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Different Point of View: Raw, Lesnar, WM

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Just a quick note before I get started. When it comes to blogging, some people take things one way, and others take things another way. My WM post came with mixed reactions. Some thought it was the best ever while others agreed with me that it wasn't. But there were some reasons why people hated on my blog that made me realize that there are many out there that don't understand my point of view and my blogging ways. In my eyes, WM didn't match the hype. People can justify all they want about why Sheamus squashed Daniel Bryan, and how The Rock held back to put Cena over and this and that and the other. But what these fans fail to realize is, that's not what I'm about. I didn't spend money on WM just so I could view first hand the politics behind why something went down the way it did, and how it will affect the outcome of the next PPV. I watched for the entertainment. Too many have commented on things like, Daniel Bryan got squashed because it builds the storyline, or things of that nature. That's the stuff I don't care about. I hope moving forward, people understand this about me and how I blog.

Okay, time for a different point of view.

In many cases, the Raw after Wrestlemania paints a clear picture what we can expect for at least, the next month. However, this one was a little different. Now I'm not going to go into breaking down everything that everyone has watched already. Instead, I'm coming from a different angle here. Was Raw last night a good show? I think so. It had everything. Awesome crowd, good entertainment value, shock factor, etc. The crowd is very much in agreement with me and was very vocal in their pure displeasure for what happened to Daniel Bryan at WM.

Brock Lesnar Returns!!! I'll be honest, this would have been better if the crowd wasn't chanting it for 10 minutes before it happened. And again, this is another shot I take at the way internet reporting kills some things about wrestling. When his music hit, I was intrigued. But jumping out of seat excited. Why? Because Cena practically gave it away with his facial expression when the crowd was chanting his name. If you didn't see Brock Lesnar coming out when they did that wide angle shot of Cena and the TitanTron behind him, then I don't know what to tell you. Now I'll be honest, I was never a Brock Lesnar fan, but I'm interested in seeing where this goes. And on a side note, I would be scared shitless if he was walking down to the ring, glaring at me the way he was at Cena. "Oh $hit".

Is his return a good thing? I'm still not sure. But doesn't it seem to be the new trend for the WWE? It's now the cool thing to bring someone else back and have them go after Cena. It was successful last year with The Rock. My expectations weren't met with WM but there's no doubt it was a cash cow for the WWE. So of course, you know the WWE is going to expand on this. There's rumors of Batista coming back. Rumors of Stone Cold coming back. Have the WWE and World Title matches become WM mid-card matches now? If the rumors are true, then Wrestlemania 29 is pretty much set to look like this. Brock vs Rock, Stone Cold vs CM Punk, Batista vs Cena? vs Orton? Or maybe a triple threat? Or maybe HHH wrestles again to fight one of these guys. And oh yea, World Title match, Sheamus vs Wade Barrett.

To me, this is all about entertainment. That's why I watch it. It's why I don't read spoiler reports. It's why I don't take anything that's reported into account. I always have been and always will be, a "see it to believe it" person. But, let's take it one week at a time and see what goes down.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be sure to check out The Abdominal Stretch which will be out near the end of this week.

Be Safe.

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  1. Mr_Wrestlemania's Avatar
    Good blog man! I agree with you about the Internet ruining the surprise and entertainment that wrestling is (in terms of signings and comebacks etc). Additionally I think Raw was one of the best I have seen for a very long lltime...the crowd made it for me to be honest!
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    Ever since I knew the Titantron would read JERICHO in 1999, ive been meaning to stay off the news sites. haha. Agreed, it was a great show, glad to see Lesnar is back, glad to see Daniel Bryan over with Miami crowd. Question #1 - will fans still be chanting wherever they are next week? Answer- possibly, but fans also chanted in similar fashion for Zack Ryder and look at him now. Question #2 - Why does Lesnar have to at least START against Cena and likely end with the Rock or whatever. Why not give someone else Lesnar at the start?? Rock Got Cena and now Lesnar gets Cena? Why not go down the card a little and have someone with Brock who will benefit, just saying. GOOD BLOG
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Lord Savior; couldnt agree more.. and as Mr_Wrestlemania stated,and as u did urself, it truely was one of the best raws ive seen in a VERY long time...atmosphere makes up for alot of things... and having fans deliver can change a whole show.... last night, i felt "goosebumps"...something the E hasnt given me in forever... wether the sensation lasts or not, i shall not judge, and continue to tune in weekly... give me a sh*tty raw is one thing, but having a non stop crowd backing the atmosphere, changes my whole perspective on the matter...Regardless, Savior; u do have followers, keep up with the great blogs
  4. joeykue's Avatar
    lesnar looks flabby not even the same wwe would be better if the taker stayed around hhh also
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by joeykue
    lesnar looks flabby not even the same wwe would be better if the taker stayed around hhh also
    Funny, I showed my wife what happened, because she was a fan of wrestling back when Lesnar was around, and she said the same thing. He looks fat.
  6. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Honestly, what more could you have expected from Rock vs. Cena. Rock is an ACTOR and very very part time WWE entertainer. The fact that he put on a very solid match with only minimal signs of ring rust should be an impressive thing. I remember even when a guy as talented as Rey Mysterio Jr. came back from injury in WCW to face Chris Jericho he was off quite a bit.

    Cena pissed me off on Raw his reaction to Lesnar and I realize it's part of what bothers me entirely about Cena. First saying Daniel Bryan owed him one for saying "Yes, yes, yes" when the crowd was ALREADY chanting it. Then when he sees Lesnar Cena claps and smiles at him that smirk he always has. He doesn't know how to sell in interviews like that he's supposed to act offended when The Rock makes fun of him.

    Take CM Punk as an example. Jericho's talking about his family being alcoholics and Punk doesn't laugh it off he looks dejected. If CM Punk didn't care about Jericho's comments and laughed it off then why should we?? Cena, take notes.

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