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Wrestlemania Recap: Very Little Good, A Whole Lotta Bad

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Hello wrestling fans…or if you’re like me after this Wrestlemania, former wrestling fans. The Saviour here with a special Wrestlemania Recap blog. This is going to be short, sweet, and very much to the point. It had some good, and a whole lot of bad. But instead of wasting everyone’s time, the way Wresltemania did, let me jump right in.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

The only thing to be said about this, is Daniel Bryan would probably be better off down in TNA or back in ROH or some other indy promotion where at least he might get some respect. This was pathetic and just plain embarrassing. Clearly, the World Title means nothing now. The WWE should be a shamed of themselves.

Kane vs Randy Orton

This match was about as good as a middle of the show Smackdown match. I was surprised at the ending. Hopefully, Kane and Orton will be finished with their Wrestlemania appearances.

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

It was good to see The Big Show win. However, I don’t know how good it was for Cody Rhodes to get totally destroyed the way he did. Another short match and so far, the video vignettes that rehashed everything we’ve seen over the last bunch of weeks, have been more entertaining than this card.

Undertaker vs HHH

The absolute show stealer. It wasn’t even worth watching the rest of the show after seeing this match. Which proved to be a mistake putting it so early in the card. One of the shining moments of Wrestlemania. And I was happy to see no controversy, no run-ins, and in the end, the three of them hugged…proving there won’t be a 21-0 or any other WM streak matches. And that’s a good thing because the Undertaker looked very old, and fat. As a huge Undertaker fan, I was sad to see that this is the end, but I’m glad at the same time. He left us a lot of great memories and it seems as though every match he’s in is legendary.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menunous vs Eve and Beth Phoenix

Do I really need to comment? It was a bad move letting Maria get the win over Beth. The Divas title, much like the World Title, now means nothing.

Team Teddy vs Team Johnny

This was as big a waste of time as I predicted. With two matches to go, this Mania has been a real snoozer. And I’m wondering how I can con my $55 back from Comcast.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

The first good match since the Hell In A Cell. Well, so I thought. Johnny Laurenaitis destroyed this match's cred before hand. So it killed the first half of the match. And the second half, things did pick up a bit but it wasn’t until the last 5 minutes that this match lived up to expectations. Another surprising win. I thought CM Punk would win but make Jericho tap? There’s nothing Jericho can possibly come out and say that would warrant anything. He should exit now.

The Rock vs John Cena

Before this match, we had Funkasaurus and his momma. We had two rap concerts, and ridiculously long entrances. A good portion of this time could have been invested in the first match of the night, could it not? Anyway, the match was slow, not too many high spots until about the midway point. The ending was semi-exciting, simply because it’s the third time now we’ve seen a match where the wrestlers were kicking out of finishers and so and so forth. Again, I was surprised by the ending. I figured The Rock would lose in some dirty fashion. But Rock won cleanly and I think it was a great move. A pretty good, but not great, match.

All in all, it was very disappointing. The big three matches, that were expected to carry this year’s event, did exactly that. But at the expense of all the other matches, and every superstar involved in those matches. It’s truly a shame that, with all the anticipation for this Wrestlemania, that Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble were both better PPV's than this. And they weren’t that great either.

I don’t know what this means for the WWE moving forward. I’ve never been less excited about an upcoming Raw as I am for tonight’s Wrestlemania Fallout. I may not even watch. I doubt that would really happen, but this year’s Wrestlemania, definitely did not live up to expectations. The WWE robbed us this year.

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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    You're entitled to your opinion so I won't bash that. But it comes across that your biggest concern with this year's WM was that they wasn't enough technical in-ring action. If you ask me it seems like you're watching the wrong product since technical wrestling has been on the backseat of the WWE product for years now.

    The fact that this year's Mania only advertised one truly technical match (Jericho v Punk) is proof of that. The rest of it was about promos and one-upmanship. In my opinion WrestleMania was a lot stronger than last year's given the failure of a build that it got. One of the better ones I've seen in that it kicked off with a surprise and we saw a very different type of HiaC match.
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