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A return to Wrestlemania moments

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Hi, I'm sure we all saw WM 28 and like after each WM there are alot of opinion about how it all went down. some are angry some are content others are blown away! but i know this years WM was a return to the WM moments for sure i know once youve read this you might think im totally wrong about a few or alot of things but bare with me as ill point out how instead of just complaining abotu "what we expected or wanted to see and what we got" i know that the WWE totally delivered on every aspect of this years WM i'll point out the reasons why and i understand that there were sum technical glitch like what happened with tripple H's entrance or how some views were obscured by those giant palm tree's it says on a persons ticket "view may be obscured" if it might be so im talking about the results of the matches booked and so forth............

1.tag team titles on pre show

Personally i feel that this was a smart move by wwe there was no build up for this match and if it had of been on the ppv it would of just killed time sure brodus clay could of missed out on calling his mamma but be honest do you really care about the tag titles right now they dont deserve a spot on the grandest stage of them all because of the quality of the tag team division its almost as bad as the divas divison and brodus clay is fun and is being pushed as such

2. world title match

I honestly thought i was really happy they didnt do the punk/jericho match first as the build up to it was awesome and it is the wwe title not to disrespect the world title in my opinion but to the wwe the wwe title is the top belt any way ummmm i think this was brilliant because this feud is going to continue look at the build up for month Daniel Bryan has been doing every undehanded thing he can to hold on to that title and finally sheamus had shoved it in Bryans face he is a heel and this will only solidify him as more of a top heel in wwe sure we all knew the great white was gonna win so for me it was a nic suprise to open WM it was like what can i expect next so yeah Daniel Bryan and Sheamus have WM Moment that will just fuel their rise in sports entertainement just hold back and wait and you'll see it weasnt a disrespect to the title or to the wrestlers or the fans this will be a huge jump point for them.


Sure this was a filler on the card not much hype and not much of a edge of your seat classic but it had the chokeslam of the ropes that looked epic and kane had a clean win at WM over orton that is a moment for his career i think he would be proud of...............and again no one saw kane winning clean coming!


not much of a moment here except it gave me a moment to use the bathroom but look at it this way its another great celebrity moment for the WWE which if you like it or not does generate interest in wwe from those who wouldnt normally watch and the comentarry made me laugh so it was enertaining.

5. end of an era

i personally feel if anyone doesnt see how this is a phenomenal WM moment then you are truly are a fool and no one likes you! ok sure they could of climbed the Cell but did we need that no they had me on the edge of my seat from the get go and i swear i nearly cried at the end cozz i truly do feel its the end of an era.

6. team red /team blue

for me i knew this was a match to push johnny ace and fit as many guys they can on to the WM card but sure you might of thought ok here comes the stupdity but you gotta admit that when johnny's team won and the miz was the victor and th broski got his nuts caved in by eve you were smiling
for what it was i thought it delivered it didnt make anyone look bad it entertained and it elevated eve ryder and johnny and the miz you dont think miz will be rewarded for his efforts.

7. best in the world
this had the greatest build up and was the one match i was hoping would steal the show and i think it did for those true wrestling fans who apreciate the "wrestling aspect" of sprts entertainment i couldnt help but think punk/jericho where right on that classic match frequency and you could tell the story of the match was like amystery back and forth back and forth and punk making jericho tap clean was amazing you cant come back from that the fueds over in my opinion but it ended awesome and punk is the best in the world and if you dont think his moment came at WM 28 then your in for a real hard go for the next few months punk is gonna be the champ for a while.

8. once in a life time
Ok the biggest match of all time flo rider and mgk hmmmmm i felt they were good they got the crowd riled up into a frenzy and the match itself in ym opinion was flawlessly told and having the rock win in that fashion diddnt lead me to feel this fued will continue but showed me that the feud ended on the note it needed to because why repeat WM 18 and have this whole respect thing go on we all know the rock doesnt respect cena and vice versa so why try to fool us the rock won because he is better then cena he has done more for wwe then cena ever has and that shows in his cross demgraphic sure cena rises above hate but honestly the rock winning only furls him to turn heel or atleast its the end of the super cena so the rock has his WM moment as he wont be round for as long as cena even though he is signed on for WM 29 im sure it wont be rock/cena II or III if they have a match a summer slam so i think the match was amazzing and ended with the WM moment it needed.

Ok so i guess ill open up the door to all your opinions i welcome them but i hope you nderstand that WM28 was a phenomonal show and had monets of pure comedy genius and suprises galore and at the end of it all i was left feeling like my money was well spent and that i had been entertained non stopped id also like to add the big show and cody rodes sold me well too big show derserves the accolade and rodes proved he can carry the ball or at least enough to get a chance to do win for both guys,

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