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My Summerslam 2012 Dream Card!

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Hey Guys, I am new in this and I just wanna try something, so this is my Summerslam Dream Card.

[Match 1: Money in the bank: Wade Barrett vs Miz vs Jack Swagger vs The Miz vs Hunico vs Jinder Mahal vs Ted Dibease Jr. vs Justin Gabriel

I think that the MITB match will come to Summerslam, because as some of us know the WWE wanted to bring it back to Wrestlemania , and they wanted Wade Barrett to win it. But since he was injured, they thought of bringing it to Summerslam making Wade Barrett able to win. So I think that's fine. Winner-Wade Barrett

Match 2. Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs Primo & Epico vs Gabriel & Kidd vs Truth & Kingston.
I think that the Usos will be going into this match as the champs, cause they are two amazing talented guys, they have skills, I think they have it all. Though I think that Truth & Kingston Could win this; They are so talented, they both have good ring gears(That doesn't matter though) and amazing skills. Winners- Truth & Kingston

Match 3: Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes - Special Guest Referee: Dusty Rhodes.

Cody is a great Talent, he lost his championship to Big Show in Wrestlemania, and most of us wanna see brother vs brother, and the match would be better if Dusty was special guest ref. Winner- Cody Rhodes

Match 4: WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way: Punk vs Jericho vs Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan

Okay, this is probably not going to happen, but it would be cool if it does, the four of these men our great talents, they will pull one of the greatest matches ever. We can expect Mysterio back by then, and Jericho probably won't win it but I hope he does, so he is my winner. Winner-Jericho

Match 5: Intercontinental Championship:No Holds Barred: Kane vs Big Show

Former tag champions, that would be a great match. I mean, Kane doesn't care about anything now, so facing Big show for the intercontinental Championship would make sense. Winner: Kane

Match 6: World Heavyweight Championship: Steel Cage Match: Christian vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton

This would make such a great match, Christian is a really skillful superstar, so is Randy, and Sheamus is a Power House, this would be great. Winner: Randy Orton

Match 7: United States Championship, and winner takes all match: Representing Teddy Long: Santino vs Representing team Johnny: Otunga. Winner: Santino

Match 8: Brock vs Rock
Nothing to say really, I mean this would be a great match. Don't know if it will happen. Winner: Brock

Match 9: Eve & Ziggler vs Nikki Bella & Zack Ryder Probably not going to happen, but if it would, that would be cool, Broski Wins Hoeski.
Winners: Ryder & Bella

Match 10: Kelly Kelly & Aksana vs Beth Pheonix & Brie Bella

Another Raw vs Smackdown match.

Winners: Kelly & Aksana

Match 11: Cena vs Batista
No way this will happen, but it would be kinda cool if they have another feud.

Winner: Batista

Thank You guys for spending your time here. Hope you liked this post. You can ask me to do other PPVs! Comment below!


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  1. YruaMike's Avatar
    This cardisn't very accurate... at all, anyways I just have to say why did you put Miz twice in the MITB match?
  2. k_roll00's Avatar
    Batista vs Lesnar could be the main event or any combination of them, Rock and Cena
  3. LionHeart's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YruaMike
    This cardisn't very accurate... at all, anyways I just have to say why did you put Miz twice in the MITB match?
    I know, sorry for putting the miz twice, the second one was ment to be Drew.... Ill be better next time.
  4. justinc's Avatar
    Really another Money in the back match, a month after the PPV where there will be two MITB matches

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