like both Wrestlers, and had a nice finish.

HELL IN A CEL! Triple H vs. The Undertaker in what was and a dare you to disagree the SHOW STEALER of WrestleMania, although I never really thought Triple H would end the streak of The Undertaker, you still seemed to be on the edge of your seat shouting as The Undertaker and Triple H both kicked out, time after time after time. It had you griped from start to finish, not wanting the dead man’s streak to end, but a little part of you, hoping Triple H had what it took, add to this the Mr WrestleMania Shawn Michael’s and his involvement in the match, this was truly better then last year’s H vs Taker, although I still preferred WM26. The ending with three of the closing on the 20-0 truly put to an end of era.
Rating = 9/10 –SHOW STEALER, dam good match with a great finish, marked down for one reason only, it wasn’t as great as Shawn vs Taker WM 26

WWE Championship, best in the world vs. best in the world, Am goi9ng to be honest with you, there were 3 Titles on the line in the LIVE TV broadcast, and two title had already changed hands, the WWE doesn’t change all the titles in a PPV very often in my experience , so I kind of assumed for myself the CM Punk was going to retain his WWE Title, and am please he did, this is the only way I really saw this going, with reports they want to continue this feud up to SummerSlam it would make perfect sense to have Y2J lose and have his rage carry through to tonight RAW. Awesome match from these two guys and that what I expected from start to finish this was one of the best matches of the night without a shadow of a doubt in my mind. CM punk and Chris Jericho should be credited for an awesome match.
Rating = 8/10 – Good match with two workers who showed what they could do in front of a great audience. And the finish made sense to me.

Team Jonny vs. Team Teddy, and what a way to build up for the must see main event of the decade, by feeding us this *BEEP* I don’t get why superstars like the Doplh. R-truth, The Miz were used in crap like this. I have a few problems with this match but team Jonny coming out on top…. Mean I have to watch Jonny Boy not bale to speak into a microphone or not remember his lines twice a week, am really hoping this leads to the return of a McMahon, I don’t care which one, or Triple H finally wishing him well in all his future endeavors> the match itself wasn’t horrible but it was just a time for people to go get a pint, and have a toilet break in my opinion. I do love Santino though.
Rating = 5/10 – The score is high due to the Superstars trying their best to try and make this at least watchable, I hated the ending with eve and it stole the focus from the main story of Team Jonny wining, even though I hated that as well.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME! The Rock vs. John Cena, ermm hahah okay, the little music concerts to start was bad, I mean the guy who led to Cena was being boo’s as he came on the stage , which made me laugh. The match itself was Good, it wasn’t great and could off been better, in my opinion Punk/Y2J and End of an Era was far superior, But I liked the rock vs cena due to the hype and the crowed on the night looked made it feel epic, the atmosphere was something else and am sure the WWE and VKM are pleased with how it went. Now the finish, I Loved it, making Cena have the three count shows the world he isn’t any superman, and that in the long haul is good for business and the character of John Cena, the lose will not hurt him, and who knows may lead to bigger things.
Rating = 8/10 – Crowed and the atmosphere scored this up, the performance from both men was great and the finish in my opinion was the best outcome. Solid match.

Please feel free to comment on your opinion of my blog, please keeping in my this is MY own opinion of the Wrestlemania 28 PPV and everyone has there right to voice there own opinion. Thanks you all for your time for reading this post, and hoe to blog again soon.


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  1. ikolobo's Avatar
    my ratings arte the same exept for HHH VS TAKER cmon last year was way better this match for me has an 8 what sucks about it was putting HBK on it...i though i was watching a romantic novel

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